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A reliable, top quality product.

Momento staff have been very helpful each time I've prepared a project and the product is of top quality. Recently I needed a photo book completed in time for a birthday and the company made every effort to get it to me in time. Very much appreciated.

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Thanks, that's fabulous news that you received your book in time for a birthday and we hope the lucky recipient enjoyed it too :) Libby

buggy, expensive and slow

The reason I give this a one star review:
- products take a long time to send (almost a month)
- they send with Australia post (which has a lot of issues) rather than fedex or a better postal service
- its quite expensive for what you get
- there is no autosave, so if your computer restarts over night like a typical Microsoft computer you will loose everything. you can only save the book once it is finished, rather than saving it as you go
- the application can be quite clunky, there isn't any autodesigns which put your photos into them
- the text function can be hard to use and buggy
- you have to buy a dust jacket separately - imho it should be included in the already over inflated price
- a very frustrating to use application

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Hi Annoyed I'm sorry to here that your experience with Momento wasn't good, but thanks for taking the time to give your feedback. I've responded to each of your comments separately... > products take a long time to send (almost a month) It's true our production times are longer than some of our competitors, but all our products are hand-made here in Sydney, which can be a bit slower than the factory made books. Our standard book time is 14 days, but some of the more premium finishes take 21 days. > they send with Australia post (which has a lot of issues) rather than fedex or a better postal service We plan to add the option of a courier style service soon, but for now it remains Australia Post's standard or express service. > its quite expensive for what you get You're right that we cost a little more, but we pride ourselves in being better quality than the rest. Our colour management and bind quality are the major points of difference. We print books for many of Australia and New Zealand's top professional photographers, we've been the top ranking Australian book provider in 3 Choice reviews, and we've won many local and international print awards. This level of quality does impact our price point. There are of course cheaper service available if the price point is a deciding factor for you. > "there is no autosave, so if your computer restarts over night like a typical Microsoft computer you will loose everything. you can only save the book once it is finished, rather than saving it as you go" Our software does an auto-save every 60 seconds. You can even see the little save icon flash when it does this. After your PC has crashed and you open the project file, it should see that there is an auto-saved version that is newer than your manually saved one, and offer to restore it. Apologies if it didn't perform as expected. > the application can be quite clunky, there isn't any autodesigns which put your photos into them The software is designed to run in two different ways. You can have an entire auto-filled book by using our quickbook designs, or you can start with a blank page and do everything manually. It's really up to you. We see a lot of both styles of books. The software will install with 4 standard quickbooks, but you can use the Updater panel on the right to install many more. Once these packages are installed, the templates panel on the left will also have many more auto page layouts available. > the text function can be hard to use and buggy You're right that our text functionality isn't as good as it could be. We have a new release due in a few weeks that will really improve on it. Many of your installed fonts are currently not available, but in the new version, nearly all of them will be. It will also render more of the text styles, and will be more accurate in the exported PDF > you have to buy a dust jacket separately - imho it should be included in the already over inflated price Most people don't order dust jackets, so to keep things cheaper for them, we make dust-jackets an option > a very frustrating to use application I'm really sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience with us. I hope that once our new software is live that you'll give us another shot. If not, there are plenty of other book companies that may suit your preferences. Thanks again for the feedback

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

All I can say is that Elizabeth and Ryan worked hard with me to get what I needed done with a restricted time frame. The end result was a Dove book with egg shell paper which was fabulous for writing on.
Every one could share their memorable moments by writing on the egg shell paper and a number of people commented that the pen did not smudge (like other products on the market).
Our kindergarten teacher of 29 years was retiring and this was the perfect gift with all our memories shared inside she said " this will be something I can treasure and look back on fondly, what a great gift".
Once again Thank you!

Greenbrook Kindergarten

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Hi Jo - sorry for the slow reply, but the teacher's response is so lovely to hear ... that's what we started Momento for! Thanks for confirming how fab Elizabeth and Ryan are, we know we're luck and I'll let them know how you feel. We hope you/they enjoy the book often :) Libby (co-founder)

Perfect service...fast, super friendly and helpful...think only Momento

Received photobook very quickly. But postal service had damaged the cover. Without a problem Momento replaced book & had it to us in time for our family event. Best ever service!

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Fabulous to hear the situation was recovered quickly, and hope she enjoys the book many, many times :) Libby (co-founder)

Really thrilled with the product

I was very nervous about creating and buying a book with momento as it is very expensive. My book cost $90 but the quality is so brilliant that it was worth every cent. Very pleased. I would use again and I highly recommend.

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Aha! Glad you enjoyed the experience and results :) Libby (co-founder)


Fantastic book, great quality, easy to use website and able to do 200 pages! Great customer service. Will definitely revisit next time I need a book. Quick turnaround too. Awesome product.

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Janice, thank you for making our day! We're glad you love your book and hope you enjoy it many times over. - Libby (Co-founder)

Photos dark

Photobook was beautifully put together however was disappointed with the photos as seem to be a lot darker than they were when I reviewed the finished article on my computer.

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Hi Jennifer - Sorry for the slow reply and sorry to hear about the dark images. Please give our service team a call so they can find out more and see how we can make things better. - Libby (co-founder)

Outstanding service

I have used Momento for years and their customer service is excellent. I recently had a minor issue and they reprinted to book in record time. Outstanding service and very quick turnaround.

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Thanks for your loyalty Mel, and kind words :) Enjoy your books often - Libby (co-founder)

Love Momento

I have just received the book, and I am thrilled to say the least. 200 pages long and I was very worried but all turned out fine. I would like to thank you for the perfect service, the great software and the efficiency of your company - More coming in the future. You are the professionals in this space.


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Hi Michelene - thanks, you've made our day. ENJOY your book often - Libby (co-founder)

Top quality

Made several books, all turned out excellent
Software is the best I have seen but crashes a lot and so you need to save regularly.
Lots of creative and professional finishes
Love the text, frames and background options. Lots to chose from.
Not sure about the final PDF size for production. Around 1MBYTE per page for a 210x290mm page and my photos are usually 10-20Mbyte each. So they are certainly compressed a lot when sending to momento and so final photos are not as sharp when compared to my printer.
Yet they look good in the book.
Binding excellent
Price expensive

Hi Peter - apologies for the slow reply, we didn't appear to receive a notice about your review, but THANKS. Sorry to hear about the crashes, if it happens again get in touch to see how we can help, and FYI, the file is only compressed to the level needed for the size of the book you created, so if you have any concerns about sharpness contact us about that too. ENJOY! Libby (co-founder)Thanks Libby, I like your books and certainly my choice however they are expensive when compared to others who now offer pro layflat options and quality paper.Thank you for the feedback Peter, it is appreciated. We hope you feel that the expense equated to the quality of printing, binding, materials, software and service, as our aim is to be the best on all of those fronts :)

So Happy

I have used Momento to make my photo books for my last four years of holidays. Love the program, so easy to use the layouts provided or manually create your own. So easy and the final product is a of a high standard. The customer service is fantastic and prompt. I have used email, facebook and the customer service line to get help and the staff are fantastic. Can not praise this company enough. Great job Momento. Love your work. x

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So sorry we haven't replied until now but thanks for kinds words ... tis lovely to hear. Enjoy often - Libby (co-founder)

Fantastic Customer Service and Quality Product

I would highly recommend this company for your photobook needs. I was skeptical as to what the final product would ultimately look like (very OCD!) but was totally blown away when I received my photobook, within the promised timeframe and it was more beautiful than I could have imagined. The customer service is also second to none - they resolved quickly a small issue that arose (created by me!) exactly as I had hoped.

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Hey Kristin - there's nothing wrong with being OCD :) We totally appreciate attention to detail. Thank you for your kind words, and may you enjoy your book often. I'll let the CS team know your thoughts too. - Libby (Co-founder)


The linen cover, gold embedded title, dust cover and the binding are outstanding, the book looks and feels very
high quality, I am very happy with that, the program is good , could have a few tweeks. BUT after decades of photographing my Asian experience the main aim was to show the photos. They have come out as others have said Dull and Dark a complete waste. It is not my photos as the exact same photos were submitted to Vista print and the result was crisp and clear. VPs were done on Gloss, Momento do not give this option. The top grade lustre may be good for art but not to give detail. Maybe VPs enhancement software is better. Now I have no options left for further albums as VPs cover choice, binding (no lay flat) no embossed titles does not supplement photo quality.VPs pricing was about a third of the cost, I have no complaints about Momentos higher price as the book quality is very good. I had two different books done.

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Hi George, sorry to hear you're disappointed. Please call our service team on 1300 799 764 or email sales@momento.com.au as we'd be more than happy to discuss the colour issues and see how we can improve the results. Libby (Co-founder)

Reprint of a damaged book

Unfortunately we recently received one of our photo books damaged on delivery. Momento went out of their way to replace the book for us urgently in time for Xmas. Their customer service is outstanding and most commendable, and expert help is only a phone call away. We have published many books with Momento over the years and enjoy the high quality of their product. I would highly recommend Momento to anyone. They are truly a great company that focuses on customer satisfaction, and are proud of their product. We look forward to our next photo book being published by them.

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Why thank you Kerry, that's the perfect way to end our year. We hope the recipient of the book enjoys their pressie too :) Libby (Co-founder)

Outstanding quality and idiot proof to operate

I just received my 7th momento album and as usual I am delighted with the result. The quality is the best on the market. Having seen other people's albums from inferior companies, the quality is chalk and cheese. And the most amazing thing is that I take quite bad quality photos, yet in the album they look awesome! The product is so easy to use. I have no problem at all and yet I can't even load an app on my phone. It's that straightforward. Thank you for another wonderful product.

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Thank you Caroline, we appreciate you discerning the difference in quality, and I'm sure your photos are better than you suggest :) Libby (Co-founder)

Well done

The phone service I experienced when I was in difficulties was faultless. Everyone was so pleasant and showed no irritation with my naivete in producing a photo book. This was my first attempt and the end result was superb - just how I imagined it. Great that you are compatible with Apple Mac. Thank you.

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Hi Helen - our service team is there to help anyone with any level of knowledge about the software, so I’m glad they gave you the time to sort things out. Enjoy your book - Libby (Co-founder)

Perfect Way to Protect Your Memories!

I have completed 11 books with Momento - and they have all turned out amazing! From the smallest size to A3. The quality of the finished product is excellent. Awesome way to protect your memories - and I really enjoy putting these books together. Great help just a phone call away if needed.

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Congrats on being so organised with your photos Jen, and thanks for your kinds words :) Libby (Co-founder)

Excellent quality, good software, fast delivery

So impressed with my 2 photobooks from Momento - 100 pages each, and every page is perfect. Great quality materials, good print quality, and nice touches with the choice of a matte cover and transparent covering page over the first photo. I enjoyed using the software to put it together too. The time and effort I put into arranging the photos was well worth it :)

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Hi Lee - it’s great to hear that your effort paid off. We hope you enjoy your book often. Thanks for the review - Libby (Co-founder)

A brilliant replacement for Mac OSX’s photobook software

I was looking for software to replace OSX’s built in software. After testing a number of products and cursing them ( even the one touted as having the same look and feel) I settled on Momento. Why? Sooooooo easy to use with minimal enhancement required unlike the others that produce washed out prints and are so difficult to use. Momento is incredibly intuitive to use. It is more expensive than others but I am a very keen amateur photographer, so quality and time are important to me. My books are coffee table standard thanks to Momento.

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Thank you Ross, that’s so fabulous to hear. We hope you enjoy your books many times over. Libby (Co-founder)

The BEST photobook printers!

I have had 2 photobooks printed by Momento and they have both been amazing. The first was photos from my wedding - these were professional shots and the book printed beautifully. Crisp and clear.
The second book was of my pregnancy and my baby's first 6 months - these were all iPhone photos so i had low expectations of the print quality but i was super happy with how they turned out!
I found the software really easy to use, and i love how it gives so many layout options, and options to add embellishments and 'themes' to the books.
Momento is not the cheapest out there - but you get what you pay for! I will never go anywhere else for photobooks!
Thank you momento!

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Thanks so much Poppy, your review is appreciated :)

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Questions & Answers

I've just tried to download the Moment software to my Mac and it won't start up the programme because it seems to be searching for an old photo library on a long-gone external hard drive. I can't seem to change any settings and not sure why it's looking for that drive anyway... any solutions??
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Hi Lee. Can you please try this 1st: 1. In the finder's Go menu, select "Go to folder..." 2. copy this in to the dialog that appears: ~/Library/Preferences 3. this will open the preferences folder for your user account on your Mac. Scroll down until you see the file "Momento Preferences", then delete it 4. Try running the software again Deleting this file won't cause any harm - our software will simply create a new one. Let us know if this works for you. Cheers Geoff

I have read some reviews that state the photos are dull and dark. I have had this trouble with other photo book companies too, which makes me nervous given the cost of the albums. I'd like to know how people fix this. I've heard that I can increase the brightness and saturation of the photos, but they are already bright and colourful on the screen and also when printed out at officeworks, so I do not want to brighten and saturate too much! Any suggestions?
1 answer
Hi Kellie. Thanks for asking. The best option is to call and have a chat with our service team so they can understand the brightness of your monitor and lighting in the room you are designing in, and advise on the next best step. If you're a colour nerd, we also have ICC profiles you can download to softproof your images before adding them into the software. Hope that helps :) Libby

I'm running Mac Mojave 10.14.4. I manage to install create and order a photobook j ust recently, (thank you its great) but now the program won't even load. Is there a new release about to be released that is compatible with 10.14.4?
2 answers
Hi. Apologies for the delayed reply. There is a new version coming soon, but the current version should still work fine. You will see a message appear, but it shouldn't stop you from proceeding. If this isn't the case, can you please tell me what happens when you run the software? Regards GeoffThanks Geoff. I am.in contact with IT directly as working on a solution together, however without success so far.

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