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Mitsubishi SRK-YL Series
2.4 from 11 reviews

Good quality unit

Purchased one of these to replace a main air con at a property. It is a big unit and cools the entire house down. Purchased to replace a very old mitsubishi which had well exceeded its life, which is why i bought a mitsubishi again. The unit cools and heats the unit extremely quick.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Excellent product. Very reliable

I have been using Mitsubishi Split System air conditioners for some time now as I find them the most reliable brand that seems to just go and go. They seem to be more energy efficient in the harsh climate of Mount Isa. The reverse cycle model seems to be the most cost effective one to run.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Mitsubishi worst ac

I purchase ac on 2-4-2018 & ac gives coolling only in it down side.Also fan makes lots of noise.Full night i used ac but no colling in full room & at morning i was totally unsatisfied by giving 39800 to this stupid product of Mitsubishi.Mitsubishi should simple search good lock & shut down its company

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Poor cooling

We live in the savanna region of Australia gets nice and hot when the system was fist installed around 02-16 and worked great for around 2 months then it stopped cooling as good 5 deg below ambient temp is not to good service agents keeps telling me it is working fine i don"t think so

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Very good

I bought this one last November. The cooling is very powerful. It can cool down the entire room for 10 min. But for heating in this winter, I find the heating is very slow. even I kept the aircon running, the room temperature is still not too high. Maybe because the room tempeture is too low. The controller is easy to use.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

It hasn't even lasted 2 years

We didn't have any problems for first 2 years. In Dec it stopped working. Warranty reps for Mitsubishi came out 4 weeks ago - needs a part, wait for part, wait for time when they can come and fit, still not working - need another part, wait for part, wait for time when they can come and fit, still not working - Mitsubishi didn't send enough parts...................still waiting. Meanwhile summer is nearly over and in Townsville summer is a little warm!!!!!!!

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Good little A/C , easy to install

Seems like a good quality A/C , its cooling only so better suited in the tropics. '
I put 2 of these in about 2 weeks ago, both have no protection at all for the rear of the condenser on the outdoor unit, most units usually have steel mesh but they dont do much as the mesh size is normally pretty big.
The outdoor unit is very quiet but I couldn't see myself using the indoor unit in med or high speeds while trying to sleep, wish it had an even slower fan speed.
Overall I think its a good value A/C & not much more expensive than a no name brand A/C , a lot cheaper than a Daikin.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

My Mitsubishi heavy Industries Inverter AC makes random clicking noise

I purchased and installed Mitsubishi Heavy Industries split inverter 1.5 ton Air Conditioner SRK18YL-S from authorized dealer Soon after installation, I started getting irregular clicking sound from the indoor unit. I called my service provider; the service engineer visited my place many times. In his third visit he replaced the air flow direction tray but in vain. In his fourth visit he replaced complete indoor unit but that was not also the solution. Replaced indoor unit was also making random clicking noise. Now in his fifth visit he gave proper packing to outer cabinet but still there goes that clicking sound. Our repair guy is stumped because it makes that clicking sound even after 5-10 minutes of switching the A/c off. I’m getting extreme uncomfortable experience. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System Air Conditioners are really absolute waste of money. I would NEVER purchase and recommend another one.

Don't Buy Mitsubishi Heavy Ind inverter AC

I purchased Mitsubishi(Heavy Ind) Inverter AC in June 2014 in Surat-India. Suddenly in August 2015, after 13 months, AC stop working. I handed over the matter to Surat authorised service center. They visited several times, took the inside unit and outside unit PCB & did lot of research, finally after 45 days of long service time, declared that outer unit PCB is not working hence you need to pay 14000 rupees for new PCB.
The irony is that i bought AC in 50,000 rupees and they are asking for 14,000 rupees for repairing charges which is 30 % cost !!! Can you think any AC give you such trouble !
My clear view is
1) Very very poor service : Service is too lethargic, they never call you. Every time you have to follow up. They don’t have proper person to repair the Ac. My AC took almost 45 days to repair & still I am waiting to start. They just gave me discount on PCB to 10700 rupees. For that I called their Delhi Office(International Aircon) Mr. Shailendra to resolve the matter. Local service center is useless, you have to call higher authority to resolve the matter.
2) Product is having very poor quality. Can you think, after paying 50000 rupees, after 13 months, 10700 rupees is the repairing cost !! My Sharp AC is working since last 6 years at home without any problem.
3) All the people in service center looks like bunch of Monkey. They never listen, never see and never speck to customer unless and until you shout.
My recommendation : Don’t buy Mitsubishi(heavy Ind) Inverter AC.

Not recommended

The inside unit is noisy . The fan motor hums so you have to leave it on low speed and even then there is still a small hum. Make cracking sounds as it cools . I brought 3 units and they are all the same. I have a cheap blueway system before and it was great . Sorry I replaced it with this new inverter unit.

I Will Never Purchase Another Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner - EVER!

I purchased a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK10YL-S and had it installed in my bedroom by a recommended licenced A/C installer. From the start I had problems with the A/C intermittently shutting itself down during operation. After months of reporting the defective equipment to MHI they decided to replace both the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.

The replacement A/C units were installed by the authorised MHI warranty service agent. The new A/C does not shut itself off during operation, BUT

The indoor unit emits a constsnt stream of very loud clicking, creaking noises which the previous unit did not. Unfortunately for MHI I have the previous installation with which to compare the new unit. The constant stream of very loud clicking noises as the indoor unit expands and contracts is really excessive. I have previously had a cheap Chinese reverse cycle A/C, which to purchase AND instal was half of just the purchase price of this MHI SRK10YL-S (cooling only), and it did not emit the level of loud creaking noises that this MHI does.

I phoned MHI warranty and reported the creaking noises and I was told the warranty service agent would contact me. I was contacted by the service agent's wife weeks later and I requested the service agent phone me regarding this noise problem. That was about one month ago and I am still waiting for that telephone call which I very much doubt I will ever receive.

I then phoned MHI Technical Support in attempt to find out how I can fix the indoor unit so that it does not sound like a haunted house. I was told all technical representatives were busy on telephone calls and asked to give my name and telephone number so one could phone me when available. That was one week ago and again I find myself waiting for a return telephone call which I very much doubt I will ever receive.

As far as I am concerned I will now be advising anyone who asks, that in my experience Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System Air Conditioners are an absolute waste of money. I would NEVER purchase another one.
The outdoor unit is very quiet in operation
The indoor unit sound emits a constant stream of very loud clicking and creaking noises. Customer service is non existant.

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SRK10YL-S (2.5kW)SRK13YL-S (3.5kW)SRK18YL-S (5.0kW)
Indoor Unit Height268mm268mm268mm
Cooling Energy Rating2.5stars2.5stars1.5stars
Indoor Unit Width790mm790mm790mm
Indoor Unit Depth213mm213mm213mm
Outdoor Unit Height540mm540mm595mm
Outdoor Unit Width780mm780mm780mm
Outdoor Unit Depth290mm290mm290mm
Reverse CycleNoNoNo
Cooling Capacity2.5kW3.5kW5.0kW

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