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MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream

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I began using Moogoo udder cream on my face after the stress of my wedding gave me tiny tiny skin coloured bumps on my forhead (they were visable only in certain lights) this cream didnt get rid of them (it was stress induced) but it was extremely soothing.
Now my skin is normal again I use this every morning and night.
I have usually dryer skin and this stuff soaks in right away and stays there.
I wake up and my skin is so so so soft.
I am currently trying their anti aging cream in the purple labled bottle, hopefully its good too!
But definatley use udder cream on your face and decolatage :)
Smell, consistancy, ingrediants
Need it to come in larger container :P


I bought it as I had an itching rash on my chest don't know what it was but very dry and itchy I had heard of MooGoo being natural so tried it ......my rash was gone in no time and my skin is silky smooth I use it on my face , chest shoulders back and arms recently went out and mowed the lawn on a stinky hot sunny day forgot the sun screen and wore a little playsuit realised later OH NO I'm going to be burnt to a crisp BUT I didnt I just went a lovely tan , I think my skin is so nourished from the Udder Cream that it didnt burn or even dry out ................. I LOVE THIS CREAM ............... It goes on so easily penetrates the skin fast not greasy or oily smell lovely IT IS PERFECT!!!!!
Its perfect
Can't fault it

Gentle and Nourishing

I have been searching for a facial moisturizing cream that didn't irritate my dry and sensitive skin and could be worn under make up. This is it! Its gentle and there is no sting after applying. I have tried QV and loads of organic products to no avail. Cheap and easy to source near my home (chemist and health food shops).
Great product. Cheap. Great under make up and no greasy residue.

A bit too greasy

I liked MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream's list of ingredients, and it felt nice on the skin at first. But later on I fount it a bit too greasy for me. Still went through the pack, though won't buy it again. I loved their lip balms much more than the skin products.
made in Australia, safe and natural ingredients
a bit too greasy

Won't use anything else!!! Love moogoo!!

Found this natural skin care when I went through bc treatment and still using it a year later! The udder cream has kept my skin super soft! I use the milky wash in the shower (which is another one of their great products) and lather this cream on every night!! My skin is better than ever (-;
Absorbs well, leaves skin super silky and soft, natural product
Could come in a bigger jar!

Absolutely gorgeous

I've came across Moogoo in a magazine few years ago and ever since then I've been using their products.
Particularly I fell in love with this udder skin milk cream. It makes my skin so soft and smells like vanilla.
I think the price is reasonable considering their ingredients are all natural with no nasties.
Will be using this forever :)
Easy to apply and smells so divine


Every Moogoo product I have tried has been excellent. This is a great product - if you are busy or on the run, it is good for dry hands as it absorbs very quickly into your hands. You won't waste any of this product. The only downside, if you can call it that, is that it doesn't have the lovely fragrance of the full cream version of this.
Excellent lotion, handy size for the handbag or travelling. Good for while at work if there is a lot of air conditioning, even to use on the face.
Nothing, all Moogoo products are great.


This is my favourite facial moisturiser. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin beautifully soft and silky without being greasy so it doesn't break me out at all. It's being gentle is a bonus for those of us in the family who suffer from sensitive skin, dermatitis and excema and whenever one of us are having a problem with any of these, the moogoo is the first thing we reach for. It's definitely a keeper and is here to stay in my household.
Non greasy.
Smells lovely.
Light and doesn't cause break outs.
Natural-you know what's in it is clearly stated on the label.

Non Greasy body cream

Being recommended by one of my friend about this product as she has sensitive skin as well. The Udder cream is really light and non-greasy as described by the manufacturer.
I do not feel any difference after applying this cream.
It is just a normal cream to me but if you are after another type of organic product and believe you should give it a go.

Great for the body

I bought this product to use on my face but sadly my skin is so sensitive and parched that it seemed to make it worse (most creams do)and I'm sure for most people it would be fantastic. However, for my body it's just lovely. My skin was smooth and hydrated in two days. I also use it on my young child who suffers from dry bumpy skin and excema and it healed her skin within a week. The smell is so subtle but somehow very comforting. Like newborns. Milk and honey. I love the smell.
All natural, Australian made and owned, works well for almost everyone! The gorgeous barely there comforting fragrance.
It's a bit pricey.

Well worth the purchase

I recently started using this (and a lot of their other products) and I love it!

The skin milk smoothes on easily and is absorbed really quickly into the skin.

It makes my legs and body really smooth without making them greasy and I don't have to wait ages for the product to sink in before putting on my clothes.

It also has a really nice milky smell (faintly like 'milk bottle' sweets).

From the health store it cost me around $13 which is around double the price of the moisturiser I previously used but I think it is worth the extra expense (especially as it doesn't have any of those dubious ingredients that you need a degree to pronounce)

I'd definitely recommend this (and purchase it again, and again... and again).
All natural, handmade, Australian owned, smells great, absorbs well, multi-purpose,

Love it!!

I use Udder cream on my infant daughter due to it's natural ingredients. After just a few applications, I was using it also! It leaves the skin feeling fantastic and moisturised all day.
Inexpensive, a little goes a long way, natural ingredients.
Needs to be sold in a larger bottle/tube!

Fabulous for very sensitive and dermatitis prone skin

Love this cream. So moisturising with absolutely silky finish. It seems to keep your skin moisturised all day. Absolutely no irritation for my extremely sensitive skin which is allergic to 90% of skin products.I have suffered from seborrheic dermatitis and contact dermatitis most of my life so have found it very difficult to find a great smelling product with a luxurious feel that my skin will tolerate. Great after a day at the beach. A great find!
Inexpensive, moisturises for a good 8 hours. Excellent for those allergic to most skin products.

Worth every dollar. I love it.

I decided to try this after running out of my anti-ageing Moo Goo moisturizer because it was taking a long while to get more in stock at our local health food shop. I was a tad worried that it would be too light compared to the other cream, but thankfully, it has a great consistency. Not too dense, but not runny. It reminds me of pouring cream. It's luxurious, especially for the $13 price tag! It smells incredible, too. There are no nasties, so it's good for my sensitive skin which will take any excuse to freak out. You can use it all over and smell like a vanilla milkshake.
Cheap, creamy, and makes your skin feel soft and supple.
Hard to source, like other products, unless you buy online. Also, you look silly when you sit there and touch your face all day - you will want to.

this cream is a delight, love it !!

After having a bad reaction with some common household detergents, I have started to do some research about nasty products in detergents, and I discovered some of those get put in beauty products as well, even the ones for newborns/babies!!! So looking for natural beauty products I found Moogoo. None of us have skin problems in the familly but I was pretty excited to try the cream that's safe for the whole familly, from new borns to grand parents, and made out of natural products.

Well that cream is a delight, the texture is creamy but not heavy either, it gets our skin so soft and I love the smell !! I thought that was a bit expensive at 1st, compared to the cheap supermarket brands I used to buy, but it is quite concentrated so not much is needed (even thought too much does not hurt !) so the cream goes a long way !
makes our skin feel really soft, safe for the whole familly, all natural products, smell delicious

Bad if you're allergic to cows milk protein or dairy

I got recommended this cream by the naturopath at my health food store. and i thought it smelled fantastic and was nice on the skin but soon afterwards my psoriasis would get extremely itchy and red and inflamed.
I went to a skin specialist and it turns out im allergic to cows milk protein which is why it was causing the inflammation. it also happened to my friend who used the shampoos who suffered from psoriasis of the scalp, it gave her a breakout all over her head.
so just patch test first if you suffer from psoriasis or eczema incase you have the same reactions we did.
the smell was beautiful and natural
gave me an allergic reaction

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Ok, but the fact that you're allergic to cows milk protein is not a true criticism of the cream though, so you shouldn't give only 2 stars. In fact, you could say they did you a favour by bringing your attention to this allergy!

Good product, silky skin next day

Natural! Sinks in after about 15 mins...Feels like its moisturising from the inside - not just covering your skin and making you 'think' its silky. Next day skin is soft, plump and moisturized! Smells good, sweet milky/vanilla-y smell. Only issue is I don't feel like I'm getting much bang for buck - but really by comparison to expensive brands this isn't that bad. Harder to source: health food stores (haven't seen it in chemists).
Moisturizing, sinks in, smells sweet, natural
Harder to find (health food shops)

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Questions & Answers

After putting the Moo Goo products on, my skin goes really hot and raised red blotches. It does eventually cool down after about 15 mins is this a reaction to the creams. I suffer from eczema on my face and body. I use your eczema cream, milk wash, udder cream and the full moisturiser cream. thank you in advance.
No answers

Can I put this cream on my jack Russell to stop her scratching?
3 answers
Best to discuss it with your vet as I'm not sure. She might lick it off so best to double check with a professional first.Hi Paula, I would also check with a vet. What is the dog itchy from if a can ask?although very good on humans not sure about animals The vet would be the best one to ask or better still contact the Moo Goo makers and ask

do yu ship to New Zealand and is this good for psoriasis?
2 answers
Hello jimmyd I am a consumer of these products so I suggest you get online to moogoo and ask them about shipping and what to use for your condition.The company is on the Gold Coast Queensland.Hello jimmyd. I am a consumer of these products so I suggest you get online to 'moogoo' and ask them about shipping to NZ and what to use for your condition. The company is on the Gold Coast Queensland [Burleigh Heads] Great products and good luck.


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