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Do Not Purchase From This Store!!!!

They have no regard for quality or customer service!! I purchased a wardrobe (for my soon to arrive baby's nursery) from the Auburn store on the 10.1217; it was paid in full on the 26.12.17. After experiencing issues with the order not being followed (additions were made to the wardrobe at an additional expense, which the Manager, [name removed]) it was delivered on the 03.02.18 – 3 weeks after it had been due, as a result of [name removed] failing to accurately complete the order (it was not made as per the order, so had to be re-sent to the warehouse). I dealt with very poor customer service during this process. Upon delivery, it was observed that the wardrobe was missing doorknobs on each door (3), and the door hinges for one of the cupboard doors were broken. I contacted the store immediately; I spoke with [name removed] who initially asked to have the delivery drivers retrieve the wardrobe; I advised of my concerns with this causing further delays/inconveniencing me, requesting confirmation that the doorknobs were in store to collect, as well as to obtain a partial refund. [name removed] advised me to send an email to the 'warehouse', providing me with an email address, attaching photographs/description, and that I would be contacted that afternoon. I was not contacted, and phoned the store on the 05.02.18, raising my concerns with [name removed]; he advised that he “had a quick look” prior to the wardrobe being loaded into the truck, obviously ignoring the fact that it was faulty/incomplete. I was informed that I was provided with the incorrect email address by [name removed], and as such, it had not been reviewed. I was told to re-send the email to an alternate email address. The email response received included unfinished sentences/provided no assistance whatsoever, so I phoned the warehouse to discuss. I was told that the repairs department would contact me to arrange a time to attend my home and repair the damage/doorknobs. I provided a further email reply requesting confirmation by COB on the 06.02.18 as to when this would be repaired, also stating that I would be escalating this to NSW Fair Trading. I attempted to phone the store several times with no answer on 3 different numbers, finally getting through to an answering machine, requesting an urgent call back. I did not receive any returned contact for over 1 week. I therefore lodged a complaint with NSW Fair Trading and sourced a carpenter to repair the hinges. I am yet to obtain a response in regards to obtaining a partial refund for the faulty product that was delivered.

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Your story is untrue but we have signed proof that you were refunded $175 and this is because the supplier missed putting on 3 round white knobs and you were not patient enough for us to send a repairman to fix a minor hinge issue. So you have the 3 knobs as you collected them and for these you received $175 - a very fair end to a very unpleasant customer.

They took our money and refused to deliver the product

We purchased some stools online over 12 months ago from myfurniturestore.com.au and upon receiving confirmation that these would be delivered, the items never showed up. After easily making over 15 phone calls to what appears to be a virtual office - as the lady who answered was just taking names and numbers without wanting to discuss anything to do with the actual company, and not receiving a call back, I proceeded to email [name removed] who I believe is the man in charge there. He told me everything I wanted to hear - "you'll get these asap or I'll refund you" and so on. Weeks passed... nothing. Another 15 phone calls to the virtual office with very little luck and several email later and we get the "we're sorry, we've been busy" (aren't we all mate?) "you'll have these within two weeks"

That was 12 months ago, and [name removed] still has my $600. There's a word for that...

Save yourself the trouble and seek your furniture needs elsewhere guys.

Taking money from a customer who claims they were not delivery is an accusation of theft - we have over 100000 happy customers who have always received theirs goods - so if you still believe this is true call us so that we can return your money paid for these non received stools - management.It is disheartening to know then that you have managed to satisfy 100,000 other customers yet my custom didn’t warrant your time or respect. I was always kind and courteous to deal with after every non returned call or email and after every unfulfilled promise. So, Yes, I would like to be refunded for my purchase from 2016 as you were quick to take and keep my money in exchange for a good that was never provided. It’s not an accusation, it’s the facts I’m afraid.Please advise your order number to see how this is possible. Thanking you.

Do not use tis company. Service is the worse ever.

Bought some chairs on-line. they took payment immediately, but cant give me a delivery date on the chairs - at all. Now struggling to get my money back. Considering legal action.

Be ware, terrible after sale support

I bought mattress and base, paid a lot of money for "on line store product", mattress and base delivered, since then never ending problem, base replace twice, mattress replaced twice, now they want to push me to get a replacement mattress which is even not what I bought, bought while, they want to give me grey, and [name removed] the owner terrible attitude, talking court than fixing issue with his supplier.
Go to proper established store and buy there, MFS all their stuff coming from China and you pay top dollar for low quality.

Supplier has offer an upgraded mattress which is exactly the same specification with a minimal tape edge upgrade - also offered the option to select another 1 of our 200 mattress model but declined - both supplier and ourselves have done more than what is expected to solve customers concern - thanking you - Craignope ,to me grey is not same color,grey is grey, no offer either to send me another good quality mattress, supplier and my furniture store told me you will get what you ordered, take it or leave it , of course what I ordered they can not supply , and no they have not done enough, when you sell faulty products you have to provide full warranty and after sale support, you have to supply what customer paid for , not "grey is same ,only simple change ,just put sheet on it you wont see it" this was supplier comment,I am not gonna ever deal with this store with the night mare they put me through. Anybody thinking buying anything from my furniturestore think twice, check all these reviews ,they are not here with no reason, I wish I had done my homework before walking into their store.The wost retailer I have ever dealt with.

Don't buy online!

Buying furniture from this store online has been a stressful process, although items arrived quickly, some of the items received were not as described in the advertisement - the material used to construct the furniture was not as described, the actual version of furniture received was not as described and furniture was of exceptionally poor quality. Called within 15 minutes of furniture delivery to report this.

Took a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with "[name removed]", who would not answer calls, but can be very abrupt via email to get SOME money back (60%) but would not offer a full refund and we were told we would have to pay courier fee to recollect furniture. Went to Department of Fair Trading who negotiated with [name removed] on our behalf, to receive a full refund - but [name removed] has refused to answer our calls or emails. Upon Advisement from Department of Fair Trading, they encouraged us to accept partial refund offered and then seek the rest through DFT and Tribunal. We are still going through this process and furniture was ordered back in April.

I strongly suggest you shop elsewhere.

Worst Service. Do not use this company

Purchased online in April. They sent a beige bed not a grey bed. Item was NOT as described. Spent close to $2000. Raised the issue immediately and have had nothing but grief since. Spoke to the owner and he virtually advised bad luck. Customer service from their team has been so poor. I had to involve Fair Trading to get my money back and only then did the company appear to do something about the problem although they definitely were not willing. They were rude and would NOT keep me updated. Even to the point we were sleeping on the floor highly stressed trying to communicate with them about picking the bed up and refunding us and we were getting emails at 9pm at night abusing us telling us that it was the suppliers fault not there's etc. they used capitals and virtually told us they were not in the wrong. We NEVER received an apology for the inconvenience. They have no idea what 'customer service' means. They tried to Palm Us off to the supplier and took no ownership of the problem. We clearly got an item not as described and were told 'oh well'. Luckily for fair trading we finally got the bed collected and after a long lengthy stressful process we got our money back. It only took 4 months!!
Do not use this company at all!! They are rude, unhelpful and the price is not worth the quality. Go and buy from a genuine retailer. Your money will be well spent elsewhere.
We understand problems happen but the way they handle themselves is disgraceful. I only wish I had of read their reviews prior to my purchase because I'm not the first customer this has happened to and I'm sure I won't be the last. I do not have a nice thing to say about this company at all. I don't even know how they are allowed to do business.
4 months without a bed and constant stress is not a happy experience.

The bed purchased online was what was advertised including a close match to photo advertised - once it was received back in our warehouse it was noted that the advertisement was correct and the bed is of EXCELLENT quality - it is of my opinion the customer expected something different in the colour that was received and the price they paid - My Furniture Store did the right thing and refunded the customer in full. The supplier rightly declined the claim of as they were 100% correct as the correct item was sent out - so MFS incurred all the losses including $350 in freight charges for the collection of the bed and the return interstate - which in fact is excellent GOODWILL.Rubbish! It is not excellent goodwill when it is false advertising.... I sent you pictures of what was received and what was pictured online and they are completely different. This is the service I have been complaining about. You forget who is the customer. You only did something about it when I got Fair Trading involved because you were in the wrong. Prior to this you were not willing to assist at all. So please save your comments about your "great gestures". It was your responsibility to pay for the return of the freight and refund me as your item was not as described. Mind you, you kept telling me to pay $400 for the return of the bed. Why should I suffer any more costs? Again, you only paid for the return once Fair Trading was involved. If they were not involved you would not have given me a refund at all. So please save your comments about your "GOODWILL". Nothing but rude service. You shouldn't even be allowed to be in businessThe bed is same as the photo seen on the website which clearly was beige (it has grey tones in it - so the name is irrelevant) and this was confirmed by the supplier who denied all of your claims - will did the right thing to refund you in full and paying for freight cost when in fact you got what you purchased - so please stop your one sided perceptions as you clearly had a change of mind once the bed was received - In this case you the customer are not correct. There is no need for me to respond to you again.

Once you've paid for it, there's no refund or exchange!

We bought a bed and mattress once from them and by the time i get home i realized i actually got the mattress at home. I then rang the next day to ask for a refund on the mattress as i haven't received both my bed and mattress (This will take about 2 weeks to arrive). I've all several times and every time i mentioned about refund, i was told someone will give me a call back. Three days later i finally received a call from the store telling me they don't do refund, i was frustrated as i wasn't told the purchase was non-refundable nor there were any signs stating that. I then asked if i could exchange the mattress for something else, they said no neither. I was like what kind of places have i bought the furniture from. I requested to speak to the manager, the manager finally has the gut to speak to me after passing messages to the person who i talked to on the phone for quite some times. She then said to me if i would like a refund on the mattress, that's possible but i have to pay for cancellation fees of $100 plus the price of the bed i bought would have to be put back up to the full price. I told her when i bought the bed, i paid for what it advertised, they didn't give me any special deal for the bed. I wondered where the original price came from. She mentioned the cancellation fee is for restocking fee but i said to her, the mattress was a clearance stock from the floor there shouldn't be any restocking fee. She told me if i were to cancel the mattress, after all the price adjustment and cancellation fees i would get back like $60. I was like are you serious? How can they do business like this ? Never ever buy anything from these guys unless you are 100% sure of what you want. They don't allow for any change of order whatsoever.

We clearly show in store that when an order is placed - please select carefully as the item you purchased was already specially ordered in for you and if you change your mind (as in this case) there are cancellation fees attached. This change of mind policy is adopted by most stores and this type of review is therefore not justified. Thanking you manager.Well i don't remember seeing a sign of your no change of mind policy. I would suggest you put the sign bigger and clearer at the payment counter. I have bought furniture from stores like Harvey Norman, Superamart, Forty Winks, Bedshed in NSW, WA, NT, SA as we moves around a lot. I also personally worked for a furniture distributor in WA. I understand if you have already placed order for me and i cancel it on you. But the things is i was cancelling a floor clearance stock, you didn't have to order it. You should be able to allow me to swap it with other item with the same or greater value. Your staff should remind every customer before we make payment about your no change of mind policy for every single items bought from your store. This was my first time buying from you and will be my very last time. Thank you

Don't do it

Ordered a bed after being told it would take 3 to 4 weeks however it took 9 weeks.

After I finally managed to get someone to return my calls. They passed the buck blaming the manufacturer.

There was nothing wrong with bed when in finally arrived – but unless you are happy to wait months I would give this place a miss.

Shonky service

Bought a Fairmont suite with mattress and bed with under bed drawers. It's been 3 months and still have not got drawers. [name removed] and [name removed] keep fibbing me off with blaming the suppliers. I am a pensioner and paid $1250 for it as a Christmas present for my son. It was delivered without drawers in mid November last year and I am still waiting. They are a terrible business. Shonky is the word I would use. I have contacted fair trading but since reading the warning reviews I am not alone in being ripped off by them. DO NOT buy from them or you will be sorry.

March 3rd 2017 Update: Shonky business that delivered bed without drawers as described

Bought king sized single bed with drawers. November 2015 bed came without drawers. Still haven't received drawers. No resolution from [name removed] or [name removed]. No calls to tell me progress. Have called them numerous times. Cost me $1250 and was a Christmas present for my son. Contacted fair trading who were useless. Am looking at legal avenues to pursue as I don't want these people to get away with this time and time again judging by their bad reviews. I want everyone to know NOT to buy from these systems. Feeling ripped off big time.

March 7th 2017 Update: Rip off shonky business

Bought Fairmont suite for $1250. [name removed] in sales helpful till bed delivered without drawers. 3 months later still no drawers. [name removed] in customer support is the worst customer service. Doesn't care and excuse after excuse. I don't care if you have problems with your supplier. I paid good money for your rip off furniture and I want what I paid for. I will be bombarding with reviews. Fair trading are useless so social media it is you should not be in business if this is the way you operate.

$150 for delivery and three weeks on, no item.

Bought a bunk bed from them, aware that prior to Christmas there would be a pretty hefty delivery fee. So, swallowed the $150 delivery fee expecting it would arrive just after Christmas (within the 7-10 day estimate). Here it is 17th January, excuse after excuse, called them AGAIN today and was told it was on the truck, would be here this week. Just got an email to say I will be contacted NEXT week to arrange a delivery time. Absolutely pathetic, their delivery charge is a complete rip off, customer service is polite, but just spouts lies.

Terrible service and no delivery. No updates no communication; don't buy

After buying furniture from Auburn store I have been calling them since last 2-3 weeks as to when my furniture will be delivered but no one calls back. Hot Line number is only a messaging service not actual people of the company. No one picks phone when called on direct number of the store. Left message no response back.

Finally after 2-3 weeks, they scheduled delivery to come between 11-1 but no buddy showed up. Instead driver says no one was at home. Pathetic people; never buy from here.

Worst Customer Service Ever

My purchase took over 3 months to arrive. Upon delivery, the two man driver team refused to carry the extremely heavy parts upstairs for us. Instead they were left in the corridor which is absolutely useless to us. My father has a damaged rotary cuff and my mother is still suffering from a car accident. That just leaves my younger sister and us with no idea of what to do. Customer service line was busy and [name removed], my personal contact for the delivery, could not be contacted. If this the experience you want then please feel free to use this furniture service. Otherwise save yourself some pain and heartache and keep well clear.

Would give ZERO stars if I could

Purchased a futon in November 2016, after hearing nothing, contacted them. They used their stock response - wait for courier to call. Well that never happened and now Naidine is ignoring my emails and demands for my $600 back. Fair Trading, Police and Fraud have been notified. DO NOT buy from here!!!

Terrible customer service and damaged goods

Do not be tempted to use this company, you will regret it. When goods finally arrived they were damaged and it was only the tenacity of my husband that eventually got them repaired. These people ignore consumer rights, outright lie about what they are going to do to resolve disputes, just laughed when we got Fair Trading involved and were happy to brag that they dealt with Fair Trading all of the time and were not concerned. The lounge is of poor quality now that we have had a chance to use it and not worth what we paid for it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY WITH THIS STORE. I would have given them no stars if it was possible.

No Delivery, No communication

Only purchased King Single Beds as we were guaranteed delivery last week. Last week came and no beds. Had an email saying there was a delay and would be kept up to date. No emails, no phone calls, no replies to messages we left. So disappointing. Still hoping something may happen tomorrow.....

Too many excuses

The common thread in most of the unfavourable reviews is poor communication by the vendor or complete lack of it as well as being unable to deliver goods as advertised. Initially was going to purchase an ensemble base but have been put off by the company's inability to get its act together as expressed in these reviews.


I purchased a piece of furniture and they charged my credit card $750. They sent me a text four weeks ago telling me my furniture would arrive the next week. Have left five(!) messages on their answering machine and they did not return any calls. They still have my money. I don't have my furniture.

extremly Bad...please avoid

Not delivered within time frame 7-10 days. Had to go store again to know status after 21 days. Delivered after 28 days but one left outside of home as delivery man has no time. Terrible customer service. Store ph never picked up. Please avoid.

Absolutely Appalling!!!!!! D o. N o t. B u y. F r o m. H e r e!!!!

Service.... They don't know the meaning of the word. DISCUSTING!!!!! Never answer their phone and never return phone calls.
Delivery.....4 weeks late and full well knew the manufacturers time frame but didn't mention this and still led us on.
Product.... Cheap crap, not worth the money spent. Some damage even but didn't want to hear about it when we called.

This company is a joke.... Do not use them!!!


Do not under any circumstance buy anything from this store! Here is why:

2 months ago I purchased a TV unit online and arranged to pick it up rather than have it delivered. I was told over the phone that it would take 6 weeks for the unit to arrive.
At the end of six weeks I called the store to see if the unit had arrived, and I was told that they had in fact just sent me an e-mail to let me know that it was ready. So my husband went to pick it up.
He spent hours at the store waiting for the staff to locate the order, which they were unable to do. They advised him that for his inconvenience they would now deliver it to us free of charge as soon as it was located.
A week later, I still had not heard from the store so I called the existing order hotline (02) 8011 3272, and it was disconnected. I tried the sales number, 1300 298 461 and spoke to Craig. He told me that just now the delivery truck driver was about to call me to schedule a delivery time. So spoke to him and the unit was scheduled to be delivered.
When the delivery truck arrived, the box where the flat packed unit came was absolutely destroyed and the pieces of cardboard were held together with duck tape. I mentioned this to the delivery man who told me not to worry because the store would replace it if there was anything wrong. So I signed for it.
I later opened the box in the exact same place where the delivery man had left it. It was almost impossible to open because of all the duck tape. Once open I noticed that the Styrofoam padding was broken, then I realized that the top panel was scratched. I pulled it out and noticed that the smaller panels were stained and some scratched too. Then I saw something drip and realized that there was water inside the bag containing the screws.
At this point I stopped opening and took some photos of the damage and called the service hotline, (02) 8011 3046, no answer. I called the sales number and again spoke to Craig who asked me to e-mail someone called Gina and send the photos through. I did.
A week later and after no response from the store, I emailed Gina again. Three days later, and no response, I decided to call Gina. I called the sales number again and asked for her, I was asked to leave a message and was told she would call back. The next day, and pushing on nine weeks of this saga I called the service number again. Finally I got Gina on the phone. She informed me that she had not received the emails and asked for me to send them again. I did, and she informed me that they had accidentally gone into her spam inbox. She also told me she would have to check with management about a refund and would get back to me.
Another week went by, and no call from Gina. So I called her again and told her I was sick of waiting and that it was ridiculous that this was taking so long. She told me she would make it a priority and that she would call me back.
Another week later I was outraged and fed up. So I called the sales number and asked for the manager, I was told he was not available and that he would call me back.
He called me back the same day and it turned out to be Craig. I told him my sad story and he seemed sympathetic and told me would contact his supplier and get back to me.
Another week later I called the sales number and asked for Craig. I demanded an explanation for the slow response and told him I was going to have my bank reverse the transaction on the grounds of fraud. He informed me that the supplier would get in contact with me as soon as possible. Craig called me back a few hours later and told me his supplier was going to come and pick up the unit but that if there was nothing wrong with it he would be charged $50. He asked me several times if there was in fact damage to the unit, and I reminded him each time that he had photos. Craig told me that as soon as he received the unit in the store, he would refund the money.
I received a call from the supplier a day later and he informed me he wasn’t picking up the unit for a refund but he was coming to see if the problem could be fixed. He told me he had nothing to do with refunds. Furious, I told him not to come.
I called the sales number again and this time I got an answering service. I left a message.
Completely frustrated by this ordeal, my husband and I decided he would go to the store and speak to Craig.
My husband went to the store today and Craig wanted to negotiate a settlement. I asked my husband not to settle and we decided to go to Consumer Affairs. As soon as my husband mentioned this to Craig, he processed a refund and asked my husband to drop off the unit tomorrow.
I am all for supporting Australian businesses and owner operated businesses, but only if they are honest. I believe that Craig was not speaking to me in good faith and that they had no intention of refunding the money we paid for a product that arrived damaged and wet. This is not an honest business. Do not buy from them!

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How long for delivery
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please contact us on 1300298461 we are happy to assist you Regards RozvitaI have tried calling numerous times on all the website contact numbers - the phone rings out and emailed them. No response!!This number Rozvita has posted also rings out!! Not happy at all!!!

Does anyone have a problem getting an email response?
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I rang them not emailedYes. No response from emails and all phone numbers ring out! Next stop Fair Trading!

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