Great quality product & buying online has never been easier.

Overall the online ordering process was easy and response to queries via email was quickly replied to. I had requested delayed shipping for our order (it's a surprise birthday gift for my daughter) which they fulfilled with no problem. Product looks like photo online. Very good quality product with very reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Absolutely wonderful experience

I purchased a chicken coop for my girls, it looked fantastic in my backyard and is super easy to put together!! The online check out system was quick and easy. I received my order within 4 days to QLD, which was impressive! Great quality and it looked exactly like the picture online. Price including freight is still much cheaper compared to other shops I had looked at. My experience has been great, I have already recommended many friends. Thanks so much My Chicken Coop

Very poor quality

Unfortunately this is not a good chicken coop option. The self assembly is hindered by lack of screw holes, the wood is very soft and pieces were broken. One night in soft rain, despite putting a tarp over the coop the roof has warped...and one side of the roof doesn't fit properly due to poor design. I love have to spend another $50 at Bunnings to make it safe and secure, including brackets to hold the run bit to the house as the plastics clips don't hold it securely at all. Very, very disappointed.

Good Quality Great Price!

Took a chance buying online as we love the design and we couldn't be happier with our purchase. Can not fault quality of the item, it is as good if not better than any items sold at retail outlets at half the price even including freight charge. Will buy from them again and will be telling friends and family to do the same.


Unfortunately, I'm not happy with my purchase. I specifically wanted a coop tall enough to walk in , so purchased the Mansion and additional run. While it may be the advertised height at the pitch, measured from the outside, there is no mention of the three internal crossbars which you have to duck to avoid hitting your head. ( I am 160cm tall) . To overcome the problem we have raised the coop above the ground, necessitating extra timbers. We also found the latches to be very flimsy and can see that we will need to replace these. Overall the structure appears flimsy. We perhaps did not research adequately, and can see that, due to the similarity in appearance with another company's product with exactly the same name, we were expecting a product of higher quality. You market this at a "special sale price", of is almost 50% off and it would certainly be very poor value at the higher price.

Happy Chook!

I purchased a large chicken coop from mychickencoop.com.au. Ordered on Friday evening, delivered to Victoria by Tuesday morning. Very fast service. The coop keeps our girls comfortable and they love it! Excellent product and service that I highly recommend

Rubbish! Don’t buy this.

This large chicken coop began disintegrating only a few short months from purchase. Owner of the business very unhelpful. Had to take him to tribunal for repair compensation.

Fantastic chicken coop for your backyard - highly recommended

Thank you My Chicken Coop for the fast delivery of our chicken coop, your service is fantastic. We decided to get some organic eggs of our own and stumbled upon your website. The coop looks amazing in our backyard and the quality is amazing also. We have a couple of chickens now and can’t wait for our hens to start laying eggs. Would definitely purchase from you again, maybe a larger one in the future as we're thinking of getting more chickens :)

Great service & product!

Very friendly, informative and helpful staff. Item arrived promptly well packaged. Very easy to put together and the quality is great. Our hens are now safe and warm.

Buy Australian

Service good, quick delivery, easy to assemble, it is very flimsy I had made a promise to my self not to buy Chinese
manufactured goods and I wish I kept to it.
Painted it with Emerclad, insulated the roof and the laying box but still not adequate for cold climate.
Chickens only use laying box to sleep and the perchs are not much liked by the chickens.
My advice is buy Australian made.

Very Dissapointing

Purchased 'The Mansion'. Arrived quite quickly which was good. Like the Design but the quality is very bad.
Very flimsy, latches terrible and wire just stapled on. Definately not fox proof. Had to replace with sturdy latches and wire all around outside.
Would not recommend. Advertisement very misleading. Waste of money.
Very upsetting really

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Hi Dianne, we're sorry to hear that you're not entirely happy with your order. We didn't receive any contact from you regarding this. The wood that we used is 12mm thick wood, which is one of the thickest on the market for chicken coops. The wiring is 1.3cm x 1.3cm metal mesh which is nailed onto the wood with stapled gun, this is pretty standard for chicken coops on the market. If you're not happy with your purchase, as stated on our website; we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee including your delivery cost back to you. Our company will also pay for the returning freight.

So happy

Ordered my chicken coop - The Villa - on Sunday and it was delivered within 4 days, on the Thursday. Terrific service . My husband assembled the coop easily and it looks exactly like the picture advertised . Very happy . Thankyou 'My Chicken Coop' !

Great Chook Palace!

Bought the Premium Chicken Coop from My Chicken Coop and couldn't be happier. The whole family loves the “Chook Palace” and now chooks laid some nice eggs. The instruction is simple enough to follow and hubby and I were able to build without fuss (thank god for that). Great all round chicken coop and great service.
Great service and great quality

There's No Fowl Service Here

I ordered a chicken coop from mychickencoop.com.au. I had been looking online for ages at various stores and for a while I planned on building my own chicken coop. Not having the time to do so, I decided to just buy one instead and ended up choosing to buy from mychickencoop.com.au as their sales team actually responded to me, not like another company I contacted. I ordered it online and I received the chicken coop the very next day. Wow; That's fast delivery!

At the time of ordering, www.mychickencoop.com.au were offering free name plates for the coop. Mine came with a mistake and the company was all too happy to quickly send out a replacement, despite the fact that the name plate is a free extra.

I regards to the coop, it's your standard chicken coop you can see at pet stores and places like Bunnings, except it's a lot cheaper - even with the costs of shipping.
Fast Service, Great Service, Good Product

Quite impressed

Purchased the Premium Coop from them and pretty pleased with the outcome. Received it after 2 days of purchase to Melbourne. I started off with 2 chickens and now have 4 which I think still fit them quite comfortably. I'm satisfied with the quality as I saw almost the same coop at the pet store for a more heftier price.
Affordable coops. Good quality with warranty. Good customer service.
Need two people to move the coop around.

Poor quality.

Purchased a premium chicken coop from my chicken coop. Arrived on time and as priced. Premium or quality of materials was poor. Very cheap, not premium as stated. I was very disappointed. The water proof roof bubbled after one week and never even got wet!!! The underside of the roof cracked and seperated. Not happy. Rang and emailed for warranty roof. Can't get any satisfaction. 100% satisfaction guarranteed site, i don't think so . Cheap and misleading ....
It's a good idea
Poor quality and bad warranty.

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Customer had a broken roof panel and a replacement panel was sent out quickly. Customer adviced that he's happy with our prompt action and solution. Customer's reply on resolved issue was deleted due to productreview.com.au new brand management function.

Questions & Answers

Why such variations in reviews, I was planning on buying the Taj Mahal any responses?
1 answer
I was thinking that too

Hi I want to buy chicken coop from this site but they dont reply on my emails and there is no contact detail can anyone suggest the way to contact them as I wasnt feeling safe to buy online from somwhere that dont reply emails Thanks
2 answers
Hi, thanks for your enquiry. Our number is 1300 899 511 or you can email us at info@mychickencoop.com.au. Our contact number can also be found on top of our website and Contact Us page - https://www.mychickencoop.com.au/contact-us We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, so calls and emails are always answered promptly during our trading hours.Would not recommend. Pay more and buy or get one made in Australia, seems most are imported from China. I almost rebuilt it making it suit a cold climate. Very flimsy very small, can't actually keep chickens without a large adjoining yard. After less than one year the lid on the laying box was falling apart and I had coated the entire house with Emerclad waterproofing. False economy! Rgds Bev

Wondering how owners are finding cleaning these coops, the door sizes are tiny, is access even possible to the main area?
1 answer
We don't have any trouble cleaning at all. Access is a little tight but I can get in too all areas o.k.With two chickens you don't get a lot of mess and you get plenty of eggs. :)