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My Chemist Physical Stores

My Chemist Physical Stores

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The staff won't give me what I need

The staff at my chemist are so rude and mean to me cause I asked them to give me something to help me sleep and they refused to give me

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationAt the mall

A pharmacy that doesn’t stock medicine

So in addition to having terrible customer service, never checking the app they tell people to use, they’re always out of stock of medicine. They don’t even try to help you by telling you somewhere else to find the medicine. don’t bother going. They clearly have no interest in trading.

Worst and rude pharmacist

Chemist Warehouse Springvale:
Worst pharmacist ever. Worst behavior by the lady pharmacist. Will never ever visit this place again. I won’t recommend for others as well.

Do not allow returns - issue resolved

Was told by store that fragrance purchases are not returnable, which is untrue. Issue was resolved within a few days by management once they were aware of the issue. Thank you.

lovely staff and happy to help

staff at the Mildura store are very friendly and helpful. some staff working there been with the company for many years and they know their store and their products.

Terrible customer service. Treated poorly

Store: Northland Preston

Purchased wrong medication on script for my mother. Asked one of the pharmacist lady to change gerneric brand that came in a box back to the non generic brand which came in a bottle as my mother preferred her pills stored in bottles. Pharmacist was very rude towards us about it after she changed it and saying along the lines that its more expensive (it was only $10) and she's not changing it back cause we wanted to change it in the first place and walks away.
will never shop from here again after this poor treatment!!!

Treated poorly even though you're a card member

Store: Northland My Chemist (Preston)
I received a catalogue for 'members' in the mail. I saw that Dove shampoo and conditioner sale $1.99 p/bottle, same price as I normally would by from Chemist Warehouse.

Went in store and looked for them. Didn't see them so I asked a staff who simply said 'we don't have them here' without giving me eye contact and continuing stocking the shelf. I literally stood there thinking, 'we'll why did you advertise it?' When she saw I was still standing there with an annoyed face, she then proceeded to point to direction and said, 'but all the promotional things should be there' and I had to navigate to find the items again.

Finally found them, got five bottles of the conditioner and went to the cash register. The cashier staff said I was only allowed to buy two. I said 'that's not what was advertised and I've never run into this clause before. At Chemist Warehouse, there isn't a limit'. Lovely cashier went to check with manager and that staff from before rudely said 'well, we're not Chemist Warehouse are we? We have different rules here'.

In the end, members were restricted to two bottles to purchase. Needless to say, I went to Chemist Warehouse for my usual bargain instead, hassle and rude-free!

Frankly, I don't really need the attitude just to buy something trivial. In addition, who goes shopping to buy only one-two bottles of hair shampoo/conditioner. Usually at Coles, I'd buy 10 bottles of each so this transaction was ridiculous.

Fake fragrances and no returns

Bought a Hugo Boss 200 ml perfume and the fragrance did not persist for more than 5 mins. I went to return it to store and girl at the counter checked the smell and told me that this is definitely very light as compared to tester. but she can not replace it and I need to come back on weekdays when manager is here.
I went there on weekday and same girl talked to her manager and now manager came up with new test results that this is weak but better than her tester.
Then she gave me a number to ring on. I called them (from my phone) and manager talked to them. When they could not prove that this is a genuine perfume, they said we have only 7 days return policy and I do not have receipt (but they were able to find my order from my credit card statement. I explained them that I went overseas and I have barely used it.
They refused to return it so I left the perfume there and asked them to use it as tester if they think its better than their tester.

Specifically Frankston branch - incredibly rude staff, will NEVER go here again.

Was met with an incredibly rude and dominating security guard as soon as I walked in. Generally when you walk into the chemist you're not looking your greatest for a number of reasons but I didn't think I deserved to be treated like a criminal when I'd barely put a foot in the door! Humiliating experience.

Counterfeit Fragrances. BEWARE!

Purchased a V&R Flowerbomb from MyChemist Broadmeadows as a gift. Opened the box after 3 days of purchase and the box had been tampered with. All V&R boxes comes with a 'secret service' code on the inside of the box which was cut off with a blade. The box even has blade marks on the inside. First time I did not purchase from Myer and I now regret buying a fake product. Apparently the fragrance was sale for $159. I am sure it is not even worth $59 as it is a counterfeit

How do you lose scripts?

At the suggestion of my chemist Frankston they organised to have my scripts transferred from chemist warehouse in Mornington. Some how they have got lost, as far as i am concerned they have my personal details on them. No apology, nothing. I actually had to do the ringing to find out from Mornington if they were actually sent. Terrible service. I had to visit my Dr again to organise new scripts and be out of pocket $40 to do this. The only reply I got from the despenser was "well its not our fault". I just smiled and walked out.

The rewards scheme vouchers are impossible to use!

After spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars there, I have never successfully claimed any of the $5 vouchers under their reward scheme. I receive a points statement and $5 discount voucher almost every month but every time I tried to use it, I was told I had to "wait till next month" to use it. The next month I went in, I was told I could only claim it "next year in 2015". In Feb 2015, I went to claim it and was told it was only valid in the months of May, September and December! After getting home, I noticed a new fine print on the voucher, and it said Feb was included so I had been misled! The same fine print was not on any of my previous vouchers.

If they're going to keep changing the rules and making excuses for not giving rewards, they shouldn't have a rewards scheme instead of wasting our time and money.

Customer service??... They don't have such a thing

I went to the mychemist store at Fountain Gate. It was my first time there since I normally get all my diabetes medication from Chemists' Warehouse.
The first sign that something was extremely wrong with their customer service was that I had to wait at the script drop off table for 2-3 minutes before anyone took note of me. The smug chemist told me that the prescription should not be a problem and told me it'll take "5-10 minutes".
After walking around the isles for some time (more than 5 minutes) I went back to the collection desk and began my wait. The same chemist that took my prescription took a while to take note of me, asked for my name, muttered something about them not having the medicine (Trajenta linagliptin) and disappeared off to serve another customer. After several more minutes, and having finished all their "checking" he came back to me and said that they did not have any stock of the medicine.

When I pointed out that I would have appreciated if they had let me know that a bit sooner, he got ticked off and started to "mate" me and proceeded to tell me how they've been trying to track down the stuff.
Long story short, I walked out commending them for the "great customer service".
An hour later Chemist Warehouse Glen Waverley took 10 seconds to confirm that they didn't have Trajenta and Terry White took the same time to confirm that they did.
Will be my first and last time at mychemist.

Non-existent customer service

Rip off independants trying to stay in business

They are not cheap. I have been on pana forte for a while now (mainly at chem whouse) and usually pay between $6-9 per box of 50. My wife went to my chemist to fill the prescription and when she got home $23.85. I was amazed. I checked against every chemist online and the most was $11.85. When I called them to ask if they had made a mistake, they claim that's is there price. As we received generic comforol forte, I asked what their price was for non generic....same. So when you want generic to save money, you don't save, they do. Never ever again. Give it 3 more years and there will only be chemist warehouse left.

Just rip off merchants

Customer Service, whats that.

Bought some Krill oil capsules from their Greensborough store, the product was faulty. Since it was a simple purchase I didn't keep the receipt. Tried to have it replaced, even though I did not have a receipt it was plainly obvious I bought the product from them, they were not interested. Email head office through their website, no response. And these retailers wonder why they lose business.

They are cheap for a reason

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