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Moshi Bass Burger

Moshi Bass Burger

Wired and Wireless
3.4 from 10 reviews

Do a great job for the price. Great for travelling. Sitting poolside

Bought these back in 2014 at jb hifi. They are wonderful. Sound is surprisingly good and great for sitting poolside or on beach with some beers. The bass is not outstanding butwhat you would expect from these little speakers. I love that they are compact and click together. Theyre easy and fast to charge via use. These little guys have travelled all over the world with me. Love them and still going strong

Date PurchasedJun 2014

It's a plain burger.. no bass

Very disappointing. I bought this to plug in my phone and listen to music at work. I thought with the name, you name and the look of it you can't go wrong. Anyway..I listen to rock, grunge, R&B and rap. Don't expect mind blowing sound. Sounds like a tin can. can get loud and will fill a small room. but definitely no bass. Save your money and buy something else.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

OK for the price

Use this with an Apple ipod loaded with our scanned LPs. Was never expecting miracles but the sound is quite acceptable. Considering it is only for use when we go camping, really can't complain. Very eady to use, to charge and easy to connect eve though the instructions were rudimentary.

Fantastic Sound

This speaker is absolutely awesome for what it looks like. The sound quality is 1000 times better than my phone and is all you need (if not more) for just listening to music. It is incredibly portable and convenient and the battery life is remarkable. What's more, it is very cheap for what it is. I heartily recommend it!

Little bundle of bass!

Sounds awesome and is quite loud for the size. Loved it and am thinking of percussing the wireless version. Would even like to have it for solutions where I can't here my sparkier phone on my Samsung Galaxy s5. Don't think I should have to write a 50 word essay just to write a review

Moki Bassburber

Utterly useless! Bought this so I wouldn't to wear headphones and my phone speaker was not loud enough. Unfortunately its has a lower max volume than my phone speaker. The jack is also a poor fit and only works sometimes if I get it in exactly the right position. Total waste of time.

Good low/ mid priced speaker

I bought this on a whim and didn't actually review before hand. I had reviewed several other portable speakers but I hadn't come across this one because I was looking at a slightly higher price bracket, so this one wasn't in my scope.

I actually quite surprised by it to be honest, the sound isn't terrible. You can turn it up relatively loud before the sound starts to distort. Using my Samsung Galaxy S5 to play music from, it has a volume level that goes up to 15, and usually I find 5 is sufficient. Depending on the quality of the sound file, I usually select best sound quality available if I am copying a CD, there isn't much distortion at 15, and that's pretty loud.

It can be used via Bluetooth or alternately it comes with an 'Aux-In' cable which you plug in the earphones plug of your phone/ tablet etc. Its charges by USB, again with the cable provided, I mention this because its not uncommon for some manufacturers to not include some cables.

It costs around $50 and I would definitely recommend it.

Really good

Surprisingly good for so small a device open it up really does help the bas I thought it would have a really tinney sound the previous review must have had a faulty one but this is really good for background music in a small party

Been awful

Never really worked for me,misplaced receipt so I couldn't even get my money back..very very poor sound quality, seems v muffled and there is so much crackling that you can't listen to it...was also v slow at charging for such a small device, I Wouldn't recommend it to anyone, spend your money and buy something decent...
Terrible sound

A useful solution at the price

I purchased this speaker because my laptop (which has a poor speaker) and iPhone couldn't deliver the volume needed to listen to internet radio while I was doing other things. I got this speaker for $30 as a portable, budget solution and for the purpose I'm generally happy.

Volume and bass are both impressive for the size, and I can clearly hear interviews etc while doing other tasks in our living room and adjoining kitchen. Inevitably, it does fall short of the superlatives in the product blurbs - when playing back high-quality music files, the clarity is on par with what you'd expect from a compact radio (better than AM, possibly closer to FM in quality). Some music types challenge this small speaker much more than others.

Convenience is its strongest point. In a single cord it has a combined stereo headphone socket and USB plug which allows you to use and recharge the unit on a laptop simultaneously. In my unit there is a bit of audio 'dirt' when I have both the USB and headphone socket in at the same time and nothing else is playing - a bit irritating but easily worked around.

So, for a portable budget speaker it has my recommendation. I've noticed they offer a model with bluetooth/microphone functionality which I might have gone with had I known about it at the time. I'd be less likely to choose the dual speaker stereo option - it'd be less compact, and I'm not sure it would add enough to the sound quality to be worth it.
Portable, convenient and well-thought out. Excellent volume for the size & price. Clever dual-use cord. Rechargeable.
Only ok for music. Some noise interference when the USB port is plugged in, but can be worked around.

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How do you use it?
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You have to twist the top from the bottom to open and turn it on. Needs to be charged first. Plug in ipod.


Bass Burger WiredBass Burger Wireless
Bluetooth ConnectivityNoYes
Price (RRP)$19.95$59
Release dateMar 2011Mar 2011

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