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Mutsy Grow Up

Mutsy Grow Up

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Very hard to get really clean

We bought this booster in green for our son because we thought it looked practical and stylish. Our son seems to like sitting in it but being a large boy for his age the straps were of not much use when we bought it (18 months of age) and as he moves around a lot, the base of the booster has scratched the plastic on our very expensive Italian kitchen chairs (I was trying to remove what I thought was dried on milk and it turned out to be a rough scratched surface).

The booster DOES get very dirty, particularly with messy eaters. The soft seat plastic is easy to wipe over, however food gets stuck on the white part which is hard to wipe off as it gets caught in the grainy surface. After a couple of months of using it I couldn't stand the sight of the dirty food stained straps and pulled the chair apart, only to find it is complicated to pull apart and especially complicated to put back together. I tried to contact the manufacturer to get replacement instructions as we'd mislaid ours and couldn't get through on the website as it kept saying the serial number I was entering was incorrect.

So I threw the whole thing in the laundry cupboard in exasperation and am officially over it. I've bought a simple square padded booster cushion which straps onto our chairs instead. In this instance style does not rule over function, I am extremely annoyed and once I can work out how to put the straps together I'll be listing it for sale and will get rid of it. If I have a second child I will look for an alternative.
Stylish, funky colours, soft surface for baby or toddler to sit on
Hard to clean

Part of the furniture - just what we wanted.

This flexible and inexpensive seat was just what we wanted, it's simple and even though we have a dinning table with benches and not chairs, we managed to teach our daughter to sit in it without accidents.
We can move it to anywhere at the table and is easy to clean.
The cushion is firm so it doesn't loose it's shape (we've had ours for about 2 years), but is soft enough for our daughter to sit in for as long as she wants.
We also found it hard to find something that was the right height for our table, as most seats that sit on dinning chairs were too low.
The thing that I liked most about this seat apart from its simple design was that it allowed our daughter to feel part of the family at dinner time and gave her the independence she craves...
It just became part of the furniture!
Inexpensive, simple design, light, can be used without straps and be moved be our children if they wish to sit elsewhere at the table.
Only thing I can think of is that sometimes food finds it way into the strap slot (as we have taken the straps off ) and is hard to clean.


We have limited space so this is our sons dedicated high chair. It is great because we just attach it to one of our dining chairs and he can sit at the teble with us. It is also really great for taking to grandmas house, out to dinner and away on holiday.
Easy to fit to a chair, easy to click baby into, very comfy for baby, easy to clean, easy to take out.

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Grow Up
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