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Motul 300V Power Racing 5W30

Motul 300V Power Racing 5W30

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The best automotive engine oil avaialble off the shelf

What can I say about this oil that hasn't been said before, it's truly amazing stuff. You can't call yourself a ture car enthusiast until you've tried this oil. I've tried Castrol Edge, Mobil1 etc etc & nothing comes close. My oil pressure is always consistent, making my dual VVTi 3SGE run the best it ever has, even with 150K under its belt. A must for anyone serious about motorsport, track days, drags, drifting, rally or just wanting the best protection for their street car

Motul 300V high-performance motor oil is widely regarded as the absolute best motor oil currently available for passenger vehicles. Motul 300V commands a high price tag but with good reason. 300V features Ester-Core technology, which is a precise mix of complex ester and a newly developed micromolecular high polymer ester.
Motul 300V Ester-Core Technology offers 0% shear loss. Ester-Core Technology is superior to any previous forms of ester used in motor oils and offers the most protection against friction inside of an engine.
Motul 300V is designed for ultra high performance and racing use, but can be used in any high-reving, naturally aspirated or forced induction street engine applications

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