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Interior Fuse box diagram, i purchased the vehicle used & the underside of the pull out panel which has the diagram was not with the vehicle. I need to get the cig lighter in the centre console working & i assume it just needs a replacement fuse.
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Cig aka accessories is the 15A that is numbered slot 4. U should have an empty fuse slot two spots above it.

2008 Pajero creeks and groan's like you wouldn't believe wonder if any one has had this problem? would like to know the cause
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auto transmission operating temperature
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Hi Bruce the Maximum safe operating temp in the NT is 120 - 125 Deg C Normally it’s anything from 60 - 100 Deg CThanks Greg, For your reply I can now set my engine watch. Regards Bruce

hi all i own a 2011 diesel pajero auto. i tow an 18 ft poptop is tows great until i get to a steep hill and it seams to lack in power somtimes getting down to 50ks is this normal.
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Hi Mick how many kms has your Pajero done ??Is your diesel 3.2 litres . If so it would be normal to slow down on a hill with about 1.8 tons being towed . If your motor is smaller it would be more pronouncedLarger turbo intercooler and even a thermo fan blowing on it will help somewhat. Don't listen to the crap from shops telling you OH THAT WILL BE $1000+ THANK YOU VERY MUCH. RESEARCH!!

noise coming from below the distributor cog like noise
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i have a cog like noise coming from below the distributor on a 3 litre v6 1991 pajero
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Hi everyone, I need help. I plugged in a dodgy fridge into the lighter socket on the dash of my 2001 NM Pajero petrol model and blown the heater fuse and lighter fuse.I have replaced the lighter fuse,but unsuccessful in locating the heater fuse. Could the fuse be one of the black higher amp box fuses under the bonnet and if so,how do I test to see if it is blown? Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers guys.
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Need to know if the aircon switch speed dial is working at all?

Hav a 96 pajero petrol auto hav replaced ecu. Now wont start.
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I have a 2005 NP pajero and sometimes a light comes on or flashing randomly from behind the dash on the passengers side. Does anyone know what this could be? Should I worry?
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Is it the glovebox light

How to replace etacs on 2002 exceed nm
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I have a 2010 NT pajero and the 2wd/4wd light indicator will not light up at all. I was lighting up at one stage but recently it has gone out completely and I have no 4wd when i engage the shifter. Thoughts?
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Hi Shane I would check fuses & relays firstAggreeed. Could be a number of things really but I am thinking check the vacuum solinoids. Under the bonnet. I think near the driver's side headlight and air filter box. $35 could sort it out with an after market one.

Autotrans no drive 2003 Mitsubishi pajaro glx
1 answer
Have you checked the trans fluid level

When the fuel warning light comes on how many Ltr are left in the tank I have a nm/np Pajero 2005 3.8
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Not sure mate probably around 10-15 litres100klms of drivingThank you for your reply. The information is exactly what I wanted

When i put my timing covers on my 3.5 v6 pajero 1996 and the bracket for the alt power steering pump and a/c it will not run probably. any suggestions?
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Where do you find the OBD2 plug on an NM petrol Pajero?
1 answer
Near your left knee under dash

Hi, I'm considering purchasing a 2000 model NM Exceed. Wondering whether the third row seats fold into floor or up the side? Any other tips tricks and pitfalls would be great too! :)
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i have 2008 pajeero 3.8 idle rpm 850 when turn steering rpm gos to1500, what is the problem? this is full option anybody can give answer
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I have 2017 Pajero 3.6 Automatic Full Option and the Center Console Light (when we put in LLC mode) lights up by itself when I drive for about 40-50Km at a stretch. The same is switched off when I restart the car the moment the light glows and remains the same for next 40-50km. Request if anyone can throw light with their experience?
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I've put a new 3.5 l motor into my pajero and it wont run properly, do i need the computer reset?
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