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Musashi Mega Fat Metaboliser

Musashi Mega Fat Metaboliser

4.3 from 4 reviews

In conjunction to cardio it works

Overall I take 1-2 capsules post-workout and notice a massive difference in my cardio routine. I want to stay on the exercise machine longer and don't feel so drained, fatigue and loose stamina during HIIT classes. Best with post workout meal so it really absorbs to execute achieving results. Would recommend consulting practitioner if you are already taking medication as to it's ingredients.

well i'm Impressed

A friend of mine was living with us for a while and left these behind so i decided to give it a shot. Im not sure what the heck is in these pills but as soon as i added these to my daily supplements and week later i started looking and feeling good. Im not sure if its because im taking them in conjunction with other thinks in my diet (green tea, blueberry smoothies, flax seed and fish oils) but i started noticing better results straight away. as soon as the capsules ran out i stopped dropping weight at a steady pace. Just bought 2 more bottles, see how it goes but im very happy with the formula and now researching other Musashi products on the market
results with my current diet were apparent
hmmm i have to take a pill to lose weight at the rate i want

Used a couple of times to help with small loss and works great

I have used this in the past and lost several kg and currently using again and already lost 2kg in the 10 days Ive been taking it. Must be used ith Carnitine for best effects ! On its own, not so good.
I'm only after small loss so its great for me.
moderately priced, works well
large capsules


i rate this product very highly so probably a 4 out of five. considering all its good and bad points.
depresses your apetite does not leave you feeling exuasted or hungry. Is good if you are either a body builder or a person looking to loose those few kilos
it takes the body one to two days to get use to the product.
my mate was not use to taking protien or dietry suppliements it took him just over a week to get use to it. he has lost 5 kilos just after 3 weeks of taking it though...

Questions & Answers

Do you need to take L Carnitine every dose you take the mega fat burner? Or just L Carnitine once a day and then fat burner as recommended?
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Hello, sorry it was so long ago and i was taking a ton of other stuff as well, I would say that I wasn't taking L Carnitine, but it sounds like a good combo. GL :)