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All the horror stories are TRUE


Their day charge makes them more expensive


If you get a discount for paying on-time (which we have to anyways!) with another provider, Origin and Enova are cheaper than Mojo!
Clever marketing but they are more expensive than others and have terrible (terrible) customer support... I suppose it keeps their profits high by having no one you can call!


AshPennant Hills

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Paying Through the Nose


I would not recommend Mojo having been with them for One year. Premium Support is not worth the money and the annual membership as well as ever increasing rates means I've ended up paying more for electricity than my previous providers. The increases well over the wholesale price increases by the suppliers. Also the billing format keeps changing to disguise their scam so that it becomes difficult to compare and keep track of how they are charging you. If you sign up for Premium Account they will not allow you to go back down to Basic Plan once contract expires.



Puzzled by Mojo


Like others I was drawn to Mojo by the offer of wholesale rates. I also opted for the year in advance administration to reduce costs by a further $10 a month which should have brought costs well down below the previous supplier. The smart meter took many months to install because the meter box was too small, and I'm not sure even now that I have a true smart meter solution. It is difficult to see that my pensioner concession is also being applied. At present I'm waiting to see how the 25centsKw + is a wholesale price, and have sought explanation. My next bill should reflect the existence of the smart meter, so I await with interest. Online communications have been quick, but actions seem slow and difficult to understand.

Dont waist your time getting with Mojo




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Do not go for it! (NSW)


Prices were cheap when I joined earlier this year, then kept increasing at a ridiculous rate. My bill this month is almost twice my first bill and way higher than what I used to pay before I joined (despite the fact that I am not using a heater this winter).

Rip off for NSW


Prices were cheap initially but they've just raised them to well above wholesale! Typical strategy of getting people in then ripping them off. Sorry Mojo, drop your rates from retail to wholesale and I might come back!

Overcharge overcharge overcharge


When I add together their charges for a three month period it is almost double what my previous supplier charged. All on their "estimate" of what I would use. They said they would refund any extra when meter was read but never did. How can they possibly estimate what a person will use.

These guys just keep turning up


I have nothing but praise for Mojo not only is the product superior to any other running around (and yes I mean price) but their customer service is second to none, no issue too big or too hard, they address it promptly and with a smile, cant ask for more than that nowadays, truly one of my favourite brands



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Gimmicks, Advertising and Falsely Advertised Promises


As a young professional I bought into the advertising. That is all it is, ADS! Beware of this company- the majority of you will pay more, certainly in Sydney CBD.

If you suspect your bills are higher than your previous retailer- it is because they are! Customer service is snappy via email but the customer service agents (and the customer service manager) are not afraid to get narky and blame you when you ask for real truths.

You have been warned :)

This review is also visible on Google- had to spread the word.

Monthly Estimate Issues


I have issues with their Monthly estimates being much higher than my actual read. Advised the company of the actual meter readings. They continue to bill using estimates that were way higher than my usage. I am changing providers as a way to stop them overcharging me. Yes, when the read was taken my account went into credit which they wouldn't refund when I requested it. The estimates will even out eventually but being charged so much in advance doesn't suit me.



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Beware of Hidden costs and conditions


Please keep away from this cheater as they never tell all details honestly until you ask many times. You save nothing and will cost more in most of the circumstances.

Simple, As It Should Be!


Standard Rates. Simple to do online and even via phone when my move in date was sooner. So far, so good! Amazing to meet a utility company that was fast, reliable and effective with zero hassle. Thank you!


davidinarmidaleArmidale, New South Wales

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Big Promises... No delivery


I attempted to connect to Mojo in November 2016, but after six months waiting for them to install their smart meter (the whole reason for joining), they called to advise that the meter would not fit in the space provided so they could not proceed with their promised online meter reading system.

I disconnected when I moved out in late May 2017 and they sent my final bill on July 4th with a due date of July 7th. I received a call from their debt collectors on July 7th demanding full payment.

They have no live operators to talk to (unless you count live chat) and don't really deliver what they promised.

My advice, pay a little more, get a real power company by going elsewhere!



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Worst service by far!


Terrible customer service. Use the chat feature only to get the run around every single time. Still waiting on a bill after 6mths of constantly asking for one. Terrible terrible service. Will definitely be switching to a better electricity provider who knows what they are doing.

Best damn company ever


Things with mojo were as easy as a mofo. Hassle free easy and convenient. Would highly recommend as i already have to all the bros


JaredPearces Creek

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Mojo have been an excellent company to work with so far


I am on their yearly subscription plan. I am provided with very cost effective power as a result. I had professional conversations around their solar offerings also getting my smart meter installed. Its a complex and messy industry to work within due to energy regulators and nationalised grid providers, but I feel Mojo are working hard to deliver a great service and shake up the industry for the better. Recommended. One improvement would be to make the process of getting smart meters installed faster. Also if you need telephone support then pay for the plan that provides it.

Never seen any benefits, was an inconvenience


Didn't see any benefits cost wise..
Bills come monthly and only give 3 days notice to pay
Can only communicate with email, requests take months to process



Where do I start!!!!

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Mojo Power
MOJO P.Mojo Power

Hi ShenaeB, Our customer service team reached out to you to answer your questions and resolve your concerns.

Loyalty doesn't always pay !!!


After 40 years with the same electricity company I ask what better deal was available, They said they had nothing to offer . So I checked out MOJO POWER , 1 Phone call convinced me I would save a lot of money with them . So concerned was my original supplier they ask what they could do for me , To keep me as one of their customers. MOJO POWER Has shown me the light . So the choice between ORIGIN and MOJO POWER was very simple.

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Account 610130012193 Mojo - want to check account online...how

No answers



Can someone help me, I'm failing to see how we would save on average $150 - $200 per quarter ??. Mojo daily usage charge is 59.14 vs AGL 98.51 so 39.37 difference, using an average of a 90 day quarter this equals a saving of almost $36. Now usage. The average usage in my area for a house of 4 people = 21.6 kW per day = 1944 KW per quarter. Now comparing there rate of 20.24 per KW with our suppliers 24.61 KW = a difference of 4.3c per KW. 1944 x 4.3c = a saving of $77.76. So add the savings $39.37 + $77.76 = $117 savings per quarter. But now take away 3 $35 monthly "basic energy pass savings" $105. That's only a saving of $12 per quarter ? And considering my current electricity company offers me 11% off my electricity bill it seems I'm actually worse off ???? How are people claiming they save hundreds of dollars ???

6 answers

this is right but look at the rates for kw used most suppliers increase the price once you go over ???kw mojo rates actuall decrease this is where you can save some money. the 150-200 per quarter not sure how they get this though


I can only go off our bill outcome Sassy, We do save a lot but we are also what you would consider a 'high energy' user family. Our bills where extremely high with our last energy provider, and our most highest bill has still been cheaper than our cheapest bill has last provider. I can only go off our personal savings comparing apples with apples so to speak. It may not be in your case if you have compared your bills, but in my case we have saved a lot of money. I find them friendly and quick to email so I personally would even email them your question they may be able to explain - tell you if it's worth it in your case; although personally you seem to be able to do your own sums so you may have answered your own question already - but know we as a family have personally saved this much from our old energy supplier - we weren't with AGL though.

Mojo Power
Mojo PowerMojo Power

Hi Sassy, thanks for your question. As Karl and Alyssa mention above, the households most likely to see higher savings are those with greater usage - although many more people will find Mojo cheaper than their current provider. It does depend on several factors, including your usage, area and level of discount with your current provider. We can provide you with a detailed quote if you like - if you send a recent bill to hello@mojopower.com.au, our sales team will get back to you right away. Thanks



Is mojo green energy supplier?

2 answers

Hello Nanette. I didn't know the answer to that one, but I checked the responses on their website and I found this answer:

"We don’t have a green power product just yet. It is in production but I don’t have a date for when this will be avail."


Mojo Power
Mojo PowerMojo Power

Hi Nanette, thanks for getting in touch. At this stage, we do not offer a green energy product - our power comes from the grid, so has the same mix of renewable and non-renewable energy as other retailers. However, our future plans do lie with solar and battery solutions, so watch this space.

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