19Mountain Buggy Nano Series

Mountain Buggy Nano Series

19Mountain Buggy Nano Series

128 reviews



128 reviews
Bobby Mcfallon
Bobby Mcfallonmelbourne8 posts

Perfect for your child!!!

Like many, I was torn between the Nano V2 and the Babyzen Yoyo+ ...the Nano was almost perfect for me! The weight, size, maneuverability, and accessories were all great!! However, these are some improvements I would like to see on the next version: + a peekaboo window PLEASE!! ...because I like to be able to see my baby at a quick glance (I am not comfortable otherwise) + a canopy that does NOT rub on your hands/wrists/arms while retracted + a larger canopy with UPF, or shall I say a canopy that extends further (or just at least incorporate the UPF, because I did not see it listed) + all-wheel suspension + a grab bar that fits the frame better, and the option to fold while still attached would be fantastic

penracerSydney, NSW37 posts

Great compact stroller

Love how compact this stroller is! It is a light weight stroller but feels sturdy enough. The sunshade is a bit useless- doesnt do much at all. But other than that it has been a pleasure to use and feels very well made. Easy to fold and would definitely recommend.

ShannonMelbourne4 posts

Fit for purpose

I like this because it’s light! I tend to use it more than my other bigger pram due to the weight. The handle is a bit high for me but my main issue is that you need to ensure the back is in the upright position when closing it. Often the back is in the reclined position so I can’t just close it.. frustrating when in a rush and you just want to get in the car and leave (e.g. shopping centre carpark!!)

MissLGold Coast18 posts

Worth buying

So small and light weight, great to have in the car in case it is needed without taking up all the boot space! It even fits in the foot well of the rear seats. Not as easy to manoeuvre as other prams but this is the trade off I guess. Very easy to collapse down and put up whilst still being sturdy when used.

jfstAU5 posts

Great for overseas travel

We bought one for our 2 month trip to south america for our 4 year old. At times wasn't sure if we should bring a pram as it is very easy to grab a taxi everywhere however we like to do lots of walking when travelling so this was really handy as there is no way the little one would of kept up. We were able to take the pram as carry on all flights (about 16 flights) no problem. It does help if already folded up when approaching the boarding counter. It is super quick and easy to fold which was handy when we needed to catch a taxi quickly off the busy streets.

It handled the travel, the uneven footpaths, the bumpy cobblestone streets, the big kerbs etc fine.

gaby2 posts
  Verified Nano

ok only

Ok pram for traveling folds in small piece and possible to take on board of the plane, also for short walk on flat surface like a mall or airport. Tried go for a little jog, power walk and wasn’t great plus not suitable for country road, only negative would be super small basket under pram if want to store baby items

Jordan A
Jordan AAU4 posts

amazing pram

such a great pram.. we took it to bali and the foot paths arent great but with such a light pram it made it so easy.. it folds up to a small size and fits perfectly in the boot allowing room for grocerys or other things. the only down fall is that it doesnt have much storage but better then most strollers.. it also lays down and you can attach a capsule

TashSydney16 posts
ShirtlesSydney11 posts
Edy S
Edy SPerth, WA34 posts
  Verified Nano

A very good prams that we use to travel

Very easy to pack and unpack, have been from Perth to Singapore and use it around the walk path there.

We always store this pram in our honda accord boot, so its always there.

i think this was the best pram purchase as we used this all the time and haven't broken any wheel yet.

we also bought the sun and rain cover for $50, which is quite handy if its raining and summer heat.

i would highly recommend this pram to anyone who likes to travel and always on the go.

Taylah C
Taylah CAdelaide12 posts
  Verified Nano

Life saver! Highly recommend

Absolutely love this stroller! So easy to manoeuvre and adjust the straps. The recline is excellent, the hood has grear coverage. I can't believe how simple it is to fold and unfold. It's so lightweight I can lift it with my pinky!!! You can't beat the quality. After looking at numerous strollers this was the winner - big selling point the price!

bellamamaVictoriaAustralia26 posts

Love it

I had choose between yoyo and mountain buggy nano, but end up I choose nano (because of the price ) $500 vs $299 , actually the weight is not much different and both can bring onboard. It's easy to open and close. It got a strap when you fold up the stroller (easy to get on public transport when going travel)

Aoife D
Aoife DSydney, NSW8 posts

Love it

So light and easy to steer. We have taken it overseas with us and brought it right onto the plane as carry on luggage, stowed in the overhead bin. It folds up easily and comes with a neat little bag. The wheels pop off to make it even more compact for storage. It's now become our everyday runabout pram as it's just so easy to take in and out of the car.

AlenaGold Coast16 posts
TillySydney3 posts
PC629Melbourne6 posts


I love my mountain buggy nano !!! a great lightweight stroller for travelling or in door use. Thanks to it is compat and navigate wheels, nano can be one hand maneuver with no problem. Just a bit unhappy with its fold and unfold features, The Nano fold is more difficult than the average option. This stroller has a two-handed fold with a manual lock and self-stand, sometimes makes it hard if you are holding a baby on one hand. Otherwise, pretty happy with it, no point to pay more than 600 bucks for babyzen.

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EterMelbourne4 posts
  Verified Nano

It's worth buying

It's really worth buying especially for travelling. Quite light and perfect small size after being folded. Folding function is also very smart. It works alright on the rough ground as well, which is better than our expectation.

The only suggestion probably is having a net folder at back of the seat.

MattMelbourne5 posts

Great lightweight stroller but wheels might need more attention

The mountain buggy is an extremely lightweight, easy to fold and carry stroller. We used it recently travelling to Singapore, however didn't carry it on because it is slightly bigger than Jetstar's requirements. It probably would have been fine but put it in my suitcase just in case and it fit perfectly. You can unfold it with one hand with the flick of your wrist. The only negative is that the wheels have slowed down and appear to be clogged with dirt or something and feels like it is harder to push.

barbarawollongong west 25004 posts

Safest for baby and mother

How easy it is, to unfold and carry. As a busy Mum these features are very important. Especially when you return to the workplace, and baby is going to the care of others. You always want to feel that you little one is secure - and in this Mountain Buggy Nano This is true

arthurbgSydney4 posts

Now we can really travel

We have as well the Mountain Buggy Swift, which is great as long as you do not fly or drive a small car. With the Nano, it fits in the carry on luggage trunk! Likewise, it takes a fraction of your car boot space. So easy to put together. Love it.

Jon H
Jon HSydney Surrounds, NSW13 posts

Small and convenient, but at a price

We were enamoured by how small the pram folds up and can be carried onto planes. But the convenience is sacrificed by a pram that is somewhat flimsy. It doesn't deal with non smooth surfaces very well and definitely not off road. We found the folding mechanism can be a bit stif sometimes as well.

OlgaBrisbane2 posts
  Verified Nano

Excellent for travel especially with stopovers

Purchased nano for international travel from Australia to Russia and Bulgaria with stopover in Korea. Love it!!! It saved my back. I could take it on board as a cabin luggage even on a super low cost flight from Russia to Bulgaria (they tried to take it away as a standard luggage but I was adamand that this pram should go to the cabin with us). Because of that, I could use the pram in the terminal after landing while other parents were waiting for nearly 30 minutes to get their prams. It is easy to unfold with one hand, and excellent to maneuver. Its seat is a bit too hard, so i use soft sheep skin liner. To my surprise it folds with the sheep skin liner, no problem.

Lizi2 posts

Amazing little pram with the lot

We are LOVING this pram! We have one very tall 8 month old and we're travelling from Aus to USA. We've taken it on the beach and all, it handles great, it's light, it's comfy for our bubba and it reclines! The fold is just incredible. Easy and tiny. Travel bag can be a bit tricky to pull off. The basket underneath is pretty deceivingly big! I've got a stuffed full kids Country Road duffel bag under there at the moment and it is completely secure. Got good walls on the basket so nothing falls out. Leg rest moves up and down so it's great for our babe.

Ruby26AU5 posts

Convenient but not great

I bought this as soon as they came out over a Babyzen yoyo (it was cheaper but I'm not sure I made the right decision). It's ok, but pretty hard work to push and fairly uncomfortable height for someone who is tallish (I'm 177cm). It feels a little flimsy too and squeaks a bit. But I have no other experience with light strollers and am only comparing it to my larger pram. I took it on a flight and was still made to check it in as baggage! The next trip we went on I took my Baby Jogger Mini GT And was really glad I made that decision as it was so much easier to push and add shopping to overseas.

EmmaSydney2 posts

The pram I never knew I needed!

I bought the Nano when I was pregnant with my third. I used it everyday with my second until number three came along. The easiest pram to open, close, maneuver and use! And for the price... you can't go past it! An added bonus that my capsule fit onto it to for when my third was a newborn. And Its one of the only prams you can take on a plane as hand luggage. My sister borrowed it to take on holidays with her as she didn't want to take her Bugaboo with her. She came back wanting to buy one too! If only this pram was around when I had my first!

EB2Perth, Western Australia2 posts
  Verified Nano
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Alison5 posts
Naomi70Sydney4 posts

This is the best for Travel with

Unbelievably easy to fold and carry, we bought this as second pram to travel and since then this has become our favourite! we have travelled a lot and on every plan we surprised crew on how easily this get folded and fits in the cabin space . Highly recommend this .

ChuChasydney10 posts
KhuzGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC4 posts


I bought the mountain buggy nano 2016 from baby bunting which was on sale for $329. Which is still very costly for a stroller. This is a very compact stroller compared to all other strollers even compared with the goodbaby qbit which makes it ideal for traveling. Easy maneuver and very strong and stylish at the same time.

Hiromi79Victoeia, 30844 posts
Dani G
Dani G4 posts

Fantastic stroller!

So easy to manoeuvre. Light weight, easy fold. I love this stroller as an alternative to my heavy bugaboo cam. I nearly didn't buy it after reading some bad reviews but so glad I did. Love it's decent and easily accessible basket compared to other strollers.

Only con is it doesn't recline to be completely flat, but does go quite low, certainly enough for my DD to have a nap.

Jessica7 posts

Fabric coming apart after 2 months of occasional use

The foot rest does not stay down properly so my two year olds feet end up staying up most of the time ( he is not a very heavy kid). Then at the foot rest the fabric has started coming apart after only two months of occasionaly use. So make me worries about the quality. Took it back to Baby Kingdom where they told me that they need to send the details away for mountain buggy to decide where they will repair (looks like having all the fabric replaced) or get a refund/ exchange. So if the outcome is repair I have to spend 3hrs driving back amd forth to baby kingdom. Super frustrating.


Right Rear Wheel Issues

Same issue as many posted.. loved the features of the pram in the store but the first go around the block the right rear wheel started to fall off. Kept at it until finally we carried her home. Disappointed as it has all the features we were looking for in a travel stroller, however, this LARGE defect is the reason why we'll be returning it to the store today.

AndyM156Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC20 posts
KWGold Coast17 posts

Absolutely love this pram!

I think people need to remember that this is primarily a travel stroller. I bought mine over a year ago for travel and have loved it so much that I've been using it as a pram for my two kids! Its so lightweight and easy to use that I just couldn't bare my huge double pram anymore. I often strap my 1 year old daughter in and my 3 year old son sits in front of her in between her legs. The under basket is great for a travel pram, no its not huge but its a travel pram! The hood also doesn't do alot but that's probably my only fault. It's great that when the pram lays flat there is mesh behind bub so they can get a breeze. Over all I think its a fantastic travel pram and would highly recommend it to others!

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Katie Wins
Katie WinsMelbourne6 posts
Kate2 posts

Rear wheel falling off! Safety hazard!

I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing. As many others noticed, the rear wheel keeps coming off -which is rather annoying and a huge safety hazard while having the baby in the stroller. Come on Mountain Buggy, you can do better than this and find another manufacturer for the chassis/wheels! This has been such a let down purchase at £200+...Wish I'd bought the Yoyo instead...

Sunshine24New Zealand2 posts

Wished it had worked! Rear right wheel issue

We loved the idea of this pram - especially as it fitted all capsule types and folded up to it in our small car boot, was light, maneuverable and little. However the right rear wheel fell off after just three outings, and would 'spin off' as pram was pushed, even after being clicked back into place and checked (outings were mall, cafe & city). Store replaced, but the replacement model had same fault after just two outings, (mall and cafe). Wonder if it is a problem with this particular batch. Other downsides is the foot brake which is not very sturdy, and the sun shade has to be down otherwise it hits the handle as you're pushing the pram and is irritating.

cdizioSydney, NSW18 posts
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