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I have a very tall 2 1/2 year old and 6 month old and thinking of purchasing mountain buggy plus one. I have found double prams in the past hard to push, heavy and un usable. The reviews seem good and I want to attach a free rider for my toddler. Are there any negatives to this and is this best option?

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Hi Kate,

The one thing I love about the MB +1 is its maneuverability. The swivel wheel at the front make it a breeze to negotiate in shopping centers etc. I also go jogging with the pram and I can negotiate our busy seafront promenade using one hand while running.
I am aware that MB have released a new MB +1...apparently the front footrest is adjustable so that would help if your younger child is tall.
My boy will be 3 yrs old in Jan and he sits in the back comfortably, he is 98 cm....
I don't know what the changes have been made ( if any) to the back section of the new MB. I would suggest trying to check one out if it was handy for you.
Good luck!


Hi Kate,

Apologies, there was a typo in my response. My boy is 94 cms.
Also, I don't have a free rider so I can't comment on this.

Olives Mum
Olives Mum

I find it very cramped for my 3 year old and he's small. But my youngest is now one and could possibly go in the back now. I love the size of the pram and the way it manoeuvres, but now my son is 3 he prefers to walk most of the time. I wish I had my swift again.



Hi I'm trying to decide what pram to buy, I have the urban jungle and love it but bubs number two is due end of nov and my first will be 4 end of dec he won't be in the pram much but we are often out so Id like the option of being able to put him in. Any thoughts on the plus 1 for a 4yr old and new born? Keeping in mind it's going to be summer time aswell

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Jacqui C
Jacqui C

Hiya, I think it will be ok while the baby is under 6 months, then you will find the baby is too big and gets too hot for the cocoon and although the rear seat can lie down, they constantly kick at the toddler seat in the front, but by this time your 4 yr old may no longer want to ride in the pram. Ever thought of just getting a front carrier and keeping your existing pram for the older one?


Obviously when your new baby arrives the little one would go in the back and your boy in the front seat. My boy is 2 and a half and had his knees bent fully in the front seat as the footrest is not adjustable. He now sits in the backseat and is fairly snug....my point being that my son is half the age of your boy so I would be concerned about space. If there is anyway you can physically check out the pram with your child in all configurations I would highly recommend it.
Good luck! Babs

Olives Mum
Olives Mum

I don't think it will be good for a 4 year old. It's ok when big boy is in the front but when bubba has to migrate to the front which is way too early because they're too small and you have to carry them in a sling and push the pram for 3 months. I have a 2.5 yr old and it's squishy with no leg room and it's way too hot for bubba in the back.



Are you meant to use the main seat positioning bar in two toddler mode or should i just put the two clips (that you'd use to clip the main seat onto the positioning bar) around the frame at the sides? I have noticed that without the positioning bar there is much more recline for the front passenger if I adjust the clips all way out and thread them around the frame but is this ok to do?

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Totally agree with your options and works great like that four two toddler mode. The bar was best at the end of the baby mode when they were getting long.

Leigh J

Leigh Jasked

Hi there

When the pram is in single mode, does the single seat recline at all? If so, how?

I see that there are adjustment straps at the back of the pram which would technically mean it can recline to whatever level you choose. But the seat would have to attach to this back section somehow.

Any advice?


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Hi, I am so sorry that I forgot to reply to you!
I haven't personally tried my pram in single mode yet but I am fairly sure that it is fully recline-able. In single mode the seat is the one in the front and it would completely clear the cross bar under the handlebars to lie flat, then the two straps at the sides would adjust the recline. The single seat would just lie over the top of where you can attach a second seat. Be warned though that the front seat position doesn't give much leg room.
Hope I haven't inconvenienced you too much with my delay!


Hi, in single mode the seat does recline to fully flat. There are clips where you can attach it to the folded up area so it looks just like the urban jungle.

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