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Motorola MBP11

Motorola MBP11

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Great monitor, very reliable, great range.

We had the monitor for 4 years and it functioned perfectly. The range was great, I could hear anything while in the shed around 15 meters from the house, it's sensitivity was ideal, and it held it's charge for almost 2 days before needing charging. I replaced the battery after 3 years, cheaply off ebay. It only broke when our child threw the monitor against a wall. I can highly recommend these monitors.

value for money

Good audio range as our house is not too big
will recommend
ebay price 25aud with delivery
cant beat that
easy to set up as its directly connect to power /no need to stress about charging or replacing battery/just plug in whenever you need it
reliable product being a first time user

Good product.

The audio is very good. It's easy to set up and reliable. There are only two issues with it:
- you can't tell when the battery has been fully charged and when you need to charge it again.
- sometimes the red light on the "parents's monitor" starts flashing with a very annoying sound and you can't tell what's really happening.
Other than that, we've been able to know whenever our child has needed us :)

Best no frills monitor

This little monitor is perfect for parents who dont want all the fancy cameras, music sounds, and just want to hear if baby wakes up! Super easy to set up. Great long battery life, i often got from morning nap through to night sleep on the one charge, and excellent distance range.

bad battery

Have only owned for about 7 months. And it is constantly flat. Even when its plugged in it beeps with a flat battery. Not to mention the annoying on/off button. You have to hold it in for ages before it turns on or off. Otherwise has worked fine for what i wanted to use it for.

A simple baby monitor that works for us

I was looking for a simple baby monitor and found it in this. It cost a bit more than I was expecting for a one-way communication device - $84 - but even so I've been pretty happy. We live in a townhouse so there's not a huge amount of ground to cover, but I like to be able to hear every peep in my daughter's room.

I can only echo the good points already mentioned in the other reviews here. I like that the parent monitor can taken off the mains power and carried around - very useful when hanging out washing or just pottering around the house getting things done. I clip it to my pants and it's always with me. I am also very happy with the monitor itself - it literally does allow you to "hear every peep" as the package declares you will.

It is lightweight and portable, meaning we'll easily be able to take it to my in-law's house for their use when they babysit, or when we travel.

The battery life of the unit is pretty good too. I will agree with what review said about the on button - it can be really awkward to get this unit to actually turn on! Other than that I'm very happy and I'd recommend this monitor to anyone who is after one that's simple and easy to use.
Good battery life, very sensitive microphone, portable, easy to use
The on button sticks - sounds like a first world problem though! It was also a bit exxy I thought.

Good, but annoying on/off button

Really good audio, has great battery life, really good coverage. The only down fall to this monitor is the really annoying on/off button. You have to hold the button down and it sometimes doesn't respond straight away. Just plan annoying. Still great product. I would recommend this product to others, it's a great price for a good product.
Reliable, cheap, great battery life.
On/off button

Keep it simple!

Really happy with this monitor. We felt that we only needed an audio monitor and it's been a good decision.
The sounds is clear and free from buzzing or humming. It can filter out quiet background noise like a humidifier, fan or music.
Parent unit is easily portable and rechargeable.
The units are easy to use and a convent size.
Simple, excellent sound, reliable, re-chargeable parent unit for portability

Simple and cheap!

Very happy with this monitor. It's simple to use and has the bonus of being able to move it around with me, even clip it to my clothes when i am hanging out the washing. the batteries in the monitor are recharged when it is plugged in so you don't have to buy batteries.
Simplicity, reliability, portability, low cost

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still using it, still works perfectly!

Great sound and peace of mind!

Everything you need in a baby monitor! It has great, Crystal clear sound with no interference and the signal stays strong throughout my whole house and backyard. So far the battery charge on the parent unit is fantastic! I turn it off when I'm not using it and it's lasted days. It's simple to use too. Now I feel like I have more freedom to go about my daily activities knowing I can hear everything going on in my daughter's room :-)
Sound quality, battery life, simplicity

Great sound quality, reliable to use, attractive design

Really happy with this monitor - obviously a simple unit but not that simple that you are wanting for more features. It has met all of our needs. We bought it when we were staying with family and sleeping in a room further away from our toddler (than at home) and it proved invaluable.
Clear sound, lights up when baby is making a sound which helps you to see when there is activity if you have the monitor on in a noisy room, small and lightweight, parents unit is portable and has a belt clip (great for hanging out washing etc)
Nothing that we've found sound far

KISS - Keeping it simple, sweetheart!

I've been around the traps with 6 children and I have to say that the MBP11 is a fabulous baby monitor. Okay, so it is not as fancy as some of them out there - it doesn't have video for example. However, it has awesome sound capabilities and I can hear even the smallest snuffle from baby despite the other 5 rowdy siblings tearing around the house!

The sound is crystal clear. And the sound is not "on" all the time - for example, if you have an airconditioner running in the background, you do not hear the a/c all the time. When the compressor kicks in, the monitor comes on for a few seconds. When it realises that the noise is a constant background noise rather than a talking / burbling / crying baby, the monitor goes quiet again. So you are not bombarded all day with constant "white noise" from the monitor.

When the baby does decide to stir, the monitor picks up the baby sounds beautifully. In fact, it is so clear that I have used it as a walkie-talkie - eg: I have been in with the baby and called out (via the baby part of the monitor) for another of my children to bring me something. That child has miraculously appeared with the right item, having heard my request on the parent part of the monitor in the other room!

Note that this is not a 2-way comms system. You can only hear the baby on the monitor, not talk back to the baby. For me though 2-way is not a necessity - I use the monitor purely so that I can hear when the baby wakes up in another part of the house.

I love that the parent part of the monitor is portable and rechargeable. When I am hanging out the washing or working in the yard, I simply hook it on my pants. Once I am back in the house, I just plug the monitor back into the power adapter.

I had a Roger Armstrong monitor previously and found that the reception was affected by all sorts of things - steel frame of the house, radio waves, the direction it was facing, it even used to go crazy when I switched a fluorescent light on! The MBP11 on the other hand does not get affected by interference at all. I have not yet had an issue with the reception.

All in all, I would fully recommend this monitor if you are looking for a no-frills solution to being able to hear your baby. It is not the cheapest "no-frills" solution out there, but I believe that the cost is justified by the awesome performance of this very simple monitor.
Simple to use, portable, crystal clear sound, no interference issues.
A bit pricey considering it is sound only.

Questions & Answers

Why does it keep going quiet? My daughter has her music on and it keeps cutting out which isn’t great as she’s not well at the moment and I want to know as soon as she makes a noise rather than 5 seconds later..
1 answer
Hi Joudan, I know what you mean. It has happened to us as well and it's very frustrating. For some reason the monitor doesn't work well when music is on, interference, I guess. Have you tried lowering the volume of the music and turning the monitor's volume up? This has worked for us. I hope this helps and I hope your daughter gets better. Cheers!

has anyone tried using two units at once? one for each child? I have this monitor and really like it but need to buy a second monitor for my baby and not sure if having two of the same will cause interference. thanks in advance
2 answers
I haven't tried using two, but it would make sense that it may interference togetherKirstan55, did you buy another one? If so, did the two work together ok? I'm in the same situation as you were 2 years ago

Is this one a two-way system can i talk to let the baby hear me?
2 answers
No, it's one-way Comms only - from Bub to you.No. It's only a monitor, not a two ways system


Motorola MBP11
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