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NX (2014-2019), NW (2011-2014), NT (2008-2011), NS (2006-2008) and NM, NP (2000-2006)
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So we bought a 2005 Pajero on petrol only and we've had it a few months. Everything was running smoothly and very sound all round. A nice car to drive BUT just recently something is going wrong? It doesn't sound right... Can I please get further insite to this please. I hope we haven't spent that much money on another lemon. 2005 Mitsubishi Pajero, Automatic, registered, road worthy certificate supplied, runs great but sounds like it's choking on start up, this is not just morning dew, something definitely sounds wrong please help
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Hi there, I'm not a mechanic so my best answer is to get it looked at by a professional. Also there is 10 year difference in make and model and the major difference in yours being petrol and mine being diesel they will sound completely different. Sorry I'm not any help.

Can anybody help me locate ECU (transmission control mudule) in a 2004 NP Pajero DiD Auto? Thanks
1 answer
passenger side foot well remove side and top cover under glove box and you will see it against the outside wall

Hi I have a mitsubishi pajero exceed 2000 model just wondering where can I find the fuel pump.....No hubby to help me
2 answers
Off memory it is under 2nd row seats, right hand side.TY very much much appreciated

Does oil leak from throttle control body on a 2003 np turbo diesel. ?.
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Not sure my NM was petrol. Try Pajero Club forums.

Hi i have a 2009 Pajero platinum 3.2 liter turbo diesel auto and engine cut out while driving anfter it made a noise that sounded like a brocken belt and now wernt start .just makes a clicking sound when trying to start .? Any ideas?
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Hi Victor. I'm not a mechanic so would have no idea, sorry!No worries thanks for your responce

I have a 2004 V6 exceed, engine will turn over but won't start. Have had it to a mechanic who has checked for spark and compression, all good. No power getting to the fuel pump, have checked fusses and relays, all good. Put direct power to the pump, still no start. Put new crank angle sensor in, still no start. Some body please help, wife has had no car for 2 weeks
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Will it start on "spray in your throttle body' if so replace fuel pump and you'll be right I just had the same problem on a nm pajeroTried that and it didn't work. Turned out the mechanic that had it didn't have much of an idea and it was a timing belt

How do I remove the Drivers Side Air vent to replace it ?
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The centre ones should pop out using a thin butter knife or trim removal tool. Careful not to lose the white clips when removing s otherwise there whole centre surround had to come out. For the side ones, remove the silver trim before the vent s well as the end panel with a thin tool first and then it is very obvious how the vent comes out. Hope that helps, VladSorry Bill I have not come across this problem before. I would suggest google the answer or have a yarn to your mitsubishi spare parts guy. He should be able to advise on this.

Have a 2004 3.8 auto and traction control intermittently comes on normally when turning at slow speed. Random wheel will click in . Anyone have similiar issue
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Best place to ask that question is the Pajero 4x4 club Facebook page. They are really helpful.Thanks

How to stop my mitsubushi pajero nm 3.5 petrol 2000 exceed from surging while my foot is on the break in gear? Please tell me how to fix this please?
1 answer
The best thing to do is join the Pajero 4x4 club Facebook page and ask there. They have questions like yours all the time and somebody pretty much every time has an answer. They are quite a friendly and secular group.

I recently went 4WD through a water crossing in my 2003 turbo diesel paj and now all the dash warning lights stay on i was wondering if any one has any answers for this isue? At first they came on for a while and went off a few times now the just stay on? park brake ,oil light, auto transmission lights all on????? help please
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An excellent place to ask this question is the Pajero 4x4 club Australia Facebook page. They have so many members that someone will have the answer for you. It is an excellent Facebook page it is a closed group so you have to join but they respond very quickly and are well run. They would welcome you with open arms

Hi all I have a nt pajero & have a vibration through the car in low speed gear change, it an auto with 150 k on the clock, I have had transmission serviced & transmission mounts changed & it still the same. Has any one had the same problem, look forward to some ideas, cheers Mark
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Hi Mark, I have found that a really helpful resource for all things Pajero is a Facebook group called Pajero 4x4 Club Australia. It has heaps of members and people are asking questions like yours all the time and somebody always has an answer. Just hop onto Facebook, look up the group and request to join. They are a friendly mob.

looking at purchasing a 2002 mitsubishi exceed 3.5lt what are peoples opions on this car what should i be looking out for?cheers
1 answer
Buy a diesel will save you a mint on fuel cost

Is NP 2000-2006 same series Can the parts like front bull bar of np 2004 be used for np2006? Regards Malik 0433378605
1 answer
sorry nope different set up

Do i have to take the radiator out of my 2004 Pajero 3.2l turbo diesel to change all the fan belts????
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Just changed mind on a 3.2 turbo diesel 2004 , no leave radiator in will need to remove air filter to access better and top air intact and fan cover 2 screws for air intact and clip out the cover undo the top air filter cover remove air filter 3 bolts and plenty of room will need a long screw driver to help slip off and on the belts if i am right 14 mm bolts for 2 belts to alt and 1 for AC

Hi I have 2006 exceed, the traction lights have come on and are staying on, have disconnected the battery to try and reset computer but no luck, also the car keeps stalling. Can any one help thank John
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Hi John, I have a 2000 Exceed petrol/LPG and had same problem with traction lights sine about 2002. Mitsubishi Aust. could not help, original supplier could not help, Mitsubishi Japan could not help then I tried RACV at their Head Office in Melbourne. As I had not used 4WD AT ALL they suggested putting it into 4WD and driving for about 2-4kms so that "valves in the system" that could have become stuck would release. It worked!!! So now every month or so 4WD is engaged and no further lights on. Trust RACV! Re stalling. See you mechanic, sounds like fuel/air problem or could be idling revs set too low. cosiCan't help BUT have you joined your local Pajero Club - they seem to have Pajero information fanatics in their ranksProblem solved, had a auto sparky come around and re set computer, lights are off. But he did say the battery was not charged, and I need a new one Thanks for your help.

My Mitsubishi pajero 2001 model with a 4D56 turbo diesel engine is jerking off during driving; suddenly looses power for about 2 seconds then returns to normal. I have tried changing my fuel lines from the tank, from the filter into my fuel pump but nothing had changed. Could it be a fuel problem or i have diagnosed the wrong problem, HELP!
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I have the same motor and had the same problem. It may sound simple but my solution was to go over all the connections around my fuel filter and make sure are all secure. I had changed my fuel filter and didn't do the basics by leaving it a few days then rechecking. I finally found that the filter was nearly a full turn loose and the same with the fuel line connections. The system being under such high pressure was pulling a tiny bit of air, the engine would hesitate get fuel then kick on and yes it was exactly two seconds each time. Hope this helps.Thank you very much Andy for your answer. I went over the fuel system again and noticed the copper washers were dished, bought new ones and now it works like a charm!

Hi guys looking at buying a 2000 nm pajero exceed. Auto v6 with 180000 ks. Just wanting to know what they are like in general? Cheers
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You would be very lucky to find one with only 180,000 kms in 16 years, mine has 255.000 in same time but I am retired. Mine is on LPG and petrol which makes it economical at the pump. Only problem recently is that I have had to replace the ABS module at more expense than the car is worth but at the kms driven it was worth it---hopefully! The Exceed has leather so care has to be taken to keep it in shape. Other than that the NM has the best protection at the sides against damage by other vehicles at the supermarket compared to current models. I tow a caravan weighing 2,000kg and although a 2.5 towing capacity is claimed I think too heavy. Only other "hassle" is that 4WD should be engaged now and then to prevent valves in the system from "clogging" up resulting in dash lights coming on indicating 4WD engaged but NOT! Regards Cosi.thanks mate, yea i was happy to find that it had low k's, its been in sydney most of its life (now in nth qld) the interior is in top condition although its creamy leather but i like the wood grain dash etc, im getting a mechanic to check over it, and to make sure the 4wd engages. i could only see the front 2 dash lights come on when i took for test drive if all goes well hopefully get it for $6500

Hi all. I have a 2003 NP Pajero 3.2 turbo diesel. My problem is oil leaks onto the starter motor. I have replaced the starter motor 3 times. It does not used oil, but just a trickle gets into the starter. Has anyone else had this problem, and how do you stop it. Thanks Glenn W
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Glenn, suggest you try pajero club. There you should be able to get more responses and advices.Hi Glenn, I believe the oil is originating from the rocker cover gasket which is time consuming to fix. But a check from underneath whilst the vehicle is on a hoist should confirm this. If your stater motors have been replaced/repaired by a mechanic he/she should have located the oil leak. have a rocker cover gasket problem but it is at the rear of the motor and I have not seen any oil leakage on my garage floor so I am not fixing until it appears. CosiThanks Cosi. Will now check it out.

2002 3.2 diesel over heats when towing caravan?
1 answer
That is an open ended question. What can suggest is check all the fluids before embarking on any adventure. Can't say anything about 4m40 but have not heard of a maintained 4m41 running into overheating issue. The transmission will go first.

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