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MooGoo Eczema & Psoriasis Cream

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Grace B

Grace BNarrabri

  • 4 reviews

Really helped in Winter!


Purchased Moo Goo Eczema and Psoriasis cream for my 4 1/2 month old at the time who was suffering Eczema on his legs and in the folded of skin around his ankles. It came recommended to me by my Pharmacist. Took it home, bathed my son and popped the cream on. The next day his Eczema was no where near as angry looking as the previous night. I continued to use it morning and night. Within 24-48 hours it was all but gone. It worked well. Comes recommended and if it doesn’t work for you, it still makes a bloody great moisturiser!

Love it!


I suffer from contact dermatitis & several allergies. This cream is great as a general moisturiser & to stop my skin drying, itching & flaking in winter. It can't cure my contact dermatitis if I inadvertently come into contact with the wrong substances but it alleviates the itch until the dermatitis fades away. It works better on me than the expensive brands I have used previously.



  • 6 reviews

A lovely mild cream


This is a good, MILD alternative to other creams, particularly medicated ones that I use that contain cortisone. I use this when I have mild flare ups of eczema & I find it does relieve my symptoms. The cream is easily absorbable, soothing, moisturising & has a pleasant smell. Great size for travelling & application too. Good job MooGoo!

Big disappointment


Hasn't helped me at all, in fact it's made my scalp itch more. I am so disappointed, I had hoped it would be the answer to my problem, alas not



Started working immediately on new sores. Still have old scaring but I hope with using the MSN cream as well this will clear up in time as well. Purchased while in Australia. Wish I had brought back more but happy I can order on line. I will recommend to anyone.

Felicity A

Felicity AYeppoon

  • 2 reviews

Never been this bad


I tried this because I’ve been using harsh topical steroid ointment for so long I wanted to give my skin a break and try something more ‘natural’. My nummular eczema has never been as bad as it is now after trying this cream. My eczema is red, inflamed and burning, along with the itchiest it’s ever been. Tried to persevere, used 3 times but have given up. Not a good product! Wish I could get my money back but I threw away the receipt..


LizSydney, NSW

  • 3 reviews

This cream didn’t work for me and customer service is slow.


Might work for some.


I had pretty bad psoriasis and this cream was repeatedly recommended, I suspect by people who hadn't used it. The cream did absolutely nothing over several months. It might work for you but didn't for me.

Didn't work for me


Unfortunately i had no success with this cream. It stung when i applied it to my eczema on my legs. I also didnt like the smell. (although it was quiet subtle) Tried numerous natural products but steroid cream is the only thing that helps


TatianaBris Vegas, 4000

  • 14 reviews

I like the yellow version


I am a cook/dishy, hands in acid, sugar, soap, what not.... I started to get red burning skin on my hands then it was itchy then bubbles under my skin then flaking then open "meat"...... terrible but it is absolutely under control now. At the beginng i was wrapping a compress with it now i dont have to use it. Sometimes I use on private area helps straighaway. I once had an open wound 2cm diameter with 3 mm deptth on my sole. could not step or walk. I filled it moogoo and covered overnight. in the morning there was a thickly covered wound and i walked that day without limping. I could not believe but it is the story I ll keep telling over and over to everyone once I hear moogoo.



I was on prendisone steriods for my asthma for weeks at a time and I noticed when coming off the steriods my face would flare up. It was a serve case of dermatitis, painful, red, burning/itching - just awful. I was so self conscience and always packing on the make up to cover it up. MooGoo saved me!!! after 4 days my skin was next to flawless, a few little lumps and bumps but nothing compared to the days before. I have tried everything and this was life saving to me! MUST BUY!



  • 9 reviews
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Didn't work for me.


This cream didn't work for me sadly. However I still think its a great moisturiser with natural ingredients. I would still recommend this product to those who are looking for a natural cream who suffer with Eczema!



  • 12 reviews

Didn't work for me but nice moisturiser


Nice smelling, and a reasonable mosituriser but as a Psoriasis treatment its useless.
In order to properly test this I stopped using my topical medication (daivobet) so I could purely use this Eczema and Psoriasis Cream. Over the next 3 weeks I gradually saw the psoriasis getting worse despite topically applying every few hours. It moisturised well - as good as any decent moisturiser but for psoriasis it does nothing (for me anyway).


GraceSydney Surrounds, NSW

  • 14 reviews



Smells great. Love that it's natural.

Unfortunately it didn't help with my sons eczema. Seemed to dry out his skin a lot after a few days. Interestingly, we noticed that lathering on a lotion instead of a cream has been much better for him, maybe due to the water content. So if moogoo had a lotion it would be awesome to try it out. :)



This product is bloody brilliant:)


This product is brilliant!! My 11 month old son suffered eczema from birth and I had tried everything including the steroid creams over and over and thank goodness for my mother in law recommended I should try Moogoo and and 3 days laters it’s practically Gone:) thank you moogoo team:) great job



  • 6 reviews
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This product is absolutely amazing I couldn't live with out it, I have used many creams ect but this is by far number one!!! Honestly could tell the difference in my skin the following day!

Literally couldn't live without it !!!!


I couldn't survive without it. It got rid of my scalp psoriasis I have had for 6 years. It is a miracle product and if I don't use it for a week my psoriasis comes back straight away!! If you have the same problem as me, give it a go it works !!!!!


Sassygold coast

  • 31 reviews

Deserves 10 star!


Very good


I have eczema and psoriasis. When you first put the cream on it can make your skin red and sore but I found after a couple of days it really gets rid of the terrible itching and flaking and calms it down



  • 2 reviews



Made my eczema worse. Not for those with full blown eczema that's severe, and mine is all over my body. Made my eczema extremely red and itchy. It also felt like it was burning me. When I have eczema flare ups the only thing I can use is an ointment with nothing in it at all.

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Is this cream non comedigenic? I've been using it to treat mild psoriasis, it has been working well. But I also have acne prone skin so it's essential for any facial products (face creams, makeup etc) to be non comedigenic.

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sameera b.

sameera b.asked

my daughter has pytriasis rubra pilaris...she's on steroids .. can i use this for her

No answers

Shane E.

Shane E.asked

Am wondering if it will do anything for Rosacea ... spell check.

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