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MSY Technology Physical store

MSY Technology Physical store

ACT, Fyshwick, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, Glenorchy and 2 more
2.4 from 224 reviews

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Lee from Mt Pritchard was absolutely fantastic!!! 10/10

Great to see a store that shows respect when things go wrong. Good to see a change like this in at least 1 shop. Will not go to another MSY shop again. Lee was amazing 10/10 hopefully he will become the manager in future and influence the positive customer experience in MSY in NSW.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationMt Pritchard
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Good Service

Great service, I forgot the name of the product but they instantly found it for me. I came in, purchased and left. Quick and Concise, just as it should be. The Creative A250 Speakers blew me away for the price too. better than most high-end speakers with the deep bass and fluid sound, I highly recommend it.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo

Don't bother.

Went down to purchase a laptop from the online catalogue, asked to buy one and just got a blunt "no, none in stock" since then i have called up about two other laptops which they have advertised and are also out of stock.. pretty disappointing.

Rude staff and no stock

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Rude and useless

The store NEVER opens in time always late.
Never answer phones, they say they have it in stock when you get there they don't have it in stock. You ask them to have a look and they cant be bothered, they are rude to people I don't know why.
There prices are ok BUT why go through all that trouble I'd rather pay a little more than put up with MSY'S crap.. Never again!!


This company has no head office you can call, I waited on hold on the service line for an hour before i finally hung up. I requested a call back, but that never happened. In short if you have a problem there is nobody you can call to discuss it. The guy i dealt with in store (Fred, was the name i was given) told me "We don't care about customer service here". He couldn't give me any information on the product i was there to buy, He told me to "watch a review" (which i already had) He wouldn't even let me look at the product. He got agitated and begun to yell at me with another customer present (he walked out too), I had to settle "Fred" down. He then proceeded to tell me "you go look at JB, then you come back and buy" I asked why would i come back? He replied "Because we cheaper" i laughed at this point because MSY is about the only company that will not price match. JB, EB, ect ALL price match, And as i said to "Fred" I would prefer to pay more anyway just to not give my money to them. I left went to JB they wanted $249 for the product MSY was charging $139, But they still matched the price, And managed to be nice while doing it. And i got a warranty i know i can trust. I will never spend another cent at MSY, And i am telling everyone i know to steer clear of this rubbish company. I would recommend getting a price match from a reputable company rather than risking MSY.

Shop LocationTAS, Glenorchy

Perfect Service

I went a bought a new mobo, CPU and some memory yesterday. I asked the guy to install the CPU for me, as I really don’t trust my skill. When I got home I put the mobo into my new case with power supply. But the machine would not turn on. I took my box to their store today and they try a few things out and turns out to be an issue with the mobo. They swapped it for me. He said I have to put it back together as they have a very busy morning. But I asked him, since I don’t trust my hands, I asked if he can put it back for me, happy to pay for it. But the store manager is so nice - he said he won’t charge this time - even thought there are a lot of customers waiting in the queue. Perfect service! Cannot ask for more. Highly recommended!

Shop LocationNSW, Ultimo

Horrendous Service

The people on hire are extremely rude and arrogant, and I'm confused as to how do many MSY locations have this exact problem. They managed to find the top 1 percent of elitist pc gamers who believe that their choices are the only good ones. They are extremely unhelpful when you ask any kind of question, and they will avoid assisting you in any way unless it is absolutely necessary.

Shop LocationSA, Holden Hill

Pickup order is ignored

I put in a pickup order but have never received their message to pick up the item. So I went to the Auburn store and they said the item was out of stock and would be available next week. After 2 weeks, still nothing. So I contacted them online and was told they would ask Auburn store to contact me as it was in stock at Auburn. After a while, still nothing! If they do not have it in stock, why not update the item status on their website. This is annoying.

Shop LocationNSW, Auburn

Good prices, spotty customer service

This company has good prices, pretty up and down customer service, depends on the day and the staff member.
Website isn't great, not a big fan of pdf prices lists.

Shop LocationQLD, IpswichBundamba

Good value

Website is so hard to use, need to switch between pick up or delivery
Customer service? Hopefully I don't need to deal with any of that.
I only buy products from MSY because its store is close to me and the price is good

Shop LocationNSW, Hurstville

Selling used parts as brand new - AVOID -

My Sapphire R9 390 stopped working a couple of weeks ago and today I decided to try to put it apart to clean it and replace the thermal paste. To my dismay I just found out that one of the screws holding the card together was missing from the backplate meaning that not only that someone already tampered with it before I bought it as new but also they didn't even bother checking it when it was returned to them. Disgraceful, make sure that the goods you are buying are brand new. I will never buy again from them.

Shop LocationNSW, Ultimo

Great Prices and Staff

Their website is fairly straightforward, although I admit it could be a bit more user friendly, it still does exactly what's needed. There's not tonnes on display and it isn't overly fancy, neither of which are relevant if you want to buy good technology and know what you want. The product range is quite broad, the quality is always really high, and the pricing is great. The staff members are always great at their job, so much so that every time I go in I'm glad to see them. I highly recommend MSY Technology.

Shop LocationWA, Balcatta

Store sales laughing at my selection

Tried to purchase parts for my new gaming PC and it is close to closing time so no other customers. One of the store sales was keep laughing at my choice. Yelling out very loud mean comments like 'this won't fit', 'that is terrible' and keep yelling till I check out. It is MY choice and none of your business to comment. I will not go back even their price is good.

Shop LocationQLD, Slacks Creek

They tried to sell me used cpu !!

Very dodgy shop. Ordered online from their website and received email saying that the order is ready.

Turned up the next day to pickup and waited few people in front me and the staff handed over the cpu i ordered which was clearly been used opened with thermal paste all over it.
I had no time to argue and told them to cancel it.

What a waste of my 2 hours trip !!!

Beware people..they will try to sell you used or returned goods as new. Pls make sure you check before paying.

Never ever again shop with this shop.

Shop LocationNSW, Auburn

hmmm bit dodgy

went to their website to compair it to pc case gear and well not very good website, very chunky messy interface price are not cheap but not over the top can get fro over east for same price overall, loose the handling fee and maybe, by the way the webpage needs a big overhaul

Shop LocationWA, Balcatta

Cheap and service is ok

I normally buy computer stuff from MSY. The price is relatively cheap but sometimes you don’t get much support from the guys when trying to find a proper product.

Shop LocationNSW, Auburn

The most accurate, professional and reliable technology retailer in Oz. Thanks MSY tech.

I bought many items from them and I am extremely satisfied with everything.
Their posted items come in a box; fully wrapped and secured.

Shop LocationVIC, North Melbourne


video card break down with in 2 months, I could not use computer for 4 weeks, because they have to send the card to NSW to get repaired. Then After 1 week it broken again, I did not want to wait 4 weeks again, so I bought new video card. but after 1 year later my hard drive broken, I went recovery shop, they said they need $800 to fix it.
and few weeks ago the power box burn out. I did save $200 because they are cheaper. but at end I lost my data my video card, and power supply within 3 weeks, 1 year and 2 years.
I had dell PC for 7 years, have not had any problems.

Shop LocationWA, Cannington

Cheap hard drives and excellent warranty

On Friday afternoon I purchased a Seagate 2.5" FireCuda SSHD 1TB ST1000LX015 SATA Hybrid SSHD Hard Drive for $85 but on Monday morning they replaced it under warranty since it was faulty, which was extremely nice of them to do that for me.

Shop LocationVIC, Mitcham

Good price and awesome product

This is my second system I have purchased through MSY and can not complain about the price

Was cheaper to buy prebuilt system then to make myself and pricing compared to anything else I could find was beyond competitive

MSY buying experience is one that you need to know what you want and have done your research prior, you find the majority of complaints will be due to customer service or lack of.

Shop LocationNSW, Hurstville

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Wonder if their contact numbers still working in NSW stores. None pickup the phone and connect to voice message.
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