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Mobotix AllroundDual M15

Mobotix AllroundDual M15

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Mobotix Junk Cameras. Constant error message, impossibly slow to use process to play back video

We bought 3 Mobotix M15 cameras over the last 2 years and 2 of them have been confirmed by Mobotix tech support to need repair so far. Before buying these very expensive Mobotix cameras (about $1,500 each) we found almost no online bad reviews, thinking the few negative reviews before us was unusual. We fell for the "Made in Germany" sales tag and all the promotional youtube ads supporting Mobotix. However we now realize the online negative reviews are very true and more so. The Mobotix tech support, in the U.S., is good for nothing. They don't understand the tech problems or address the problem. They tell you to contact their distributor in order to troubleshoot and start the RMA process and after re-explaining all the technical problems with the distributor, the distributor sais they will not accept any returns because we bought the Mobotix cameras from a different distributor who of course is no longer selling on Amazon. This Mobotix company is just terrible. They are criminal. Their products are absolute junk. I thought we were the only ones having problems, because we blinded ourselves with the very expensive cost of these Mobotix cameras. We saw much better made in China cameras for $50, but we thought "Made in Germany" Mobotix had to be better quality and last longer than any other camera. We forced ourselves to blind ourselves into believing Mobotix will be better than cheap China cameras. How wrong we were and are. When we saw the made in China $50 cameras and we questioned why the video quality is so much better than Mobotix, we continued to force our selves and blind ourselves and we were very stupid to believe Mobotix could be better because of its cost and German made. Now we know that is exactly how Mobotix tech support and their distributors treat the end-users, like stupids. The Mobotix playback software is absolutely worthless. We have no problem playing any video quickly from any DVD or HD youtube videos on our computers, but the Mobotix software literally takes hours to load to the exact hour and time we want to playback at no matter what the latest version is or any other excuse. We would like to make a video of just how slow and useless the Mobotix camera and software is so other people don't get ripped off like we did in addition to insulted by Mobotix US tech support unwilling to repair these junky Mobotix cameras(of which the M15 was the most expensive model they made at the time). No matter how good the frame rate for these Mobotix M15 with 6 mp sensor lenses claims, we are are never able to get more than 1 or 2 frames per second. A person walking at slow to normal pace across 25 feet of camera view, barely gets 2 frames recorded in the 3 or 4 seconds taken to walk across. Even if we have the camera directly connected to our Cisco professional $3,000 POE switch with a 3 foot Ethernet cable, we were never able to get more than 1-2 frames per second. We think most of the specs for the Mobotix M15 camera are far overrated compared to reality or what we were ever able to get and not to mention much cheaper cameras. There was always a considerable play delay with the live video. Audio had at least 5 second delay making conversation very impractical or just impossible. We cannot express our disappointment enough with Mobotix products but also with their customer tech people and how they deal with repairs or tech support. It's partially our fault for deliberately pushing to blind ourselves because of the made in German tag and price and sales videos, but we are not going to blind ourselves or others anymore. We just hope that at least 1 other person will save some money and the aggravation, insults and time lost we had to suffer with Mobotix US tech support and Mobotix Junk camera products. Never again will we buy Mobotix Junk camera products.

Inferior quality

Their literature states that these are some of the best high resolution cameras in the world for picture clarity and quality. The picture quality on our system is terrible. Images are blurred and grainy, overly affected by light, colours are very faded. It is impossible to recognise people as they appear as blurred lumps. We continually have problems in playing back recorded footage. Attempts to discuss this with Mobotix (both in Germany and Australia) failed. The system we have now is worse than the 10 year old system it replaced and the $300 system we purchased from Dick Smith.

Expensive, extremely poor quality images

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