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Muk 230-IR

Muk 230-IR

4.3 from 116 reviews

Nice hair straightener

It's easy to use and straightens hair fast. Its not the absolute best hair straightener that I have used and that is why I have givin 4 stars. Has a very long cord and heats up fast.

Purchased in March 2019 at Hairhouse warehouse for $220.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Care
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Straight
Straightening Time 25 minutes

I love my muk

After years of using a GHD and wondering what all the fuss is i finally got a MUK and i never am looking back! using the GDH my hair would frizz within half an hour, curls would drop in 5 mins. with my muk my curls hold all day and no frizz whatsoever.
my hair was also so shiny after using it!

Purchased in February 2019 for $200.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Hair Care
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Wavy
Straightening Time 20 minutes

My daughter is so happy with it

I have purchased so many brands of hair straightener for my family. This is the only one that everyone fights over to use. It works very well and I dont think my daughter could live without it.

My daughter has long curly hair and it is very hard to manage. At the hairdresser it takes he 30 - 60 minutes to straighten her hair. It still takes he as much time but with a saving of $60 each time. Only downside is that the chord is not long enough. You would think with an item that is used in a bathroom would have a much longer cord.

Buy the wide size as it is much better.

Purchased in February 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Care
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Curly

Better than GHD

My hairdresser used this straightener on my hair rather than the usual GHD.
I was amazed at how shiny my hair looked and my hair stayed straight and frizz free for 3 full days, which for my naturally curly and fine hair is amazing. Usually by the end of the day the ends at the back are starting to kink and after sleeping on it I wake up with bits sticking out, by the end of day 2 it’s a mess.
I thought it might be a fluke so on my next appointment I asked if she could use the Muk straightener again.
Same amazing results, it stayed perfectly straight and frizz free through dog walks in humidity and exercise, I was amazed.
I brought one and same amazing results at home, I never got results this good with my GHD.
I think that maybe the infrared works especially well on fine hair.
I could not be happier.

I have heard of some issues with longevity, but they do have a two year replacement warranty, time will tell, for now, I am thrilled.

Purchased in March 2019.

Hair Length Medium
Hair Style Curly
Straightening Time 10 minutes

The best styling tool you'll ever own.

I upgraded my ghd for the Muk Style Stick as recommended by my hair dresser. 100% recommend this straightener. It works SO well. I have frizzy hair that needs hot heat to straighten, so I wack it on full blast when I use it, but it's certainly a plus that the temperature is adjustable. It only takes one slow pass to get smooth, straight, shiny hair. The Ion field tech really helps when my hair is being weird and static - I use baby powder between washes the suck up some oil which can cause crazy static and I just run the Muk over it to tame the frizz. I've had this straightener for well over a year (maybe 2 now) and I can't fault a single thing about it. Works as well today as the day I got it.

Purchased in June 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Care
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Wavy

oh yeah this is my kind of hair iron.. yay finally found 1 that actually works..

this iron is the best i have ever had so much better than ghd which I'd classify as totally basic hair iron now after seeing what the muk does for me.
15 minutes out the door with professional looking hair i am completely sold and love their products..

muk is great, mate

I had a GHD before I got my Muk and I thought that GHD was the best and the only option for me. My hair is really wavy and I find that Muk does a much better job of taking out the frizz and making it smooth and straight. It takes me about 10 - 20 min to straighten my hair (mid length). Very happy I decided to go with this product!

Fabulously straight hair!!!

I bought this Muk hair straightener after seeing it in action at my hairdressers on my hair each time I went there. Each time she used it she was able to straighten my hair in one pass and it was super shiny, super straight and sleek and soft and it stayed straight all day and even the next day!!! So impressive!!!

The best hair straightener!

The hair straightener is super fast to heat up and the temperatures are from 150C to 230C which is a good wide range for everyone. The plates are infused with keratin and from my use of it, my hair hasn't been heat damaged at all, it makes my hair super smooth and silky after using it. The cord is very long which is a bonus!

I LOVE it!

I thought this flat iron was perfect to take on the go! Would recommend!I love it it works great!! Since I have short hair is hard to be able to flat iron my hair with a regular size flat iron!


I decided to try MUK, my hair has never been so soft in my life!! Not only it is straight, almost bouncy, smooth, and stays straight way longer, but most importantly- frizz free!

Perfect for my fro

I have such thick hair and have always needed a wider straightener, walked into a hair salon to get my hair done and this is what they used there. Went out a bought on, and my goodness, goodbye to having to thin my boof, muk tames it and my hair looks amazing once done. Heats up quick, love the infrared light so my hair is safe, and it’s also lightweight too

A professional product is worth it!

My hairdresser uses this product in the salon and recommended it when I complained that my current straightener did not do the job. This flat iron heat so quickly and to such a high temperature that it makes it easy to quickly tame my hair in the morning. The curved sides eliminate the seams that I was seeing in my hair. Love this iron!


This iron is on some other level. I thought that infra red strip was just there to look cool but my hair has NEVER been shinier. This brand and this flat iron are SOOOO underrated and this iron really deserves recognition. Better than both my CHI, GHD Eclipse and BabyLiss by MILES. Leaves my hair so soft and with a shine I never even thought was possible, this somehow applies shine to your hair. Not to mention it heats up in literally seconds to an incredible amount of heat that is evenly distributed throughout your hair without crisping it or making smoke come out. It is small, sleek and weightless unlike my Babyliss and it glides through your hair. I'll update with pictures later because I am just in awe at this iron, truly a technological miracle.

Beats the competitors

I previously owned a GHD. It was good but I was after something a bit kinder on my hair. I intended on buying a cloud 9. However, the shop assistant demonstrated the MUK on my hair. And did it deliver! It uses IR technology to straighten hair follicles from the inside out. It's also completely temperature programable & has a safety function that turns it off if not in use to give you peace of mind.


Got this as a gift from Husband. Absolutely amazing.. i have the worlds thickest hair and this works in no time. it is so quick to heat up and only take 15 minutes to straighten my whole head

Never MUK again!

It was the best straightener I've ever had, until it died 2 months after I purchased it!! I will never ever buy MUK again. Useless! Bought from Hairhouse Warehouse

Love it

Heats up quick, doesn't take me long at all to straighten my hair as its quite wavy. My hair stays straight! This is great for me, as I've previously always had to keep going over it the next morning. Great result, very satisfied. Would highly recommend.

Best straightener I’ve ever used!

I’m so Inlove with this hair straightener!! Honestly it is better then any other brand I’ve used! The infrared technology is far superior to other brands!!! I will never ever go back!!!


it heats up so quickly which is perfect when you are in a rush. i have quite thick hair but this straightener makes it a lot easier to do this!. i quickly allows me to do my hair and have excellent results. it is super easy to use and hasnt damaged my hair, it also keeps it nice and smooth and shiny

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Questions & Answers

How do i turn my muk onto hor?
No answers

Really odd question but does it beep when it’s ready or is there a light that turns green ect and what is a rough time it takes to heat up?
3 answers
I think it used to beep? I can't remember if it had light or not. I got rid of this straightener along time ago Maybe 10seconds. It didn't take crazy long to heat upI just brought the muk 230-ir wide plate . It has a little clock face thing that show the temp goes from 0 to 230 in only second . Great straightener . I hate waiting and with this great as heats very fast . Hair Turns out silky-smooth .I just brought the muk .very happy with it

Trying to decide between a GHD or Muk? GHD has been around so long and has a good reputation. Which one should I go with?
3 answers
Definitely the GHD, I ended up buying a GHD Platinum 6 weeks after buying the Muk because the Muk was uselessHi Tara, I was faced with the same decision. The lady at Hairhouse Warehouse convinced me that the Muk was better. I don't know as I've never used the GHD myself but I have been really happy with my Muk 230-IR with the wide plates. It makes straightening my hair a whole lot quicker than the previous ceramic plate one I had and heats up within a minute. I love it. :)Go muk! Ghd changed their technology in 2011, it’s never been the same!


Muk 230-IR
Price (RRP) $199.95
Max Temperature230°C

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