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Is any one else having issues with the adaptive cruise control? Quite frequently in adaptive cruise when the adaptive part is working keeping you a safe distance from the slower moving vehicle in front, there will be a beep and the adaptive cruise will lose its tracking lock and accelerate. I have captured this on video once when it was happening very frequently. I have taken it back to the dealer twice now, once leaving it with them for a week and they couldn't find any issues. As the adaptive cruise was a major reason why I chose this vehicle, I will be looking to trade soon. My wife's two year older Subaru Outback has adaptive cruise and has been flawless.
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Driving down the road and put my foot on accelerator and there was no response initially, about three seconds later the engine almost conked out before very slowly and with much spluttering engine reved up to 2500rpm and car accelerated away. It drove normally then for about 5 minutes when it did it again. No lights at all on dash. Ended up getting car towed home. When I drove it to MM it did the same thing again but now MM say they can’t fault the car and cannot find any fault codes when they download the data from ECU. I have checked the fuel and air filters, all good. No fuel contamination. Has anyone had trouble with the transmission control unit in there car? Wondering if the ecu and tcu are not talking properly? Anyone got the same or similar issues? Any help greatly appreciated.
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I have a 2017 Pajero Sport GLS. When I stop at the lights after 10secinds or so there is a Jolt sensation. I took it to Mitsubishi did a road test with a tech and he felt the jolt and said he would look into it. When I returned to pick up the Pajero Sport they claimed they could not find a problem. Months later I still have the issue and will be taking it back to Mitsubishi. I recently read the small print on my last mitsubishi inspection report and they nothed down they could not find a fault. However, they said there was modification being a diff breather....! I bought thr car new for my wife and have never modified the car and dont even know what a diff breather is! Can anyone help me with identifying the jolt and provide advice on how to have the "modification of a Diff breather removed from my cars record with Mitsubishi. I assume Mitsubishi knows what the problem is and made up a story that there is " Diff Breather thingy" attached to the car as to void any warranty claim.....
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Hi, I have the same problem went to Mitsubishi and told me if engine falls for one reason or another the transmission control unit will enter a fail safe mode to prevent the engine from stalling. This fail safe is more evident when engine is in D or R from stationary when the vehicle does not creep or a shock is experienced on take off. They scanned it and said nothing is wrong with it but we can’t work it out cause something has to be wrong for it to do it.I am not sure of this in your case but some new cars automatically apply a form of brake when parked at lights so you cant creep into car infront or roll back. It feels weird when disengaging like removing the handbrake when you start to accellerate.It is not a form of brake.. An independant mechanic test drove my car and believes It is an issue with the gearbox or diff. I have driven many pajero sports at my workplace and none of them have this issue. I have had the car with Mitsubishi for 3 week and they came up with the an excuse as to not fix the problem.. Complaint has been lodged with fair trading as head office will not call me back..

I have a Mitsubishi Challenger 2006 automatic are they good cars to travel in the heat with
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Just wondering as anyone had issues with middle seats using baby seats the top tether goes to back roof?
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I have 2011 Mitsubishi Pajero and why it makes only 9 km per liter fuel consumption?
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We are thinking of buying the GLS Pajero sport for its 4x4 capability’s and are hoping to tow caravan up to about 2.2 t ATM asking for opinions of Pajero Sport for towing. Please advise?
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Forget it and buy an Isuzu Mux, don’t use genuine tow bar buy Hayman Reese or Trail BossI was not at all impressed with our Pajero Sport I only bought it to please the wife, performance poor, motor to small didn’t like the 8 speed gearbox. Automatic mirror closing when you turn power off means a problem buying towing mirrors. Both suspension people I went to to upgrade springs etc told me I was wasting my time and money. I would look at other vehicles for towing your van.Thank you for your comments you gave definitely raised some interesting points

HI we are looking at a gls sport and have a coromal van approx 1800kg. What's everyone's opinion on Towing please ? Any problems? Thankyou carolyn
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Hi I have a 2016 Pajero Sports Gls only had it four months September 2017; it is a dealer demo with only 190 ks on the clock when purchased. Did recent trip involved using M1. After about an hour driving got a couple of jolts when backing off power and then applying power this happened on and off the whole trip there and back, also when stopping at light or in traffic when stopped for a few seconds can either be a slight jot or quite hard. Had to the dealers checked over but couldn’t fault, drove out of the yard first set of traffic lights a far jolt next lights not as bad, nothing till the next day the another slight. Just wondering if anyone else has had this type of experience ?. Ducko45.
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Hi, yes same with mine. 2017 GLX 2500kms. Taking to dealer in 2 days... will probs get same answer as you. Other than that and the echoing through phone calls, absolutely stoked with itI’m not worried anymore kept doing it traded it in on an Isuzu MUX much better.Hi Ducko45! Quick question for you. I'm deciding between a Pajero Sport and an MU-X, leaning towards the MUX except that it doesn't have rear anchor points for car seats. You like your MUX much better? Thanks!

We purchased our Pajero Sport in January 16. It has developed a horrible shudder when going down hills. The car has to be driven for a while and hot and when you apply the brakes it feels like a shudder under the front passenger wheel. The brakes have been replaced and machined and rotors have been replaced. No one can find anything wrong with it and we have tried multiple mechanics. Our dealership hasn’t been very helpful either. . Anyone else have the same problem?
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Sorry to hear of your problems. We have had no such problems with our vehicle. We love driving it on road. However, I have some other unrelated concerns about our Pajero Sport which I will be shortly posting on Product Review. I have been waiting for Mitsubishi Head Office to address my concerns, however they have not responded to my criticism and requests for assistance at this point in time.I have had the same problem with Mitsubishi head office. They are very reluctant to respond to any queries and love to pass the buck back on to the dealership.Hi I purchased my Pajero Sport in December 2016 and have had the same issue exactly, however wont do it when I take it to be checked, at random times. It also has started to make a clunk left hand side front if I put the wheel on a tight turn, going to book it in and get it checked no good for a new car hope these issues can be fixed, as I love this car. Anyone else having a Clunk in right front side when wheel on lock or tight turn?

Hi guys What do you think is the lowest price i can achieve for a pajero sport glx? Thank you
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PS is a popular selling 4x4 so hard to negotiate on new price but you may pick up a second hand cheaper with low ksI just purchased a Used "108KM" Yes not 100 thousand KM From Midland Mitsubishi in Perth, I got the exceed model, for the price of the GLS, I need the 7 seats. the pre-sales service was great, but picking up the vehicle, standing in the rain, was just slack. what dealer does the vehicle handover in the dark and in the rain. I know the deal was good, but gone are the days when you got a bottle of wine or box of chocolates with a car!

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