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Morning Fresh Dishwasher Liquid Caps

Morning Fresh Dishwasher Liquid Caps

2.3 from 54 reviews

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Perfect clean EVERY time!

My 2012 DeLonghi dishwasher does 2 loads a week, and is cleaned completely every month.

I think I tried every powder based product on the market before spotting these in 2014 at my local pharmacy of all places! They were $9.95 for 24, so reasonably priced, and given I wasn’t happy with having powder chunks through my dishwasher, I decided to give these a go.

At first I used just them, even without any rinse aid, the difference in the clean was definitely positive! Royal Doulton Fine Bone China plates and bowls put straight in the dishwasher after eating were cleaned better than ever, and some had been sitting there for 3-4 days before starting a cycle!

After a couple months, I noticed that there were water marks on my crystal stemware (but not on my cheap Ikea glasses), so I combined the tabs with first the ALDI Rinse Aid, and then later vinegar, which fixed that little problem.

My only criticism is that I can no longer find them in any stores!! If anyone knows where I can still buy these, please reply!!

Purchased in June 2018 at IGA.

Terrible - Bitter tasting residue

Horrible bitter tasting residue on food. Throwing the rest out. Waste of money. It took a while to work out what the problem was now we will not be using the rest. Super disappointed

Works for me!

i was sceptical at first, but i actually got some from the reject shop and thought why not. well fortunately for me it works and cleans my dishes! i don't have any issues with it

Not good enough

Does not clean the tea cups of stains. First time trying this usually use another product which cleans the stains from cups and also does not leave water marks on the cutlery.I will certainly be returning to Finish.

Leaves awful taste on cutlery and plates

Leaves a dreadful aftertaste on everything. It’s bitter, soapy and metallic. It seeps into the food whether it be cold or hot. I bought as they were on special, but have since thrown away. It’s disappointing as Morning Fresh has always been a brand you can rely on.


I found Morning Fresh absolutely great. My dishes, pans and utensils sparkle and a lovely fresh smell when opening the washer. No undissolved tablet pieces. Perfect!!! Best product ever. A bit hard to find.

Awful bitter taste

We had to throw out a few meals until we figured out what was leaving a bitter taste. If you lick any clean dish out of the dishwasher you can taste it. Not good enough, Not impressed!

Best Product Ever

Cussons Morning Fresh Dishwasher Liquid Caps in either Apple or Lemon work perfectly on every load for me, I love them. Pans and utensils I expected to still have remains were spotless. Certainly no residues or bits of tablets left in the door. I find it hard to believe the bad reviews.are talking about the same product. I wonder if the rinse cycles were functioning correctly. My gripe is how hard they are to find to purchase. I don't want abrasive tablets or powders which damage glasses and china over time.


Found it does the job on short cycles as well as normal. Better than the usual powders and tablets. Buying from our local market for $6.00 for 42 caps. Going to stock up.

Great results - no residual problems at all

I am more than happy with this product, having used it for over a month now - cleans well, smells great.
I have not had any issues with it affecting the taste of food cooked/eaten off cleaned items as other reviewers have found. (I have had this complaint for some other brand products I've tried though).


The second creamy pasta sauce that we have thrown out. After a process of elimination, and wait for it, actually licking clean spoons that had been through the dishwasher and one that hadn't, realised my wives suspicions were correct.. metallic bitter taste...which is Morning Fresh Dishwasher capsules. Just wondering what carcinogens have been ingested! Don't buy!!

Brilliant but hard to get

This product is brilliant!!!!! Disappointed that both Coles and Woolies are no longer stocking

So that's what poisoned my pasta!

A week ago, I had to throw out a pilaf, and tonight it's the tuna pasta. Couldn't work out what was causing the bitter taste in our food. Switched to Morning Fresh only recently, when our supermarket had a special. Now I know why they were selling it out at bargain basement prices!

Best on market.

Best I've come across - I noticed a couple of other reviews mentioned residue left after wash but this isn't something I have experienced. My plates have a design on them and through using other products design was fading (obviously too abrasive) but since switching to Morning Fresh, this is no longer a problem.

Excellent product

Have been using the liquid caps for a couple of months, after I had problems with finish not dissolving properly in my dishwasher. I couldn't be happier with the results I am getting. My only complaint is finding stockests

Worked perfect for me

Love these, used dishwashers for 36 years, never liked the powder products. I always use the quick cycle, do use a good quality rinse aid, dont put wooden or plastic items in dishwasher and everything comes out sparkling, smells so clean and fresh, no bad taste at all here, best ever.

Worked for me

My old dishwasher stuffs up with the hard tablets but not with these. Don't forget that unsystematic customer reviews can easily skew your opinion of a product. Paying money for services such as "Choice" magazine is the only way to get some confidence in an opinion.

Bitter residue on dishes.

I'm about to throw out a fresh pot of curry due to inedible bitterness. This product has ruined 3 of our meals. Throwing out the pack now. My 10 year old can taste it on all cups and glasses too. But it is the enamel cookware that seems to have been hit the worst with the bitterness. I checked the dishwasher filter, but it seems fine. The problem is with the product.

Great product

Is am very happy with this product. We have been using it for months now in our Asko dishwasher and have never had problems with any residue on the dishes, unlike when we were using finish products. Not sure about plastic and wood dishes as I don't put these in the dishwasher.

I can taste it!

The product does get dishes clean but it leaves a chemical residue I can taste. We threw out two bags of 42 caps. It's a terrible waste. I wouldn't recommend this product.

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Questions & Answers

How do you get rid of the foul taste on dishes
2 answers
I don’t get it on my dishesUse finish powerball Dishwasher tabs

CAW Why are the caps leaking Can only use half the pack because the remaining caps are all stuck together and swimming in the fluid
No answers

These caps are the best thing I have used in my dishwasher. Unfortunately my supermarket has stopped stocking these. Is there anywhere in NZ preferably in the South Island I can purchase? cheers Jan
1 answer
Hi Jan, I was able to get some recently through EBay (posted from somewhere in NSW I think). I am not sure what I will do when they run out. I did ring Cussons Australia about 12 months ago, at that time they said the big supermarkets stocked them and after a further hunt I did find some in a big Coles back then. The Cussons in Auckland has a free call number 0800 287 766, hopefully they have some positive suggestions for you. regards Ros

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