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Munchkin Nappy Disposal System

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Easy and convienient

I have recently bought this nappy disposal system and it is really easy to use and is a nice slim design. I like the fact you can refill the bicarb odour container yourself rather than having to buy a refill. The fact that you get free refills of the bags is a great idea as well. If you would like a free refill sent to you, please use my introduction code: 790F3Y293
Free refills and easy to use

Hi, I just bought one of these nappy bins. Where do you use the intro code to redeem the free refill?Go to http://www.munchkinnappybin.com.au/redemption/ and you put in the intro code in the second box in the section 'Your free refill codes'. Hope that helps!Thanks. I've used your Intro code so you should receive a free refill soon :)

Very handy. Must-have for first time mums.

I'm so glad I got this nappy disposal system. It seemed like a baby purchase extra that I could have lived without but the convenience of having a way of disposing stinky nappies quickly is definitely worth it. I don't have to worry about multiple trips to the outside bin. The refill bags work out between $1.50-$2 each but they last for days. I love that I don't need to buy cartridges for this unit, it eliminates smell using baking soda that everyone has in their cupboard. Very happy with this purchase, no regrets.
Easy to use, convenient, low expense.
Have to buy special refills.

Works well and cheaper than competition

We've just started using the Munchkin Nappy Disposal system and so far so good. It doesn't seal the bag each time (like a sausage) but seems to work well and we haven't smelled a thing! It's super easy to use, easy to change refills and the little baking soda dispenser seems like a good idea (though I'm unsure whether it's working or not). Overall we're quit happy with it. We decided on it over the competition as it was a bit cheaper and recommended to us from a friend.
easy to use, no smell, cheaper
it would be nice if it actually sealed the bag each time you close the lid.

Great product and customer service

I'm really pleased with this nappy bin system... it really does eliminate any nasty smells. Its easy to use and doesn't look too bulky in my little girl's nursery. I've found the customer service to be great. When you buy the system they provide you with a redemption code which entitles you to free refill bags so that's a bonus. I've used a Tommee Tippee system before which was also good but I prefer this one.
Purchased at a good price online, simple to use, good customer service

convienient and effective

this is my first baby, after using an ordinary bin and realize that its give terrible smell in our bedroom
although every night hubby taking out the bin outside , it comes to me that i need to use a proper nappy bin disposal unit i was ready to buy the tomme tippe because its on special but the bag refill is so ### expensive lool.so i search in the internet some other nappy bin disposal and watching some youtube video how it works and review the pros and cons between angel care and munchkin, i decide to buy the munchkin,and so far so good , no smell easy to operate , easy to remove the bag and replace a new one easy,comes with 3 free disposable bag which is good. the refill is not that expensive, .also you can refill the baking soda which is always available in your cupboard,,
cheap refill bag, and the bicarb odour is effecient
hard to find..not available in baby shop.. been in 3 target before found 1 in target bullcreek

Munchkin nappy disposal system & free bag refills

I have been using this system for 2 months now and I love it!
So much better than any other system my extended family has used.

I like the fact that if you recommend it to someone else, you both receive free bag refills.

When you buy a system, you have a registration code inside, just log on to Munchkin and put your code in and you will get a free refill, Use my introduction code of 8KCW8EKAK and we both receive another free refill - not bad two free refills by logging on and putting two codes in.
no smell - bags last for a long time

Very easy to use.Great for mums and dads. No smells

After lots of searching for the right bin I found the Munchkin Nappy Disposal System to be easy to use and very cost effective. It holds at least 25 nappies and keeps those smells locked away. It’s really easy to use you just lift the lid and put the nappy in and then close it and then it’s all done. Emptying is easy as well you just unclip the bag and that’s all no cassettes like others on the market and very cost effective too. I would defiantly recommend this product. Love it
Easy to use. No bad smells. Cost effective.

Fantastic addition to any nursery!

I found the nappy disposal system to be excellent. I used a different brand of the same thing with my first child and whilst I did like it, this model is much better. It's one handed automated movement is perfect for disposing of the nappy whilst holding my toddler still on the change table with my other hand, and the Bicarb Soda does wonders for eliminating those yucky smells, which my old system didn't do. My garbage bins no longer smell when I open them, lol! Highly recommend, especially for newborns as it holds loads of dirty nappies.
Easy to use, eliminates smells, aesthetically pleasing.

Very convenient! Makes using disposables sooo much easier.

Previously I have just used the small little plastic nappy bags to dispose of nappies in, which don't actually contain the smell of a nappy very well so I'd always have to it take straight out to the wheelie bin. This eliminated the need for me to do that and contained the smell really well - which was a major concern of mine. As we use cloth and disposables I was wondering if this system would be of any use to me and if it would actually work (as the nappies would sit longer in the bin before it would need emptying). I emptied it every garbage truck day day which meant the nappies sat for a while in the system but to my surprise there was no unpleasant odours which was fantastic.

The refill was very easy to put in - even a child could do it. Emptying was also a breeze, and I loved that I had handles to hold onto and didn't have to touch week old used nappies to take out to the bin. I am glad I have the system now though for the convenience alone.
The fact that Munchkin used bi-carb as a neutraliser was a big tick in my books, rather than some disgusting artificial smell.

So neat So easy

I bought one Munchkin Nappy Disposal System, the tall slim round shape really fits well and looks cool, it made all the difference in our house of six kids, the kids too are easily able to dispose off any soiled unflush-able items in the system not only nappies, GUESS WHAT I bought a second one too.
Very easy to use
More stores need to stock this item and its refills


It's quick, easy to use, no smells. I tried all the ones in the stores but this was definately the easiest to open and seal off the bags - it happens automatically when u shut the lid. I would recommend it to others. I also bought the refills on special. They are still cheaper than most other brands out there.
Easy, no smell

Referral Code

Hi, We have recently started using this nappy disposal bin and we've been really happy so far. It's easy to use and my husband loves it too. I was tempted to buy refills (about $22) in the store but I recommend not doing that to start with as you can get some free ones via the redemption code inside your box. Also, you can get a second free refill by using a referral code. Here's a referral code you can use J4T935L48
Easy to use, serves its purpose, free refills help save $$

This is a perfect solution to our nursery. Just cant live without this.

It has been a blessing to have this, as I do not have to run to the bin every time I do a nappy change to my bub. This nappy disposal system takes 25 nappies without any odour emitting. It dispenses bi-carb soda every time a nappy has been pushed in. It is a great product. Very effective in odour control
Height, one hand use, effective odour elimination, looks, price, ease of use

Easy to use. Keeps most of the nasty smell at bay.

I like this because I only have to take the nappy bin bag out once a week or less. It holds the stated 25 nappies as I tend to wrap the nappies quite tightly so it's more compressed and holds the smell in better.

It's keeps all the smell in when the bin is closed but can leak a bit of odour when you open the lid - this is still much better than using a regular bin that doesn't seal the smell in at all.

When redeeming your initial free packet of refills online (worth $21.95ea), use my Intro Code G9W81AK3I to receive a second free packet!!! Excellent bonuses!!!
It's easy to use and only requires bag liner changing about once a week. The bonus packets of refills are a great deal. To get an extra packet of 10 use my Intro Code in the review section.
Some smell leaks when you open the lid and the baking powder dispenser doesn't seem to sprinkle enough powder each time you close the lid. The bag refills can be expensive at $21.95 for 10 (but use my Intro Code in the review section for a free packet)

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I misinterpretted the bonus refill offer. You only get one packet for your initial purchase, but the person's Intro Code you use receives a bonus refill.

Perfect! Easy to use...

I spent quite a bit of time researching different nappy disposal systems but decided on this one after viewing some reviews on YouTube where you can see how easy it is to use compared with other disposal units. There are no fiddly ends of bags to tie, or cutting of bags, or turning things - its simply install a bag by clipping it in place, then you're right to go. To use it, open the child proof lid (it's easy, designed to be opened with one hand by pressing the button and lifting at the same time) place nappy in and close the lid. It then releases baking powder to absorb the smell. It fits around 20 nappies in each bin liner bag (varies depending on size of nappy). I find I can squeeze more in if I shake the bin to settle the nappies. It's a good size, bigger tha other brands, so you don't find that you have to empty it often - about twice a week in this household. Despite not needing to empty it often, it doesn't smell. I used this through warm weather and didn't notice any bad odors. I highly highly recommend. Whilst the bin liner bags are expensive, buy them via the net by searching for the cheapest price the stock up by buying in bulk as they are non-perishable. I bought a whole lot from Target when they were $15 a box. I would never pay full retail for the bags - far too expensive. I haven't needed to replace the baking powder as yet and have used the bin for 6 months, there's still heaps of powder in there (which came with the bin). All in all, a great nappy disposal bin!
Large size bin so no need to empty often. Easy one hand operation. Baking powder to neutralizes smells. Easy to fit bin liners, no need to cut or tie knots to install.
Cost of bin liner bags can be expensive but I buy in bulk when I find them on sale. So far, I've been able to find them for $15 per box.

It worth every penny!!

It's our first disposal nappy system. We have done lots of research and considered many other brands but we ended up with Munchkin. And we're very pleased with the result! It really works! It simply just take away the odours from our babys room! Very2 happy! You can use my introductory code: YV8X0LE3C to get a free 10 refill bags! :D
Take away odours.

Love It

My parents bought me the Nappy Bin and I thought they were waisting their money as I'd heard bad reports about other brand bins. Im so pleased to know that I was wrong. The bin is quick and easy to use and there is definitely no odours which is amazing. Also easy to change the bags over in a very quick time. Would highly recommend this product.
Easy to use, not to big and bulky, no odours.

This is a must for busy mums, perfect baby essential.

I love the Munchkin nappy wrapper. My baby is 3 weeks old and making sure my house is clean and clear of nappy smells has been a breeze with this product. Easy to refill, it holds a large quantity of nappies before it needs emptying, and it does not let any offensive odours escape with the baking soda component. An essential product for a busy first time mum with a 3 week baby boy who pees constantly.
Easy to refill and empty, and no offensive odours.

Smells gone in an instant!

Having 3 kids under 4 means alot of poo, and thus smells. With the Munchkin Nappy Disposal System- this is no longer an issue. The smells are gone in an instant. It is quick and easy to use- just place the nappy in the bin and abra cadabra- the smells are gone (it's the baking soda!!!). No twisting required unlike other nappy bins. A must have in the nursery. Can't live without it!
Easy to use, unwantd odours gone in a flash

I cant live without it

It's Perfect not odour in the house and super practice i just take out the bag closed and pop it in the bin.
I love all
It's not easy to find the refills

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Have you tried Target, Bunting and Babynest for refills?

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Questions & Answers

Just curious as to why the price increase on the munchkin nappy bin liner refills. They were out of stock for some time. I went to Baby Bunting yesterday and they're available again - new packaging / new colour and new price! THEY'VE gone from $19.95 for 10 to $49.95 for 20??? That's steep!
1 answer
I am wondering the same thing. Not happy.

Hi, I am starting to get really frustrated, we have the Munchkin Disposal Bin, and we cannot locate any refill bag liners for it, I have just about tried everything, Can you please advise where we can get these from? asap? I can be contacted on Mobile# [contact number removed] Thank you Joanne
2 answers
Hi, I'm not sure where you are but I just bought 2 packs from babyography from warringah mall in sydney. They have a website to so I'm sure u can purchase online if that's not close for you. They had heaps in stock. Hope this helpsThanks Skype to far I'm at Harrington Park. I got some on line eventually they will get delivered to our local Big W and I pick up from there.

The powdery container thing that is attached to the inside section of the lid - should that be changed every now & then? If so where can i buy them from?
2 answers
You can just empty the white power out and refil it with bicarb soda :)I put in scented dried flowers.


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