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Good morning ive bein given the run around from my broker what is the availability of your brokers to come out and discuss my situation need approval asap already put a deposit down
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Hi Dino, we're terribly sorry about the late response. Please call 133 144 to discuss your needs with one of our expert lending specialists, who will be more than happy to assist you. Thanks and have a great day.

This Company has been operating since 1986, yet there are no reviews older than 10 months on here. I would like to hear from someone who has been dealing with them for a few years. Thanks.
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They were fantastic when I started my loans, but communication been very poor in the past month and a half. They finally got back to me yesterday but couldn't answer questions right away, so I ended up having to email my questions and will have to wait for their response. I have concerns that the rates are initially low to attract new customers, then when the big 4 banks rates go up, mortgage house follows and raise their rates on existing loans but keep advertising a lower rate for a variable loan products under a different name. I believe other financial institutions also do the same though.Thanks David. I appreciate your feedback. That is exactly what I am afraid of too, although I am intending on going with a fixed rate for 2 years, just for a bit of security. Would be glad to hear any other stories too.i think mortgage house home loan is the best place to get home loan because i tried 4 major banks but they declined my loan even i had strong income .i was so frustrated because i all most lose my 10% deposit i didnt have enough time lastly i go through quintin Tudge .he is really nice guy to prepare documents ,he made it approve in one week which is amazing .on that day what i think when i saved my 10% deposit .while i was doing pepper work with Mortgage House Home Loans team i found every one so helpful .they tackle the problem so quickly and they call me so quick now when i read product review some people said communication poor or some thing not good but for me is excellent .they did a really good job so i gave them 5 star .i have no complained at all .if they help me in my so bad situation why not for others of course they help others as well its my hope.what can i say is in australia Mortgage House Home Loans is the best and quintin tudge is awesome .thanks this team who save me and my wife .

Why do you draw people in to your loans and then just jack up the rates independent of the reserve bank? I started with a competitive rate but now you have increased it to 4.12% plus added a monthly fee.
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Hi Rob, just for the record, i'm not affiliated with mortgage house in anyway. However i was browsing the market and doing a bit of research with respect to the global housing market and the cost of funding for lending organizations. To answer your question simply... yes they could be using a bait and switch which would be extremely unethical however in your instance and the current lending market i believe that the move is due to the cost of funding. We are a global economy and banks and non bank lenders do not obtain funding solely from the RBA. As a result they may move independent to the RBA. Increases in rates in overseas markets such as the US can affect the rates in AUS. If you do a simple google search you will notice that many other lenders have also increased their rates. It's funny how no one questions rate CUTS when the RBA has not moved rates. However as soon as there is a rate increase out of line all hell breaks loose. I hope this answers your question :)Hi Phillip, I'm well of the arguments around funding costs but I put it to you that the equivalent loan that I have is currently being sold with a rate well below 4%. Its clear to me that this is just a tactic to draw in new customers when their intent is to increase rates anyway to a more suitbale rate. A simple google search shows this to be a tactic for this type of lender. With regards to your suggestion that nobody complains about cuts independent of the reserve, I'd put it to you that this very rarely occurs.This happened to me too. Reeled me in with a low rate which was subsequently increased shortly after. I haven't yet forgotten the terrible customer service either.

How many lenders do you use?
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Hi Ami, we are a non bank lender. If you would like to speak to a lending manager please call us any time on 133 144 or advise your number and we'll give you a call to discuss your specific circumstances & goals to find you the best home loan. Have a great day :)

Hi there, I am an Australian Citizen and my British de-facto fiancé and I would like to purchase our first property as an investment property. Are we able to do so with a 15% deposit or do we need 20%? He is currently on a bridging visa and has been on one for the past 8 months since applying for the 801/820 Partner Visa. Regards, Amy
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Hi Ami, thank you for your enquiry. It would be best if we could have a lending manager speak with you to be sure of all the relevant details to provide you the best options so could you call us anytime on 133 144 or send us a private message with your number and we'll call you. Thank you so much :)

Hello, Can you let me know whether Vibha Prasad is on leave? Tried contacting her and no response.
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Yes Vibha is currently on a well deserved break and back on 22 January. We can organise for another one of our Senior Lending Specialist to contact you just let us know and we will make it happen. Have a great day.Hello Yes please can you please me give a email address so that I can contact someone?Sure, please email save@mortgagehouse.com.au or call us anytime on 133 144. Have a great day :)

How you can help me to get home loan?
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Hi Spencer, we would love to have a chat with you about your specific circumstances & goals and help you find the best loan for that. Please call us anytime on 133 144 or send us a private message with your contact number and we'll have a lending specialist contact you asap. Thanks & have a great day :)

My son is a PR and has a home loan already. He wants to buy a investment property at the moment. I am a foreign citizen living overseas. Can I use my overseas income to guarantee him to get a investment loan?
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Hi JT, we would love to have a chat with you to see how we can best assist you as this may be possible depending on the scenario details so please call us anytime on 133 144 or send us a private message with the number we can reach you or your son on so we can discuss the specific circumstances & goals here. Thanks so much for your enquiry and we look forward to assisting you :)

I am an existing customer with 2 properties with MH. I want to buy another one but do not wish deal with the same person. How can I get in touch with Zani? Thanks
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Good morning Daizy. Zani is currently on annual leave and will be back in office on Wednesday. If you can provide me with your email address and contact number, am happy to schedule and appointment with Zani for you. What times are most convenient for you? Regards, Kris Andrakovic Operations Manager krisa@mortgagehouse.com.au

what trust fund or bank do you use for pure and simple summer loan?
3 answers
Hello & thank you for your enquiry about the Mortgage House Pure & Simple loan. You can view the details here: https://www.mortgagehouse.com.au/offers/pure-simple-summer-special/. We would love to see how we can best help you find the perfect loan for you so please call us on 133 144 and speak to a lending specialist or alternatively please send us a private message here with your name & number and we'd be happy to call you to assist you. Many thanks & have a great day :)hi, I had a look that page but it doesnt tell me what fund or bank you will be going through?Hi, we are Mortgage House, a home loan lender in our own right. You can read about us here - https://www.mortgagehouse.com.au/about-us/who-we-are/. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have so give us a call on 133 144 or advise your number and we'll call you. Thanks :)

I want to know whats my borrowing power? Ready to buy in next 3 to 6 months.
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Hi Ash, thanks so much for your enquiry. We'd love to help you. Please call us on 133 144 or send us a private message with your number and we'll have a lending specialist call you to help you as soon as possible. Thanks so much & have a great day :)

Do you help people with a low credit rating we have over 400.0000 thousand in equity in and a income of 1600 hundred a week?
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Hi Mark, we would love to see how we can help you. Please call us anytime on 133 144 or send us a personal note with your number so we can call you asap to see how we can help. Thank you.

Hi I need a $40000 mortgage loan is that possible ?
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Hello, we would love to see how we can assist you. Please call us anytime on 133 144 or send us a private message with your number and we'll call you. Many thanks

Hi, I am a first home buyer. Do you provide an offset account? What are your yearly fees please?
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Hi Kat, thank you for your enquiry. We would love to see how we can help you get the best deal on your first home :) Yes we have offset accounts. Fees will vary depending on the loan that is best for you so please call us anytime on 133 144 or please send a private message here with your number so we can call you asap to discuss your circumstances & goals to find the best option for you and answer any questions you have ok. Thanks & have a great day.

What is the deal with the gift form that was sent through to me with all the other docs? I don't recall any discussion about a gift. Can anybody fill me in on the this form please ?
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Hi Paddy, a gift form is normally provided if a 3rd party is assisting an applicant with the deposit for a purchase. We would need your details in order to look into this to verify this is actually the case for you so please call us on 133 144 so we can determine & resolve this with you. Thanks

Hi I just want to know can I apply about home loans with low deposit please?
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Hi Faisal, yes of course you can. Please call us on 133 144 so we can discuss your specific needs & goals & can assist you. Many thanks & have a great day :)

Hi, may I know who's the best and most friendly person to contact in Ryde, NSW? Many Thanks.
1 answer
Hi Mike, somehow your question was missed so our apologies for this delay. Please contact the Branch Manager at Ryde, Kevin Abeysiri. You can reach him on 02 9874 3000 or 0404 234 495. If you need any further assistance please contact the customer service team on 133 144. Many thanks & have a great day ;)

Can you ask for a different broker? I want to release further equity and my original contact have not return my calls. Very disappointed!
3 answers
Do they have your right number??? Just guessingHi Ulung, our apologies, we have just come across this message. Could you please call us so we can assist you. We cannot find you in the system with this profile name and wouldn't ask you to put your personal information in this public forum. Please call us as soon as possible on 133 144 so we can help. Many thanks.No surprise there. Definitely among the most unprofessional bunch I have ever had the displeasure of working with.

Hi just wondering if everyone on a variable interest rate loan has had their rate increased recently ? The variable rate offered to me and pre approved was 3.95%.I sign the paper work and then get a letter saying that the rate will change on the first of December to 4.01% "Following recent changes in interest rate". This has all happened before the loan has been settled and I am feeling like I have just been conned. The RBA hasn't increased rates, and they aren't subject to government legislation requiring them to hold more capital. They are still advertising a lower rate. So whats the deal ?????????? Judging from more recent reviews I'm not the only one. Is this a wide spread rate increase or just a select few?
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We've also received a letter saying that the rate will increased from to 4.14% to 4.34% from December, and our loan was just approved in Oct 2015! The RBA didn't increase the rate, I wonder if that means Mortgage House can increase the rate by any amount at anytime they like!!Looks like it is a rise but varied for all customers. For some is .20% or .15% or even .06%. I complained to ombudsman about it.Hi, I'm also been conned on this, I gave a raving review but now will be retracting it and will warn potential customers. Mine was increased by 15 basis points so I'm now paying 4.10%. I've filed a complaint with ACCC and will follow this up with Fair Trading. How did others go about their complaints with MH? MH emailed me back saying that they can't lower my interest back to 3.95% without giving any reason despite the fact that they're still advertising it at an even lower rate of 3.94%.

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