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Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid

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My little daughter got it in her eyes,will it harm her
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Can i use morningfresh on my floors?
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are all morning fresh varieties ( lemon, lime and original) ph neutral ie have a ph of 7?
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Is it phosphate free? Didn't get a clear answer when previously asked.
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I don't use it any more but I Googled it for you and I found that the dishwasher tablets are Phosphate free but I could only find a list of ingredients for the liquid. I'm not sure if any of the chemicals on the list are phosphates but you should be able to find out by checking them one by one. Just Google Morning fresh ingredients. Good luck.Been there done that before I asked the question. I would have thought someone from the company would bother to answer!

msds of this product?
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Why have you changed Morning Fresh liquid? You think that people would not notice, I did, I wasted my money on buying it. Customers deserve better. Smaller bottle, but no suds. Where are the SUDS? Can we get something better?
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I am puzzled by your experience. The performance has not changed for me? I only use it for pots etc that are not suitable for the dishwasher and I have terrific action compared to cheaper generic brands.Not a very appropriate answer. I'm not talk about detergent for dishwashers, gave u not read all the bad reviews for Motning Fresh? Obviously not. I won't be buying this rubbish detergent again. I'm sticking to Aldi detergent much better and last longer.

I'm using morning fresh for dish washing and my hands are itchy and irritating, can it be the cause?
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No that product didn't affect my skin - it was just hopeless at cleaning the dishes!Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid contains the following ingredients. Interestingly, these are not listed on the product anywhere. The Cussons website provides this ingredient list. Aqua Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate: (petroleum derived) rarely causes allergic reactions; irritation on sensitive skin; some animal studies show adverse effects. Sodium Laureth Sulfate: (petroleum derived) can cause or promote acne; skin, eye or lung irritation. Alcohol: does not state whether it is pure, which is generally considered safe, or denatured, which is considered broadly toxic; skin irritation; neurotoxicity; birth defects; teratogenic. Lauramidopropyl Betaine: generally considered safe. Lauryl Glucoside: generally considered safe. Isopropyl Alcohol: skin dryness and irritation; suspected respiratory, cardiovascular, kidney, liver, developmental and neuro toxicity. Parfum: designed to mask. Not considered for safe use in cosmetics; suspected immuno and neuro toxicity; allergic reactions; asthma Limonene: sensitisation; skin, eye and lung irritation; wildlife and environmental toxicity. Tetrasodium EDTA: (petroleum derived) Generally considered safe when used within concentration limits. Benzsiothiazolinone: (ingredient not found) Geraniol: allergic reactions; skin and eye irritation; contact dermatitis. Citrall: may cause irritation to skin, eyes or lungs; allergic reactions; sensitisation. Linalool: allergic reactions; skin irritation; facial psoriasis. Citronellol: irritation to skin, mouth, eyes or lips; allergic reactsions; sensitisation. Colorant: (ingredient not found)

Would morning fresh super concerntrate, Be suitable for washing a car????
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It might be gentle with the paint, as it has no effect on dirty dishes. It doesn't work well in a greasy environment, but that probably wont be a problem when washing a car. I would try it and see if it works.I don't think it will do any harm, but it might not be very useful either. As I said before, I'm not buying this product again.Can't see how would have any effects on your car, when it's hopeless on dishes. You would probably get a better result just using water!

Why did Cussons go offshore to Indonesia the product Morning Fresh is definitely not the same quality as was produced in Australia. I telephoned Morning Fresh in Australia and expressed my disappointment they informed me it may have been a bad batch, don't think so as I have two bottles with different batch number but still the same poor quality. I have since tried the Aldi brand TANDIL ( Made In AUSTRALIA) and found it to better than Indonesian Morning Fresh and is 40% cheaper. If Aldi can source their dish washing detergent in Australia why can't Cussons ???????????????
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Hi Heidi, Cannot offer you an explanation but my use of the product has found the same result. Thanks for your TANDIL suggestion. Nariel4718I noticed a cheaper overseas version in the Reject shop a year or so ago. The version in supermarkets declined in quality around this time.Yeah morning fresh was better before though I find it to work alright

Is it phosphorus free?
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HiKaren,Packaging doesn't say. Cheers WendyIsn't phosphorus one the ingredients they put in clothes washing liquids / I could be wrong though I doubt it that phosphorus would be a ingredient in dishwashing liquid

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