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21 reviews
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I don't like tap water and find this to refreshing and healthy. Thumbs up!


It's got a mild twang to just give it enough bubbly taste to replace soft drinks ( coke, diet drinks) without the sugar or unhealthy diet sugar.
I only purchased it initially for a glass after a red wine. Ran out of soft drink and remembered I had this. Won't go back to soft drinks...

Mount franklin soda water


This was the worst drink I ever tasted seriously, the packaging enticed me to buy it but 2 sips and I threw it away. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, even friends asked why I bought this product. Worst decision ever. Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk
Nothing 2 sips and no more

Love it...always have to have a bottle in the fridge.


Mount Franklin mineral water is the best, I only drink bottled water and only Mount Franklin. Personally I prefer the lightly sparkling as it is a great thirst quencher and tastes crisp and fresh to the palate, summer or winter. Summer it is great poured over ice blocks with a slice of lemon or lime. Also, love the fact I can pick up a smaller bottle to go from various outlets.
The twist of lemon and lime flavour, and the fact the bottles are BPA free.

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no way


I drink bottled water all the time, I've had the normal mt franklin a few times to see if it ever changes, it is always the worst one on the market, I thought I'd try the sparkling bottle, YUK, I could not have more than 2 sips. seriously I can't work out why people buy this brand when there's so many really nice tasting water available for us.
shape of bottle
terrible taste

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I only drink bottled water and I will only buy Mount Franklin Sparkling water, it has a lovely crisp fresh taste and never fails to quench my thirst.


Refreshing when you feel like a softdrink but know water is better for you!


Refreshing when you feel like a softdrink but know water is better for you! Mount Franklin lightly sparkling is bubbly enough to replace softdrink without the guilt. So much better for your teeth as it's not full of sugar like soft drinks generally are and no sugar rush either - just guilt free refreshing bubbles!
Just like San Pelegrino, at a much better price

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Rosemary Large
Rosemary Large

I like the 6 pack but unable to find them any more, there gr8 for work ...please bring them back

Jen_CarmanSouth East Queensland, QLD
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I can't wait to have a Mout Franklin Lightly Sparkling Water when I'm thirsty


Nothing else quenches my thirst more than this product. Unfortunately, I am unable to find it lately. I like the six packs and used to get them at coles but they no longer have them.

Please advise where I might find it again.
Reasonably priced
Slightly expensive

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Rosemary Large
Rosemary Large

yeh I also like the 6 pack but am unable to find them ....bring them back ...there gr8 for work

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Questions & Answers

Hayley G.
Hayley G.asked

What are the exact ingredients of the lightly sparkling water (without flavouring)?

No answers
john douglas webb perth
john douglas webb perth asked

Are the plastic bottles BPA free?

1 answer

BPA Free is a term than can only be used with certain types of virgin plastic bottles, meaning bottles made only with new plastic material that has not been previously used, sterilized, and re-made into plastic pellets

KAEN Basked

Is there sweetner in Lightly sparkling lemon/lime water. If so what is it

1 answer
Nguyen T
Nguyen T

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