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Excellent product and customer service

I researched many Companies to make a very special 50th Brithday book....Momento was the only Australian company that showed professionalism all the way...
The actual product is superb, clean, bright, high quality and made with personal care (a rare thing!)...
The Customer Service is above anything I have seen with well trained staff always answering my (amateur) questions throughout the weeks, always polite and patient.
I know they are more than other cheaper alternatives but....to support Australian Local Business and have a Memory Sake to be so proud of is worth the extra cost.
My best friend (and everyone that has seen it) absolutely loved the book and I know it is a precious lifetime gift for her.

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Hi Adrianne - we're glad your friend enjoyed her book, and thanks for the kind words, especially about our service staff. I shall let them know now :)

Can't go past Momento for quality

I have done a number of family biographies in recent years. Every now and again, I have looked around to see what production/printing options were available. It is possible, for example, to produce a document using Microsoft word and have it printed by local office service companies. But these books have meant a great deal to me, so I wanted to end up with a high quality, hardcover, bound book, with excellent reproduction of the photos and text. I have even consulted a professional printing house, and their advice mirrored the conclusion I had reached from my own research: for a very small print run, with a high quality product, you cannot go past Momento.

Because my books have included a lot of text as well as a lot of photos, the preparation and alignment of the material, getting fonts and headings right etc was more demanding than your average photo book. But when you see the final product the effort is absolutely worthwhile.

Momento is not the cheapest option around. I guess that is part of the price you pay for being able to deal with a company based in Australia. I place considerable value on the ability to give Momento a call and get very helpful technical advice, which I have done on numerous occasions. Similarly, it is easy to talk to Momento in the event that there is any problem with the final result. On one occasion, one of the books I received had a minor flaw in the rear cover: Momento reprinted the book, no problem. I was very impressed with the company's commitment to service and the quality of what they produce.

I was not surprised to see recently that Momento had contributed to the 'Reflections' project, an ambitious effort by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography to photograph all of our living veterans of World War II. As well as being available to the Australian War Memorial in digital format, Momento has produced two beautifully presented volumes with archival quality, for the National Library of Australia to preserve a hard copy of all these portraits. Huge job, and very well done.

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Thanks so much for your glowing review and appreciation for local, premium quality production. We promise to keep providing the best quality software, service and products we can. - Libby (Co-founder)

Extremely positive service & support

Throughout the process of writing and producing my book, the help and support was just wonderful. The end result was a great quality presentation with high quality production.. My family were most impressed and I was proud to be able to give them something special. So thanks to all who had a part in the overall process,.

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We shall pass on your thanks to the rest of the team and we hope you and your family enjoy the book for many years to come. - Libby (Co-founder)

Great product - terrible customer service

Having now had 2 of my orders dispatched against my explicit requests not to - and therefore lost because i could not pick them up i write to warn others that although the actual product is good quality - but expensive - it is even more so when the products are deliberately delivered when they cannot b picked up. Be aware - i have lost over $500 because of this practice and there is no support provided by momento - other than have a nice weekend!

Hi Tracey - Sorry to hear about your frustration. I understand you have now spoken with our Service team. They have advised that your first order was dispatched on its due date, and the tracking data confirms it has arrived at the address provided, and as per your safe drop request. Following your request, the second order was immediately pulled from dispatch. It is now with our service team and will be sent out on Wednesday. If there is anything else we can do please call our service team. As the co-founder of Momento I can confirm that our aim is to assist wherever feasibly possible, and I hope you enjoy your books. - LibbyLibby unfortunately it was speaking with ur team that made things so upsetting. I rang 1 week before any dispatch and asked for dates to b changed and was told they had both been changed to appropriate dates. There was no safe drop - we had to leave and hope noone stole . Then after being told the 2nd order would b dispatched at the date i requested it wasnt and it was only me ringing for a third time in a week that prompted someone stopping a dispatch that i had been promised would not b sent. There was no apology and instead i was told we cannot guarantee dispatch dates - so why bother with telling customers yes things are in place to make things happen as requested. There has been no feedback from ur team that u will review this terrible process or fix for future which is why i am forced to leave what i believe was a good aus product but with processes that cannot b trusted.

Amazing quality - Great service

I just received my photo book from Momento on my holiday in Italy. I ordered the Clamshell box as a finishing touch. What an amazing book. It looks fantastic and I can't stop looking at it. So impressed. Top quality and top customer service. I recommend Momento to capture your memories.

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THANK YOU so much Virginia. Glad you like your box, tis a nice finishing touch. Enjoy your books often :)

Fantastic and support service with 5 Star Products

Momento have supported my fund-raising calendar initiative since 2011 which has resulted in almost 1,000 calendars sold and over $23,000 raised for various not-for-profit organisations and worthwhile causes. Libby, Geri and the team provide first class service and my customers absolutely love the finished product which is always of the highest standard. I cannot rate these guys highly enough. Thank you Momento!

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Hi Philip - thanks so much. You certainly are consistent and generous. All the best with your fundraising for 2018 :) Libby

Highly Recommended!!!

Momento are an absolute pleasure to work with. Their products are outstanding and so is the customer service. Highly Recommended!

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Thanks so much Peter

Just keep getting better!

Always amazed by the incredible quality of my Momento books. Can't get enough of looking at them! My memories can now be with me forever.

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THANK YOU Jill - may you enjoy them many times ... and enjoy many more adventures :)

Image Quality the Best I've Seen.

Thanks so much to the whole team at Momento.
The software was super easy to use and quality that came back was SO much better than other printed books. The images really do pop off the page with great colour and shadow.
Excellent work! LOVE IT!!!

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Thanks Steve, very kind and may you enjoy your book often. I'll give the software team your feedback too :)

Momento - just the best

I have several momento books for my special people and special occasions. The software is so easy to use that the books are actually good fun to make! The quality compared to other brands is far superior and excellent value for money.
Thank you Momento!

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Thank you Kylie - enjoy your books often!

Thank you Momento

Thank you Momento Team !!
I was blown away with the results of the APS 2018 photo book competition , was hoping to get some helpful feedback, and did totally not expect to actually win !!
The quality of the book and print is outstanding, the images came out absolutely beautiful !!
Thank you for the 1st Place winner voucher , i’ll have to start working on my next book now ♥️

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Oh dear Ingrid, just realised we forgot to thank you for your kind words. Congrats on the success of your Ladakh book too!

Local, lucious and bloody good service!

Momento never fails us in providing our couples with beautiful keepsakes of their wedding. We often will go to the team with custom requests and "out of the realm" ideas and they always try and accommodate and come up with a solution to suit our needs. We love the fact we can physically visit the factory (being local) and see the chain of production, with the faces behind who handles our images from start to finish and turns them into bespoke creations. The fact they are made here in Sydney is something we are proud to share with our clients.
Geoff's meticulous attention to trialing different paper stocks and product ranges ensures we are working with a company who is in the game for the long haul and always open to improving and expanding their product range. We love Momento and will continue to support them well into the future.

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Thank you Haley (and Darren). Tis a pleasure to work with such consummate professionals. Thank you also for allowing us to include your stunning wedding albums in the promotions for our Momento Pro service.

Perfection Every Time

I keep getting thanks by them for saying how good the product is, my answer is simple, if I wasn't I wouldn't. I remember send my first two books down... my heart was in my mouth, awaiting their return, I need now have worried they cam back exactly matching the output of my Eizo Monitor. Geoff is ethical researching better papers all the time and constantly searching for better products, to customers better results. They are expensive but once when in Sydney, Lorraine and I toured the factory and almost everything is hand done, absolutely amazing!! So my attitude is it may be more expensive, but I am helping to an Australian worker a living wage. First rate product from a first rate organisation

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Hey Roj - a rather belated thank you for your kind words. Lucky we've got customers like you who share the love. Happy book making - Libby

Quality and service

The high quality of printing offered by Momento is most important to me, and by adding excellent service to the mix, the resulting photobooks are real winners. I tried a few other providers before finding Momento and have never looked back. In addition, the product continues to improve with carefully selected new offerings. Love it!

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Thank you Kay! Hope you keep enjoying your photography journey too. We love watching your next moves on Instagram.


I used Momento to design my first photobook 10 years ago for my wedding. Since I have become a Professional Photo Organiser I recommend Momento to all my clients at every public presentation I do. I also continue to use their product for client projects. The software is sleek and easy to use. The products are high quality and the service outstanding.

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Thanks so much ladies - and what an important service you provide too

Have been using them since 2011

The final product is very good. more than once a book of their's was on my coffee table and guest thought it was a published book. There have been issues sometimes with the software but the assistance team was quick to call back and get everything back on track. Certainly a positive experience and will use them again and again....

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Hi Andrea - sorry we missed this but lovely to hear your guests thought you were a published author - you are because you've self published. Enjoy it often :)

Can be frustrating

Having done a few Momento photobooks over several years now, I must say that while the final product with Momento is generally very satisfactory the process can be absolutely frustrating. The program has always had a tendency to close abruptly, losing what you are working on unless you are saving every few minutes (there appears to be no autosave facility). As the Help Centre via the Momento website is extremely limited (I'm not sure I have ever received any help) and the telephone advice is not available after-hours, my advice would be to compare several products before settling on Momento.

Hi Phillip - sorry you've had a frustrating experience. There is an autosave function in the software that should save your file every 60 seconds. It should also prompt you if there's a version that can be recovered. I'd love to get a few more details though so we can figure out exactly what's been happening. Can you confirm whether you're using Mac or Windows? And just in case, we have video tutorials at https://www.momento.com.au/video-tutorials. Please let me know what specific information you'd like and we can see how we can add it to the website. Cheers - LibbyHi Phillip - sorry you've had a frustrating experience. There is an autosave function in the software that should save your file every 60 seconds. It should also prompt you if there's a version that can be recovered. I'd love to get a few more details though so we can figure out exactly what's been happening. Can you confirm whether you're using Mac or Windows? And just in case, we have video tutorials at https://www.momento.com.au/video-tutorials. Please let me know what specific information you'd like and we can see how we can add it to the website. Cheers - Libby

Beautifully Presented

I’ve used Momento twice so far & with both photo book, I have been very happy with the professionalism & presentation of the product including the timely support if needed. I will definitely use again, the soft way takes a little getting used to but the online tuition is also very helpful.

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Thank you so much KalaK, and we plan to add some more online tuition in the near future. Happy book making!

A very professional, ethical company

Momento is a highly professional, ethical company. We have had over 20 holiday and family occasion books printed by Momento.
With each publication we have been stunned by the Wow fact of the amazing colour, finish, attention to detail and the wonderful finished product. We especially like the lustre photographic paper. Momento offers a wide range of paper finishes, lay outs, embellishment ideas and colour prefrences.
On the very rare occasion we have had need to speak to Momento about any issue we have found them to be very knowledgeable and only too happy.
We would highly recommend Momento for a very professional, high quality product.

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So sorry we didn't acknowledge this when you posted it, but thank you, it is appreciated.

Sometimes you don't need words photos say it all

Once again Momento have given me my memories forever to treasure in a stunning photo book. After a recent visit to Canada and Alaska, my dream holiday. I created my 1st grand photo book. I am in love with it. Everyone I have shown has said the same thing "WOW", that is exactly the reaction you want. My relationship with Momento started with a book for my Parents 50th Anniversary. Over the years have had a great deal of fun creating from my kids Weddings, the births of my grand children, special birthdays and a story written by my Dad. Each time the quality is amazing, the way the books are bound impeccable and the photos seem to jump off the page, which feel incredible.
I believe that
"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."
The Momento Team are incredible and I truly recommend them . Off to make some new books as my Parents have just celebrated their 60th and we welcomed a new grandchild two days ago.
You will love Momento fast delivery too, I love it.
Happy customer Sharon Evans

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Ha! We give you 5 stars for your 5 star review :) THANK YOU

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Questions & Answers

I'm running Mac Mojave 10.14.4. I manage to install create and order a photobook j ust recently, (thank you its great) but now the program won't even load. Is there a new release about to be released that is compatible with 10.14.4?
2 answers
Hi. Apologies for the delayed reply. There is a new version coming soon, but the current version should still work fine. You will see a message appear, but it shouldn't stop you from proceeding. If this isn't the case, can you please tell me what happens when you run the software? Regards GeoffThanks Geoff. I am.in contact with IT directly as working on a solution together, however without success so far.

Hi there I keep getting a run time error; problem saving error ‘application has unexpectedly shut down’ messages. This happens with all my photo books. I have a new computer now and was thinking that it would be fine but still keeps,happening and now my .mbk file I was working on has deleted itself after the last crash. How can I fix this and have Momento run reliably on my pc? Thanks Terry
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I run other software packages that are much more complex and have no issues. My computer is high spec and so the issue is with momento software not our computers. For example I also use the “Australiaphotoshop” software (similar) and it is very stable using the same level of size and complexity. What I do is every session is “ save as” and add a new rev number. Plus hit the save button every 5 minutes. I realise you cannot push this software too hard with many clicks.

Can I use this software with a MAC or do I have to wait until the. next version is released?
1 answer
Hi. We do have a Mac version of our software that will run on 10.5 to 10.13. If you're already on a pre-release of Apple's new Mohave MacOS, then you'll have to wait a few more weeks. We're in beta testing of our Mohave-compatible release now and hope to have it ready ASAP.

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