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I first used this after being sent a sample with an order I put in through the moogoo website and really loved it. A bit more expensive than I would normally pay, I admit, but the way it didn't just absorb itself into a big messy lather and the soft feeling it had on the skin was worth the money! Comes in a great pump action bottle too, handy for dispensing.
All moo goo products are really natrual and don't irritate my sensitive skin. This is creamy and leaves my skin soft
Nothing, the scent was unusual, but not unpleasant


I really love MooGoo products and we use them regularly. The only gripe I really had about this was that my overly dry skin remained overly dry and itchy. It didn't bother my dermatitis or my childrens excema though and it was a little pricey. Sadly we settled upon QV wash instead for the moisture it added to the skin.
Smelled heavenly.
Didn't irritate sensitive skin or affect my dermatitis or my childrens excema.
All natural and the label says exactly what is in it.
Doesn't lather up very well at all.
It didn't dry me out, but it didn't moisturise my skin at all either which is what I was hoping for.
A little pricey but a little goes a long way.


My whole family love using Moo Goo products. We use the Shampoo and Conditioner, the Anti-aging face cream, Scalp cream, and my favourite, the body cream for excema and dermatitis. My husband has had some savage dermatitis on his palms for over a year. He has been to skin specialists and been scripted with steroidal creams and tried all sorts of creams etc. Finally, he has found relief with Moo Goo Excema Cream. We are lifelong fans and I hope this company continues for many years to come.
Funky name and packaging. Fantastic product for itchy and dry "winter" skin. Pleasant and unusual scent. Not overpowering. Great Australian owned and made product with natural ingredients. Finally!... an excema cream that works. Thankyou Moo Goo
A little expensive, but it does go a long way and is worth having my skin less itchy.


Well at first I couldnt beleive the packaging as I thought it was for kids but reading on I found it was for one and all, I must admit I did like the packaging even if unusual. The price of the product was fair considering the amount of washes you get per bottle and that is a fair amount considering you are using a pump pack one squirt and thats enough, The product left my skin feeling clean, ithad a strange but nice smell to it, and all in all I can say this is a good one not just for the adults but in trying to get the little ones to weash their hand etc...A novel idea that should catch on. Ten out of Ten.
The Packaging, The Price and The Product.


i am in love with moo go products and prefer it for all my hygiene needs. i came across the range in one of my local health food stores, but you can also buy online. the stock at my local health food store goes really fast so i am often disappointed when i have run out and need more, i guess thats a good sign though. plenty of loyal customers. so i guess i would say stock up which i am just about to do. i would recommend to anyone especially with sensitive skin.
great packaging, soft and gentle on skin, you get alot out of bottle if you are the only one using it as i am.
more expensive than other body washes, but worth it for me as i am the only one that uses it and it lasts for me.


Throw away your chemical-filled bottles of nothingness - the MooGoo Milk Wash is here to stay in my bathroom! It leaves your skin feeling healthy and cleanses it better than anything else I've used. My skin is left with a faint glow of happiness! I highly recommend it if you are used to annoying reactions or foul-smelling liquids.
Organic and healthy for your skin! No chemicals are ever going to be splashed around on my skin again. It's also easy to squirt out and feels delicious on skin that needs soothing. Leaves skin feeling silky and soft.
More expensive than normal washes, because of it's organic-ness.

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This product is not organic.

Good & Affordable But Basic

Contrary to the earlier review this is NOT organic! BUT it is a good basic liquid soap without nasties. It seems to mostly be milk (?powder from memory) and gentle coconut based soap with not a very long list of ingredients to suit the more sensitve soul. It is also very affordable at about $20 for 500ml. The other thing is it is quite thick so you only need a little and it lathers beautifully unlike other more natural liquid soaps. The price point puts it about on par price and quantity wise with Trilogy Body Wash when in catalogue at Priceline. Personally I sort of like the Trilogy Body Wash better but it is a close call. This might be a better alternative for those that are really really sensitive although personally I cannot use sythetics as I go pink!
Price, Suits Sensitive Skin, Only Need A Little
Perhaps a Little Too Basic, Very Thick

Use it on myself & both kids everyday!

MooGoo Milk Wash is the only product I'll wash my 2 kids in, they both have sensitive skin and have reacted to all of the the leading kids brands available in supermarkets. MooGoo keeps their skin lovely and soft, and aboslutely no reaction to it! I use it on my face and it works great.
Reliable, Smells good, effective
Bit expensive to use on 2 kids & myself all the time.


I have crazily sensitive skin and I've lost count of the number of soaps and body washes I've tried. This is one of the very few products I can use and I intend to buy it for as long as they make it! I pump the wash onto wet hands, lather, then apply. It rinses cleanly and leaves skin lightly hydrated rather than dry and sensitive.
Extremely gentle wash that's well-formulated for dry, sensitive skin. It's packaged in a pump pack so it's easy to use. A little goes a long way, so it lasts a long time.
It does have a scent, but that's an individual concern, most people wouldn't be bothered by it. I personally prefer totally unscented products.


A great Australian product. Nice light scent, quality ingredients. Comes in a nice large pump bottle Very reasonably priced. Other products with similar ingredients are generally a lot more expensive. Made by a small, family owned and operated company with great customer service when you contact them directly. These products are very gentle and great for babies and small children as well as adults. My whole family uses and loved them.
Natural, lightly scented, Australian made, quality ingredients. Pump bottle for easy use.
It is not very high foaming- but that is because it is not full of nasties, which is the whole point!

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Questions & Answers

Does boohoo skin milk remove makeup?
1 answer
Yes it does

Do you apply to wet or dry skin & how long do you leave on.
1 answer
I apply it on wet skin and massage it in for usually 20 seconds to 1 minute :)


Milk Wash
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