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Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid

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I use it as hair shampoo as well

I've been using morning fresh to wash dishes and to wash my hair for about 30 years.
The first time I used it for washing my hair when I ran out of shampoo. Everyone was commenting on how shiny my hair was, that night. Ever since then I haven't used anything else.


I thought I was using a cheap copy. My husband brought it. But no.Why change a good thing. It stinks and tastes foul if you don't rinse dishes 50 times.


This used to be very good but no more these days. End up using a lot more just to remove some grease. Stay away. Back to Tandil from aldi which is so much better


After washing my dishes & pans. I can taste it in my cooked food. It's so disgusting that i can't eat. I will never buy this product. I worried I'm going to get sick from it. Now i have to throw out my pan & buy a new one.

Listen to the reviews! Waste of money!

Pros: Once had a good brand name and reputation!

Cons: New and improved formula is absolute trash, feels heavily watered down and cannot cut through grease.

Verdict: Save money and DON'T buy this product, otherwise you will have trouble washing plastic containers. Real let down.

Absolute rubbish!

Years ago this used to be the best detergent ever. Now it is so watered down, you need to use 5 times the amount to get the same effect. No thanks and what an absolute waste of money!! Won't be buying this ever again.

Bring back the good old original!

I agree with everyone else. The product has changed and I'm sure it's due to now being manufactured offshore. I found another type of Morning Fresh on sale "Morning Fresh Ultimate" made in Poland which is like the Morning Fresh of old. But of course it's that little bit dearer than the others. I dislike all these new fragrance types as well. Not necessary to have so many different types of perfume in a dishwashing liquid. Just bring back the original...

No longer the best, how sad.

I used to tell all my friends to use Morning Fresh only to find out most of them already used it. Not any more. It just isn't as good and the nozzle gets clogged. I bought the new concentrate which was the same price as the regular but I got 50 mls less. This is still not as good as it used to be. So dissapointed.


Another formerly great product that changed their winning formula. Morning fresh was always a superior dishwasher liquid and I used it exclusively since I married 32 years ago because my mum always used it before that. It was a bit more expensive but everyone who used it knew a little went a long way and its grease cutting power was second to none. As soon as I saw the new packaging and different fragrances with the dreaded "new improved formula" stamped upon it is knew that it would be inferior to the original as is almost always the case. I bought the new improved formula anyway hoping for the best but it was as I thought. A dud. It's now watery, using at least 4x the amount for half the suds. It must have some kind of thickener in it now because the detergent dries to a lump of gel on and in the nozzle so you can't use it as a squirt bottle. I have to screw the top off and either pick at and rinse the nozzle or just pour some in and replace the glued up lid. Why do companies with a winning product do this? I would have gladly paid more for the original but have now for the first time ever ever bought something else. I'm trying the aldi one. It's not as good as original Morning Fresh but it's heaps better than the new formula. I'll probably try something else next time I need dish detergent.

Good dishwashing liquid

Contrary to other reviews, I've always found this to be a good product. I've been using it from as far back as I remember and my family uses it too.

No suds

I've been using morning fresh for ages now, but recently I found that it does not have any suds, and you have to use more of it and of course the bottle doesn't last. I told my husband this and he said he didn't notice, but I did, I'm a woman. I feel as if they have watered the detergent down, as it's not as thick as the old morning fresh. SHAME on you for doing his to us. You make a smaller bottle and make us pay extra, it's just a joke. Do the right thing for everyone and bring back the OLD MORNING FRESH. The public deserve a better quality dishwashing detergent, otherwise how are we suppose to get our dishes clean. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER

Bad Value

Noticed that the small bottle has been reduced in size from 400ml to 350ml but the price remains the same. Another penny pinching trick which tells me to use another product.

What ever happened to MADE IN AUSTRALIA.

Take it from me I have used Morning Fresh Dishwashing Liquid for many years, and found it to be a winner in the dishwashing stakes. That was until I found the same product (Morning Fresh) purchased from Coles Supermarkets, that my daughter was using had some sort of a problem, it refused to wash a normal size stack of greasy dinner plates, and they were not squeaky clean like they do at my home. I noticed that the product was now being made offshore in Indonesia the same cheap and nasty product that Farmer Jacks, Reject Shop and the like imported direct from Indonesia and were selling at very slightly reduced rates to the unsuspecting public.
So how does the manufacturer remedy this situation. They immediately stop manufacturing the product in Australia and have it produced off shore in Indonesia and even worse they then had it made to the Indonesia third world standard. These people are nothing more than blood sucking parasites that think that profit becomes before prestige and that people will still use this rubbish.
There are plenty of more worthwhile dishwashing liquids available in the Supermarkets and I recommend that to all Australians do not purchase cussons morning fresh dishwashing liquid.
You will be sorry if you do.
PS. I still have quite a stock of the MADE IN AUSTRALIA product but once that is gone so will Morning Fresh it is bloody rubbish.


Well I am astonished at all of the negative reviews. I have sinned for about a year as my life has changed. Diagnosed with terminal cancer and fired the next day after telling my employer, I am all of a sudden penny wise and thrifty. And so I went for the discount everything, Including my dishwashing product. They all worked...but. The other day I was in Woolies and they had Morning Fresh at half price. And so driven by price and a long time affection for the product I bought two. And wow!! just a pleasure to use again. What you have to remember is to use a lot less to get the required wash. Measure every squirt and how well it works...and then you will be so happy with this product!


I have been using morning fresh for as long as I can remember. .... Not any more! It's virtually useless! Suds disappear as soon as you turn the taps off. Zero grease cutting power. Really disappointed they've cheapened what has always been a brilliant product. I've found that the Coles brand is actually more concentrated than Morning Fresh. Big thumbs down!!

Don't buy

No suds, no grease cutting power. The bottle says that one squirt is enough. That's a lie. I will never buy again. I would give zero stars if I could.

This is not my choice

When I used it, it left a bitter after taste on the dishes. I have now changed back to the original brand I used before and it has gone away. It could be the water as well because I use tank water.

Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid

This is the worst dishwashing liquid we have ever had in 40 years of marriage. There are no suds and if you do get any they have disappeared even before you have started the dishes. We are looking for another brand and soon.

Bring back the old one

Used to be the best around but not now ! So different, you have to use a lot more to get any suds. Looking for an alternate one. Bye bye Morning Fresh.

Product has changed. Disappointed

Purchased the Morning Fresh Sweet Pea and Freesia after getting the normal great time and value out of my last bottle of normal Morning Fresh. Wow, how disappointing! Does not cut through grease, even my kids point out the greasey bowls they get out of the cupboard which are supposed to be clean. The detergent clogs at the top of the bottle. I cant believe the drastic change from the previous bottle i purchased. Have always bought Morning Fresh, it has always been the best, but after this last bottle only lasting a month and being absolutely useless, i will be purchasing a different brand next time. What a shame, i think this will hurt the company badly as it sounds like many other consumers feel the same. Silly idea for whoever in the company made this change.

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