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Mojo Power
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Confusing, unhelpful

I took the word of the door to door sales guy, and decided to change. How hard can it be? My interaction with a retailer is simply 'pay the bill'. But with Mojo, shortly after signing up, the monthly fee went up. Then, we received a confusing change to billing, and ended up getting a $1k+ bill for ONE MONTH, when usually it was around $200. After endless attempts at trying to clarify, they kept referring me to a cryptic email sent to me months ago, about a new billing process - which, after I read carefully, several times - STILL did not explain the new bill. No one from Mojo has been able to explain to me, what has happened. As for signing up for direct debit, thanks to Mojo, I will never sign up for DD with anyone ever again. I asked them not to DD me until this is sorted, but no luck - they took the money. I have not been able to recover it. Providing a service like this CANT be this hard. As a result, I've dropped Mojo - never again. Warning to everyone considering Mojo - we found that it wasnt at all cheaper in comparison to their competitors, and the billing, service, and similar is just woeful. I've never reviewed any product, but this was a special case. Warning to you all.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
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“Hi David P, Please accept our apologies that your experience has not been up to expectations you may have. That said, your feedback is very important to us and we would like to take this opportunity to discuss your concerns with one of our Senior Customer Experience team member directly to ensure your concerns are addressed and that there is no repeat of this experience to you or any other customers. Once again, thank you for bringing this to our attention. -The Team at Mojo”

Bait advertising

Promised wholesale rates and then jacked up the prices twice. Now prices offered by other retailers are lower than them. Also they estimate and charge more than twice my actual usage. Stay away from them. I am now paying for a meter read and will be moving to another provider.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees


Bills are ridiculous, had someone come to disconnect and have me 15 min to pay, I was on hold for over an hour and had to pay $333.o struggle to pay over $500 per month as it is and now I have all the extras on top, I have no choice but to go to the ombudsman

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
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Thank you for your feedback. We take all feedback very seriously. We have replied to the specifics of your concerns directly and privately out of respect of your privacy. Regards, Daniel - The Team at Mojo

Mojo's Not Awful ... it's mediocre to adequate.

Hmm. I'm still dithering between 2 and 3 stars, because Mojo isn't bad, or awful, but it's also not reliable. You only get the basics.

If something stops working, it takes days or weeks to get someone's attention. and, 90% of the time, you never need to get in contact with your Energy Provider if it's working, and you're getting bills/notices on time.

While the App works, it's hard to pay your bills, or get invoices from the app, or the website/portal. Nearly everything is both ideal, and flawed about the service. It has a great website, when it works, or has what you want to know. The Customer Service is prompt, but work doesn't happen for weeks, or months due to what is likely to be a massive backlog and not enough staff. But if you want something more difficult, it's a frustrating wait for help or support.

As long as you're happy with mediocrity, Mojo is fine.

Monthly billing is great, prepayment is not so great, i.e. putting credit towards an upcoming bill, etc.

Their early discounts were decent in 2016/2017, but changes in NSW/Ausgrid rules/pricing, and more competition have made it less of a special company, and their EnergyPass schema is a subscription which obligates you to stay and not lose money on the "Special Deal". EnergyPass has changed 3 times, so the value has also changed, but the company has not. In 2016, it looked great. In 2017, competing resellers often had better deals, as long as your usage was low, or you paid upfront, etc. But in 2018, after changes to NEM grid pricing in NSW, and discounting by other companies to compete, as well as regulatory changes in 2018, the EnergyPass isn't as effective.

I understand why Mojo went with EnergyPass -- early energy comparison sites ignored bonuses and subscription costs, fees, prepaid schemes, etc. so Mojo looked awesome and cheap, despite the upfront ~$300/year fee / membership plan.

While EnergyPass works "Better" as a prepaid monthly bonus/allocation per month, the way that bill comparison sites work has made sure that Mojo isn't in the Top 5 or the Top 10 due to their higher daily usage charges than other resellers.

It's a budget company, and they're obviously overburdened with too many customers, and gimmicky processes. Customer Service is diabolical, because they might not get back to you within the same Month for simple or complex problems. Expect failure, delays of 10 weeks or more, and you'll be close to the average customer experience.

I can only judge my experience; I joined in June 2017, and scheduled the meter upgrade on the same day as i sent the forms in. Mojo got back to me, mid November 2017 and sent a local contractor, only to find out they couldn't install, as it didn't have a Mains disconnect for safe disconnect of the old meter, and the installer wasn't qualified.

I booked a local L2 electrician, but they were busy at the time, so it got delayed till January. It ended up costing ~$480, which involved a bit of work upgrading the 1970s electrical panel with proper RCD/leads and so on, adding some nice chalk boxes for where the meter was going in mid-February, 2018. By then, NSW Ausgrid had changed the rules, so metering was much easier to schedule and work with. I contacted Mojo to reschedule install the same day, and the new Meter was installed in early April 2018, ~9 months later, with an additional 2 weeks of waiting to get the meter's "Live" stats. So, 10 months for a meter upgrade.

Now, that could just be attributed to contractors and 3rd parties, which I'd understand. However, it's not the only bad experience with Mojo Power's Customer Service.

I finally had Solar installed on December 2nd, 2018, and sent an email to Mojo Support, to see what was needed to enable solar export on the meter & billing portal before Christmas... I ended up sending 5 emails, every few days to see if it could be scheduled before everyone went on holidays. I finally got to see solar export on the App, 5 weeks later, on the 8th of January 2019, which did back-date the daily usage/graphs and solar exporting information, from the 12th December 2018, until January.

I also have grid consumption monitoring on the Inverter, so i can see exactly how much it's exporting hourly/daily, etc. (Most of it's going to air conditioning due to 40'c days, rather than exporting at the moment) but it lined up, and that's a relief. So, I left it alone, to wait and see what the bills would be.

However, it's reverted to non-solar ~14th of January 2019 on the App/Website/Portal. and haven't heard back from Mojo support in a few weeks as to what happened.

It's not enough to leave a company, but it's enough that i'm starting to look for other providers that I can call at 2pm on a weekday, and talk to a person, rather than lodge a support ticket and wait a week or two for updates or answers.

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Hi Michael, Thank you for your feedback. We take your comments around your experience with Mojo very seriously. It's obvious that you’re quite aware about the energy sector. Your acknowledgment that not all meter boards in this country can accommodate a straight forward change over to a Smart Meter without some configuring and at times a complete upgrade of the board can be needed. Although frustrating the end result of having a smart meter installed allows for greater home energy management opportunities and not to mention the benefits of modernizing the meter board. As you would appreciate Mojo is an energy retailer and we’re not licensed installer of meters. The technicalities of the site conditions and requirements are the responsibility of the licensed installer. You also appear to have a sound understanding of the roles the National Energy operator and distributors play in the delivery chain. It’s with that in mind and that we’re currently designing our new products for release to the market including upgrades to our Mojo Power mobile App. We would like to arrange for one our senior customer service operators to contact you to discuss your experiences in more detail and with your obvious knowledge of the industry you will be able to provide valuable insight from an energy user perspective. We are disappointed that your experience has been what it is, and we would like to reach out to you and arrange a suitable time to look to learn and better our business and services from this. A member of our team will contact you and see if your willing to contribute to our survey and address your other concerns raised in your post. Regards, Daniel -The Team at Mojo

I Am Now A Happy Customer

After some initial difficulties getting someone to return my phone calls, I have to say that I am very happy with MOJO’s Customer Service. Daniel listened to my concerns and then clearly explained why there had been a spike in my monthly bill. And he offered positive suggestions to help overcome the problem in the future. I could not have received better service, so thank you Daniel.

False advertisement and too much electrocity bill

I changed to Mojo as I expected the cheapest rate advertised on the website. It could be but actually they charge something else on top every month. I chose other energy company like Ergon, AGL, Origin in the past but Mojo is worst. Simply don't choose it! They are just cheater.
There is no evidence as I didn't take a photo but they said they will give me special discount of $30 when I changed the electricity company. But actually I received $25. People should take a photo of website for evidence otherwise they cheat. You might think only $5? If the organization did to everyone, how much profit they can make?

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We are sorry that you are disappointed with your experience with Mojo Power. We note we have addressed and clarified this matter privately with you. Regards, The Mojo Team.


I was with Mojo for 2year,s at the end still did not understand there billing process, under charged one month over charge the next balanced out on the 3 rd., so they say. They will not communicate by phone. I made a contract on 13 th. Aug to change to Momentum took to 28 th Sept. For the change over,then charged $360 for the yearly fee to Aug. 2019. My advise stay away.

Hi Robert, Please accept our sincere apologies that this has been your experience. We've looked into your account and there is an explanation to your matter. One of team members will be getting in touch with you to clarify all your concerns. Regards, The Mojo TeamIam pleased to say Mojo Power did contact ,by phone, yesterday and an amicable parting of the ways was reached.

No service

They will not answer telephone calls and only have a message that you need to email. My account has been disactivated yet they are sending me billing alerts when my power switched to AGL 4 weeks ago! Their website doesn't work most of the time, and yet I have been paying extra for the real-time useage features.


NO CONTRACT OR EXIT FEES (so they say) $336 taken out of our account. Penalised (exit fee) for the remaining 11 months WHAT A RIP OFF. The service stinks and I would not recommend this company to anybody. There is no verbal communication, it is all digital and they often don't reply

Completely Unsatisfactory and Misleading Behavior

Let me begin with the final account I received, after switching to another retailer.

Mojo’s public rate card says the tariff for solar feed in is $0.20 / kWh for the first 2,000 kW / year. Clear as coild be. Mojo however rebates (as explained in an email conversation I’ve had with them) at “20c per kwh for the first 169 kwh for a 31 calendar day.”. Try and find that anywhere on there website. You can’t because it’s not publicly available information, yet you’re billed on it. Personally I’d call that misleading and deceptive conduct. Let’s see if I end up taking them to the energy ombudsman’s to receive the rebate for the hundred’s of kWs the solar has been giving them for a 10c rebate that I should have received a 20c for.

Next...why does Mojo think it can charge 173.756c per day for supply when the retailer we’ve moved to does the same thing for 103.40c from the same wholesaler. About 40% less for the same thing and that’s just the base figure with no discounts because neither company does any!!! Per kW rates with the new folks are also less. The solar feed in from Mojo averages out about the same. Our annual bill just dropped over $250 on the supply alone!

Then there’s Mojo’s rubbish Power Pass. Seems completely worthless to pay that when their supply and per kW rates are more than the competition and the Power Pass is supposed to get you better rates.

Finally, there’s their billing...OMG!!! Mojo sent one bill, no explanation as to why, for use from July ‘17 to Feb ‘18...oh and pay it all now thank you. Monthly billing? Are you kidding?! Smart Meter and all set up and good to go, but Mojo can’t get their act into gear to issue a bill. for 6 months?!

Basically, there’s nothing good I can say about Mojo. They mislead and will do whatever they can to take your money and give you nothing but reasons to leave.

Mojo started with the idea of being the Costco of power. News Flash Mojo...you never were and never will be the in the realm of providing anything like value for what you cost. From my experience you rip off customers at any opportunity.

Update...Just received the first bill from the new provider. No prize for guessing it’s cheaper per day by 6% than Mojo, no nonsense/ scam PowerPass and this is the short daylight hours time of the year when lights are on earlier, heaters are running and the solar system generates the least power. It will only get better as summer approaches. So so-long Mojo. I’d use you again when hell freezes over.

Final Comments...After email communication with Mojo Power, the Customer Experience Manager decided to waive my final bill. That’s less generous than it seems, (though probably a good idea to avoid further embarrassment and investigation). Why? Because there was no credit for the Solar Feed-In at the rate I was entitled to and Mojo has 6 months of their Power Pass which they don’t credit back. Who’s ahead? In real terms, me because I no longer have to deal with the dodgy Mojo practices. In dollar terms...Mojo, of course. What, you think they really give a flying hoot about customers.

Choose Mojo over another retailer at your own risk. Do your due diligence. Their practices mislead and if you don’t spend the time looking around you will probably regret using them as much, or more than I did.

Worst power company ever

They sound good to make you join.then once you are in its all downhill from there.I got an email saying that their wholesale rate charges had to go up before i even got my first bill .hard to contact only by email and the monthly bills just kept getting higher and higher.Beware of them if you are thinking of joining.

Not happy Jan!

I have paid the $360 subscription fee (which by the way is non-refundable if you decide to leave so buyer beware), after using them now since 2016, I was at first waiting for the 'metre' it took roughly six months for this to happen due to many many stuffups and to their credit they gave me credits for the long wait, however what I hate and LOATHE with a passion is their lack of support (email only) to me even though I am an annual subscriber, and it takes many days for them to get back to me, apparently you have to pay even more to be able to speak to a real person...another bug bear is that they send you the bill and then deduct the amount THREE DAYS!!!! after getting the bill!!! WTH?? never ever heard of another business doing this before!! and when I complained about this they say 'oh its usually on the day you signed up' well given that they have NEVER provided consistent and diligence customer service and supply since day one I refuse to take that as an excuse!!

Now im looking at powershop, no subscription and on their page i uploaded mojos bills for the past month and they beat mojo every month by about $25!!! so why the heck am i paying a subscription fee for wholesale prices by mojo power when powershop is consistently beating them??? hard to explain I bet hey mojo...well this unsatisfied customer is leaving your sorry butt of a company...not good enough and NOT HAPPY at ALL... so beware to anyone thinking of joining mojo power...all is not as it seems!

June 1st 2018 Update: Payment of account ‘stuck’ in payment hell!

Well I reviewed them not long ago but now have to add the latest debacle. Hated that they kept deducting from my credit card so I deleted that option and put on my paypal account and my bank details. Then I noticed when the so called day of payment came around they didn’t deduct the payment. I left this a few days just in case I was wrong then I sent them an email and they told me that my payments were on hold and would I like to make payment now. I said of course go for it and then they took the payment from my paypal! Well that was ten days ago and the money has definitely left my bank. But it still says I owe them that money!!! I queried that four days ago and she said it was ‘stuck’ between systems and she would put out a request to match my payment!!! Well that nowkust be ‘stuck’ as well!!!! Cause nothing has changed!! Ok. Over it. Don’t join ppl. Nothing but a sham. Thought it was good. Not anymore!! Absolute nightmare to be with.

Unremarkable pricing. Estimated bills every month.

The concept sounds great, however Mojo’s rates aren’t any better than the discount rates offered by the big retailers in my area. In fact, one retailer offers lower rates than Mojo if I also switch my natural gas account to them.

All retailers are much the same, and they’re all selling you the same electricity from the same network - so I can’t see any advantages in staying with Mojo. Sorry.

Every bill I have received from Mojo is an estimated bill. Why? I enquired on one occasion and told my meter was unable to be accessed. My electricity meter is easily accessible. I do not recall ever receiving an estimated bill from my previous provider.

Beware: rip-off

I don't understand why this company has so many rave reviews. I was lured to join this company for a whole year and the price has been kept on rising. I needed to pay on average $200 per month for a 2 bedroom unit (located in Sydney) without air conditioner. In the end, I decided to switch to Origin starting from 2 months back. And the electricity bill turned out only to be around $100 per month even I have used a newly installed air-conditioner. I am highly skeptical about the positive reviews in this website.

Poor service

They offer to upgrade your meter for free then when you ask for more info. They cancel the upgrade and then ask for $150 to now do it. Rip off!!! You also cannot ring anyone, email only, which can go unanswered for hours.


Dear MOJO,
You have increased your daily access from 85 cents to new heights, OVER $2.00 per day !!!!
You are trying every possible way to get more money out of us, fair or unfair, this time by increasing the daily supply charge to new heights. Looking at other electricity retailers, you hit the number one spot by being the most expensive .
Confusing power bills, they keep changing and you can't check the meter numbers as every month they're reset back to zero.
Energy Pass??? What Energy Pass !!!
Wholesale Electricity??? My ....!!!
This company had so much potential, then they became greedy.
Time to start shopping around again!

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Good Morning, Please allow us to clarify that we have not increased the supply charge at all, we have simply broken down the monthly energy pass into a daily charge to make it simpler for our customers. Overall there is no financial impact at all. We would like to explain this in more detail, please send us an email on hello@mojopower.com.au so that we can get you the details according to your specific plan. Best Regards The Mojo Team

So Disappointed So angry

Been nothing but a nightmare !
so angry and disappointed, what a lot of time to waste, just trying to sort out our power bills ! unheard of !
first took near six months to get the meter on, while they guessed what our bill would be, then we get a meter, do not have Live access, just message saying something went wrong ! no kidding, then had a few hundred extra added to a bill, from no mans land ?? and three months later, getting bills, for the last three months, another estimate, because they Still haven't sorted it !! wt ! have taken screen shot, complained, begged for help, begged for a correct bill ! just not worth ANY saving you May make ! and i don't know why we are paying a service or access fee ! because we don't have the service or bloody access they promised when we signed up ! AGGHHH

so called wholesale electricity prices at retail rates

I have just compared electricity rates and now have moved from Mojo for the fact the current plan I have selected is 2 cents cheaper/kw with discounts than Mojo and when you factor in the subscription fee which is around $30/month the difference in meter rental cost was around $15 extra so I also saved $15 on this. monthly payement are useless as there estimate can be way out. no other incentives are offered.
surprises me they call it "wholesale rates"

Terrible customer service

1. It is almost impossible to speak to MOJO on the phone they only want you to email them when you have questions, this takes time from both sides to sort out the issues. When I asked them on 2 occasions to call me, they emailed me back again and again. This is not good enough.
2. their bills are difficult to understand and they use an "monthly estimate" to calculate your usage...so invariably never a true refection of the same.
3. after the latest change to my contract, and after doing the math, it is much the same as the local traditional energy supplier.

When they recently gave me the option to release my self from my current contract with them I did exactly that. EXCEPT this time I could ring the new supplier and talk to a human and organise a connection over the phone. done and sorted in 5 minutes!

Good bye MOJO.....never again

All the horror stories are TRUE

All these are true! We're sad to say that we've also been on the brunt end of Mojo's false promises. When the salesman came and knocked on our door (old school salesmanship included) they came with promises of massive savings. Little did we know that indeed we would be paying 2-3 times what our bill should be! And we're quite conservative! (Only using A/C when we're dying of heat, using LED lights and only when we need, etc).

Needless to say, we're furious. We're thinking of reporting these guys to the ACCC for investigation, it's like they're operating a scam operation. We knew these guys seemed too good to be true, I guess we should've gone with our gut instincts like we usually do. *sigh* oh well. Live and Learn


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Questions & Answers

Can someone help me, I'm failing to see how we would save on average $150 - $200 per quarter ??. Mojo daily usage charge is 59.14 vs AGL 98.51 so 39.37 difference, using an average of a 90 day quarter this equals a saving of almost $36. Now usage. The average usage in my area for a house of 4 people = 21.6 kW per day = 1944 KW per quarter. Now comparing there rate of 20.24 per KW with our suppliers 24.61 KW = a difference of 4.3c per KW. 1944 x 4.3c = a saving of $77.76. So add the savings $39.37 + $77.76 = $117 savings per quarter. But now take away 3 $35 monthly "basic energy pass savings" $105. That's only a saving of $12 per quarter ? And considering my current electricity company offers me 11% off my electricity bill it seems I'm actually worse off ???? How are people claiming they save hundreds of dollars ???
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this is right but look at the rates for kw used most suppliers increase the price once you go over ???kw mojo rates actuall decrease this is where you can save some money. the 150-200 per quarter not sure how they get this thoughI can only go off our bill outcome Sassy, We do save a lot but we are also what you would consider a 'high energy' user family. Our bills where extremely high with our last energy provider, and our most highest bill has still been cheaper than our cheapest bill has last provider. I can only go off our personal savings comparing apples with apples so to speak. It may not be in your case if you have compared your bills, but in my case we have saved a lot of money. I find them friendly and quick to email so I personally would even email them your question they may be able to explain - tell you if it's worth it in your case; although personally you seem to be able to do your own sums so you may have answered your own question already - but know we as a family have personally saved this much from our old energy supplier - we weren't with AGL though.Hi Sassy, thanks for your question. As Karl and Alyssa mention above, the households most likely to see higher savings are those with greater usage - although many more people will find Mojo cheaper than their current provider. It does depend on several factors, including your usage, area and level of discount with your current provider. We can provide you with a detailed quote if you like - if you send a recent bill to hello@mojopower.com.au, our sales team will get back to you right away. Thanks

Is mojo green energy supplier?
2 answers
Hello Nanette. I didn't know the answer to that one, but I checked the responses on their website and I found this answer: "We don’t have a green power product just yet. It is in production but I don’t have a date for when this will be avail." Regards, ACHi Nanette, thanks for getting in touch. At this stage, we do not offer a green energy product - our power comes from the grid, so has the same mix of renewable and non-renewable energy as other retailers. However, our future plans do lie with solar and battery solutions, so watch this space.

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