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Mobile Phone hospital

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Crappy repair and told it is my fault

Took my iPad to Eastgardens to have the charger (which was stuck in the charging port) removed. I then asked to have the cracked screen replaced. I picked up the iPad and returned home. The next day, I noticed it was lifting/peeling off and when I pressed the home button the screen cracked. I returned to the store and was told it was my fault but as 'goodwill', he would replace it with a new one. When I picked it up, he marked my receipt, 'no warranty'.
The next day, the screen started lifting off again...I returned to the store ...I requested a refund but was denied. The manager was not there so he was called. Again he suggested I was at fault despite me telling him the screen was lifting. It appeared a new screen was simply stuck over the old cracked one. I was entitled to a refund and after much arguing I received it but he instructed the employee to remove the screen he put on...leaving my iPad with no screen? I refused.

In addition, when he spoke to me on the phone, he was arrogant and rude but was so nice to my husband who was there.

I will never use them again and never recommend them either.


In taking my Samsung J5 Pro with a broken screen to Macquarie Mobile Phone Hospital and chose them as i they did a quick closing technique for me to order the screen in the next 10 minutes to get the screen "maybe" that day. i later found that other store did the screen $20 cheaper & still use genuine parts. I paid a deposit and the screen didn't arrive until the following day. i rushed back to get the screen fixed but the repairer wasnt there for the 10am appointment to fix. i waited 30 mins. He finally arrived & removed the screen and 25 minutes later he said the new screen was faulty. he gave the phone back to without a screen and was told to come back the next day to retry a new screen. Overnight i found his attempt of repairs were dodgy and that he tried to fit a different model J5 phone screen. i rung the next morning asked to have my deposit back, i have to fight hard to get it back and the owner of this dodgy store was SO SO SO RUDE to me on the phone......

So phone was fixed from a different repairer that confirmed a different screen was tried to be fitted, other parts therefore had to be changed....


Sorry No Comments

No Comments, There are misunderstandings. Can I delete this review. I thought these guy were the repairer that I hired. So I picked up the wrong company. Sorry about that..

Went out of their way to help

A simple and cheap purchase, but my appliance didn’t fit. Brought it back. No problem... try this other brand. Or take a refund. Alternative worked a treat. Boys at Macquarie Centre outlet went out of their way to help.
I shall definitely buy from them again.

Confused. Unhappy.

Left an iPad there for cracked screen to be replaced. I think Alex rang me saying he has pictures of the components suggesting that it was not an iPad. When I asked for the pictures or for him to write a letter to state what he found he wanted nothing of it. Why tell me then? Now only two or more weeks after picking up the screen they fixed for 130 is falling off.!


My screen on my Sony z3 compact wasn't working properly so took it in for a new screen. Was happy it was working when I picked it up but started to notice the screen wouldn't come on properly when it was turned on. When calling people the volume was poor and I could hear a cracking noise. I removed it from the case to find the back glass panel shattered. Got our money back for front screen which the guy started to argue with us. Just noticed that the front screen isn't properly attached to the main side panel of the phone which would explain why I can't hear phone calls and screen doesn't turn on properly. Not happy.

Amazing always satisfied

Alex and his staff have always been most helpful and generous they have helped my family and I many times in urgent situations I would never go anywhere else. They have helped saved important information on phones that we thought couldn't be retrieved. I am wondering if some of these negative reviews are getting confused with a different shops in the shopping centre as I can't even contemplate that alex and his staff would be so ignorant as alex and his staff have always been very attentive and friendly. 5 STARS


I have a mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
My mobile stopped accepting my pin numbers to unlock my screen.
I went to many technicians to unlock my mobile with out of losing data. All techicians offered me to unlock to factory settings. I dont want to this happens to my phone to loose everything what i store for over one year ...
I start with Samsung at the George -no one could help . I went to Samsung at Bondi again bunch of
uneducated staff. I went to China town, Cabramatta, Liverpool,Kingsford,Kensington ,Maroubra no one coud do it.
I went to
Pagewood Westfield Shopping Center was 3 shops with mobile repairs ....Two of them was same as the rest no ider how to do it ...I went to the last shop on the secend floor to Mobile Phone Hospital .I was telling my problem to the Manager .I think his name was Alex. He was listening my problem and he told me that want be any problem to fix my mobile .He look at me and smile ..I could not belive it that ONE person in Sydney can do it.Took him few minutes to unlock my mobile .I was very very happy .The Manager was very inteligent, profesional and have a best knowlidge to unlock pin numbers from locked sceen with out of loosing data.
No one could do it. He ONLY ONE WHO DID .
I would recomend to anyone who have any problem with UNLOCK the mobile WITH OUT OF LOOSING DATA.
Congratulation MANAGER of MOBILE PHONE HOSPITAL Pagewood Shopping Center level2...
You are the best ..You have a best knowlidge in all Sydney ...No doubt.

Thank You
Janusz Gwiazda

Eastgardens mobile phone hospital

Hi all,
Turned up to the Eastgardens store at 5.45 on a Thursday night with a Samsung s6 edge. Was quoted $350 for a front screen, no problem with the cost. Staff were very lazy more interested in talking to each other than repairing the phone as I came back 3 times each hour to see how the repair was going. I received the phone back with the front screen replaced and the undamaged rear glass completely cracked. Apparently that is normal, at no time was I informed that the back screen would look like I've thrown it from a 2 storey house. To make matters worse the repair guy said can I come back tomorrow so he can repair the headphone socket which he broke trying to repair the phone. Why take the job and $350 when you return a phone still broken and advise the customer they need to pay an extra $60 to change the back screen.
Terrible experience. Will buy a new phone now. Very upset customer.

Would never go back there again.

6 month old iPhone stopped working so I went there to ask some questions and get pricing, was told they would send it to apple and get back to me on pricing, waited 2 weeks and heard nothing from them, called them and was told it would cost 180 to fix, when asked what the actual problem with it was they couldn't tell me, no biggie, had the phone for a week and it did the exact same thing, took it back and told them what had happen and at first they couldn't even find that they had ever touched my phone, then when I found my receipt they offered to look at it again, I was also told they do not send them to apple, so the first person I talked to had lied about where they send them to get fixed if I had known they didn't send to apple I wouldn't have let them have my phone. They said if it was the same problem as before it would be under warranty, I asked if they would tell me what the problem was and they said they put it down to software issues, 4 weeks later I called to check up and see what's happening with my phone, get quoted the same price but it's a "different issue" so I had to pay for it, then two weeks after they call me and tell me it's going to cost $400 to fix, when asked what's wrong they put it down to software again and tell me my screen is also stuffed, this phone had never been dropped and was always in a case so I cannot see how that could happen. I didn't want to pay that much to have my phone fixed by the people who lied, were very unprofessional and rude but I had photos on there that I didn't have copies off and I told I wouldn't be able to get them back unless I got the phone fixed. They ended up having my phone for over 12 weeks, then when they got it back in store I received a text saying if I didn't pick it up within the week they would throw it away, when no one had even told me they had it back. Admittedly the guy I talked to when I went to pick it up was very apologetic and even gave me $80 off once I had explained what had happened, but ever since I got my phone back it hasn't been 100% right. Would not go there again and would not tell anyone to go there, time wasters, rude, unprofessional, lairs I could go on but I'll stop there.

Shellhabour Stockland Mall store very rude manager, very poor customer service

Went to Mobile Phone Hospital at Shellhabour Stockland Mall yesterday. Purchased a battery for my son's Samsung Note 4. Within 5 minutes I returned to MPH and hadn't even left the store to ask to return it as my son did not want a non genuine battery . Manager would not refund my money, he was rude and obnoxious, stuck with an way overpriced battery which won't get used, noy happy at all.

Great Service

Took my iPhone 6 to get screen replaced. He put on a glass protector free of charge. Took 20 minutes and works perfectly. Would recommend to anyone who needs their screen repaired

Poor Customer Service

We had an IPAD Mini 2 that had a cracked screen. They replaced the screen 4 times but the quality of the screen was less than average. I had to return it. They then sent it offsite for repair. 1 week later still no phone call. This is the Macquarie Centre location so i cant about the others. Price for the screen was $250 and 2 weeks backwards and forwards still no working device.

Quick repair

I cracked my iPhone 6 screen pretty badly and brought it to Mobile Phone Hospital in World Square, Sydney.
It was repaired within an hour and can't complain - it looked brand new!
They also gave me a $5 discount on a screen protector. Only 4 stars because there were no bubbles when they applied this for me but it is off-centre so it is mildly annoying.

Do not waste your time

I dropped my phone into the Macquarie shop requesting a new battery on Saturday and was advised Tues-Wed it will be available. Come Wed afternoon the store manager tells me they weren't able to find anywhere for a Sony Xperia battery (which was a lie, because), the guy who originally accepted my phone on Sat came up and said he only ordered the part on Tuesday.
Four days passed before they even placed an order for the parts!!!
If not for me calling them four times to follow up, I doubt they would have even noticed.
Needless to say I took my phone back and will be taking it somewhere else.

The best service

Used the Chatswood booth - the guys were super efficient and fair priced . My iPhone 5 battery kept running down within a short time. For $60 they put in a new battery and repaired the problem .

Scam artists

Very poor quality replacement parts. Avoid. Needed a replacement screen for Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. Initially noticed poor colour, poor brightness, and that the screen didn't fit as well as before. Also had less precise touch response. I didn't bother taking it back at the time because at least it worked. Withing days it was scratched which is something the original screen never did. Withing 3 weeks it was cracked and could no longer be used, despite me never having dropped it. Took it back to the shop and they refused refund, despite providing very poor quality replacement parts. It was also extremely expensively expensive considering the poor quality at $250.

Pretty average

Had a iphone 5 screen replaced for $110 which seemed ok
3 days later screen was cracked , i assumed they have used a sub standard screen. Went and talked with the owner and there was nothing he was prepared to do, gave me the sob story about cost of rent/ small margins etc. i was prepared to by a new case and part pay for a new screen as part of a deal but not prepared to pay full price for another screen. I run a small business also and always sort out any issues at no cost to the client. Pretty average, happy to take my $110 but then you are on your own.

Fantastic customer service and reasonably priced!

My Iphone 6 plus went for a swim at Coogee beach the other day...and fell very ill within a few hours...on a friends recommendation I took it to Alan at the Mobile Phone Hospital at Westfield Eastgardens, he took care of my phone immediately...within half an hour my phone was working again...it needed a brand new screen and an internal clean! A very happy customer right here!!

Terrible service and rude

Totally unprofessional, rude and inconsiderate at the cairns shop...wasted my time and energy at 39 weeks pregnant to get my tablet fixed in time for hospital only to be lied to and not even looked at after a week in the shop. will never use them again nor recommend them to anyone...

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