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Mortgage Broker Melbourne

Mortgage Broker Melbourne

4.9 from 132 reviews

Very quick to disregard

While [name removed] seemed to be very helpful at the beginning of the process, as soon as we politely compared his services to the services we received from the banks and what they could offers us, he became very defensive and rude. Quite egotistical. He was very quick to disregard us as we politely questioned certain documents he required; two other lenders did not require. He could not match the low interest rate we were offered elsewhere. A waste of our time. Not sure where all of these great reviews came from. We made the mistake in contacting this broker because of these reviews. We did not come close to having the same experience and have no idea how these reviews are so positive!
At the beginning he seemed very helpful
A waste of our time, too sensitive and easily offended when making perfectly normal comparisons.

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We are very sorry you had a bad experience but, since you have left no name here, we don't know who to make contact with directly. Our broker's manner has clearly offended you and for that we sincerely apologise. We invite you to call us directly on 1800 111 626 or email info@mortgagebrokermelbourne.net.au. Directly, lenders often provide applicants with a flimsy list of paperwork to provide initially, then come back repeatedly with requests for more and more items as they realise they did not spend the time properly understanding the clients' situation at the outset. Gathering paperwork is a huge hassle I know, but we simply try to present the best possible application to a lender to ensure a smooth, efficient process and a speedy approval. All the other reviewers here left genuine positive feedback because they trusted us enough to provide the paperwork we asked for and in turn they experienced a seamless loan process.

Questions & Answers

Hi My name is anita I am working in Canberra in nursing home and my husband works in Melbourne I was also in Melbourne just moved last year .my land in Melbourne need a loan for land .went to bank they said it’s hard to get approval .is there any chance? Thankyou
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Hi Anita, Thanks for your enquiry! We'd be delighted to assist but would need to gather a bit more information if that's OK? Could you please email me at info@mortgagebrokermelbourne.net.au and I can send you our quick fact find questionnaire? Best Regards, Marc Barlow.

Hi Looking at buying a home within the next 6 months My husband and i would like to know how much we can borrow? Deposit needed ? Thanks Kathleen
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Hi Kathleen, Thanks for your enquiry, we'd be delighted to assist! Could you please email info@mortgagebrokermelbourne.net.au so we can help answer your questions and guide you through the process? Cheers! Marc

Hi there does your service also do refinancing services in Brisbane?
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Hi Tom, absolutely we can! Please call 1800 111 626 and we can start the ball rolling.

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