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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport QE GLS 7 Seats

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport QE GLS 7 Seats (2016-2019)

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Amazing car..great drive and feature rich

I upgraded from my challenger PB 2012 model. The Challenger is a good vehicle, had no complaints...Was attracted to the Pajero Sport as it is different, doesnt look or feel truck like even though based on Triton...wanted the 7 seat option, leather power seats, spoiler on the rear, dual zone climate control so Gls is the sweet spot...havent been offroad but driving in the city and across town with some rural driving i have been very impressed at how easy and comfortable it is to drive and despite one or two comments read about engine noise, it almost sounds like you are driving a petrol model...for a diesel it is fairly quiet and smooth...a little bit of lag, common on all diesels, but the 8 speed auto is very responsive and handles the engine extremely well as it runs up and down to select the right gear for the demand. The engine is willing and not overly noisy. I have returning fuel consumption of between 7L - 8.3 L 100/klm and overall combined average is 8.2 L / 100klm. The seats are very comfortable, adaptive cruise control and the media entertainment and phone system is very good, rides well, maybe a bit soft but generally a very smooth quiet drive. Handles well for a big vehicle..only negatives is the rear camera is offset so image takes some getting used to, the dab radio sometimes "tunes out" and says "no data" but seems to reset itself after a while...the led headlights are great on low beam but not so great on high beam..a light bar will fix that. As a big family station wagon that can go offroad, this vehicle in my view is excellent and well worth considering.. Have read lots of comments about the rear end lights which seem to be polarising, but they are a great safety feature and not a deal breaker, great looking modern designed vehicle. Mitsubishi have made a great vehicle, low service and maint costs as well..Love driving my car, its a keeper for sure!

Purchased in March 2019.

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Not the best car for child seats

What I like: the interior is pretty modern and decent for its price range, I love it. Performance is ok, I have no problem with it as I haven't taken it off-road.

What I don't like, to the point where I want to trade it in for another car is the 2nd row seat. The child seat anchors are at the roof, just right above the 3rd row. I thought I could live with it. Not until we actually had to use the 3rd row. It would be very unfortunate for the ones in the 3rd row as it obstructive/distracting. Imagine going for an hour with the car seat straps right in front of your face.

To make things worse, the middle seat belt of the 2nd row is also coming from the roof. Again it obstructs vision, it is a little distracting and in my opinion, very annoying and unpleasant to the eyes.

Now I am back on the market to find better alternatives. I love this car but this is a 7-seater. I bought this because I have a need to carry 7 people at times. Having straps running across the roof is just a result of poor design in this day and age.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Best car ever!!

Big deal from Mitsubishi Motors! I’m using the 2017 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport few months ago, and I’m impressed so far. Spacious 7 seater model, beautiful interior. Very economic on fuel, especially on highway. Around 8L/100km City: ~10.5L
Sound system is good , 4X4 abilities are impressing.
This vehicle is the best for the price you can get, recommended to everyone!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Loving our Pajero Sport

Whole family is pretty wrapped in our new Pajero Sport! It's classy good looks around town combined with us enjoying taking it along the beach for the day and along bush tracks camping means we can enjoy the cooler months of the year in North QLD more than ever. Kids love being able to control air-conditioning in all 5 rear seats. Legroom has been fine for our family of 5 with teenagers. May get a bit squishy with all of us in car as they grow.

Great for towing the boat too although I did have to buy an extendable tow bar so I could open the back hatch of the car with the boat attached. 7 seater comes in very handy with three kids' friends always tagging a long on outings. When just camping with one son I was able to put all seats down and use all of the back of the car for tent, tables, stove and esky etc.,

I love the acceleration ability when driving too. There is no lag in power and speed which I thought a 4 cylinder diesel might have. I wanted to get second battery put in the vehicle to run fridge / freezer for camping but unfortunately auto electrician advised that there is no room under bonnet for second battery.

My only other criticism of the vehicle is that driving around town I thought the fuel consumption might be better. Everytime I fill up for around town driving, the dash tells me I will get 560 km for a tank whereas I was expecting a good 100 km more. Also the fuel gauge says that I have 60 km left but always I drive another 10 km and it tells me I have to fill up immediately. a bit misleading and annoying. Many pros of the car however outweigh the few negatives.

I think the 15000 km / 12 month servicing and the 5 year warranty is a big attraction too. I am really enjoying this vehicle and I'll be keeping this vehicle for quite a few years I think !


January 5th 2018 Update: Questioning mechical robustness of my Pajero Sport

Last month I got my 12 month / 15000 km scheduled service on my Pajero Sport. I was dismayed to be told that I had damaged the front under-body protection plate under the radiator to such a degree that it had pierced the radiator. I subsequently had to replace the radiator and the under-body plates for in excess of $1500. Only my wife and I had ever driven this vehicle. It has only ever been driven along bitumen roads and once along a sandy beach; we had never driven it off road 4X4. Neither of us has even hit anything to instill such damage under the vehicle so we are at total loss as to how this damage to the vehicle occurred.

Given this damage to the vehicle I can only speculate how fragile my new Pajero Sport really is and how it would handle some read 4WDing. Not well I would think! So much for all the TV advertisements exposing the off road escapism and adventurous capabilities of the Pajero Sport! Don't get me wrong - I love driving my Pajero Sport on road, but if I can do this sort of damage to it not 4WDing what is my vehicle really capable of doing offroad? I and my wallet are fearful of my ever taking it 4WDing to find out. I seriously doubt whether all the off road advertisements for Pajero Sports are showing "standard" Pajero Sports!

Though my local Mitsubishi dealership in Townsville (Pickerings) were most helpful in providing me with great service and reasonable repair costs compared to others, I can not say that the same high quality of customer service was provided to me from Australian Mitsubishi head office. In telephoning my disappointment about the apparent fragility of my vehicle the nazi Mitsubishi head office receptionist would not let me get past first base to a Mitsubishi manager continually parroting the rhetoric of "all Mitsubishi vehicles are built to Australian standards, you have damaged the vehicle and it is not covered by warranty". Since my completion of an on-line customer survey of my dissatisfaction with Australian Mitsubishi head office some weeks ago, Mitsubishi Australia has not even had the motivation to follow up with me regarding my grievances and concerns about the fragility of my vehicle.

I still loving driving my Pajero Sport on-road but given the poor customer service and fob off I have received from Mitsubishi Australia head office and my demonstrated concerns about the fragility of my 4WD Pajero Sport, I am querying whether I will be rushing to buy another Mitsubishi any time soon.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

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Pajero Sport QE GLS 7 Seats
Starting Price $51,990
Drive TypeFour Wheel Drive (4WD)
Fuel TypeDiesel
Wheels18" Alloy
ANCAP Safety Rating5 stars
Fuel Consumption8L/100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 68 L
Engine4 Cylinder, 2.4 L
Max Power133kW@3500rpm
Max Torque430Nm@2500rpm
Country of ManufactureThailand
Safety Features ABS (Antilock Braking System), Active Cruise Control, AEB (Auto Emergency Braking), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), Forward Collision Warning, ISO-fix Compatible, Reversing Camera and Traction Control
Extra Features Android Auto / Apple Carplay, Automatic Headlights, Automatic Wipers, Bluetooth Connectivity, Dual Zone Air Conditioning, Immobilizer, Keyless Entry, Telescoping Steering Wheel, USB Port and Voice Control
Ground Clearance218 mm
Maximum Towing Capacity (braked)3,100 kg
Maximum Towing Capacity (unbraked)750 kg
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)
Release dateJan 2016
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