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Businesses like this shouldn't exist

Ordered tables and chairs for work. I had to chase them to confirm they had received the payment. Two weeks later they told me that the goods would not be available for another 10 weeks. This business is highly inefficient, unorganized, all talk and then nothing. This business is less, then nothing. Nothingness.

Poor quality products, ignore you when you ask for refunds

I took a gamble with this shop after reading the bad reviews as they had a really nice bedroom suite that I wanted. When the Bedroom suite arrived both of the bed side tables were damaged, however the boxes they came in were not. I arranged with them to replace the bed side tables. They advised they would courier two more and i would have to pick the best of the two sent. When the other two side tables arrived only one was worth taking, the other had clearly been poor workmanship. They tried to blame the courier company for all faults, and when the courier company and myself made it clear the faults were not made by the couriers My Furniture Store stopped all communication with me and would not respond to requests for refund. Now I am stuck with a damaged bed side table.


If your definition of 'reasonable' includes: poor communication, general incompetence, not delivering on time (at all), and rudeness – then you will be right at home here. Oh, and add to that – after the no communication regarding unavailability of stock therefore no delivery, no delivery, no apology, suggestions for other options that were ordered without my confirmation, and expecting me to accept part delivery 4 days late when I had clearly stated my time restrictions up front. I had to pay 20% to get a refund as it was seen as I cancelled the order for change of mind!! NOT that they hadn’t delivered on anything that was ordered. If this sounds ‘reasonable’ to you, as they claim it is – then go right ahead. Personally my definition of reasonable is quite different, and I have found even better than reasonable – I have found ‘excellent’ elsewhere!

Buyers Beware

BUYERS BEWARE!!! I placed an order on line back in February, only to be emailed that the item was no longer available and to choose another similar item, which I proceeded to do. My bank account was debited back in February but I was still waiting for delivery of my item in May. I found the customer service inconsistent and also you cannot track your item. In desperation I lodged a dispute through PayPal and finally at the end of May, received my item. I am still waiting for the complimentary sheet set that they offered as compensation. I am not holding my breath!!

Be warned

I purchased two bedside tables in store at Auburn for a unit that we were due to move into in two weeks time. Urgency was the essential component. I double-checked that the delivery time was soon. Seven days, I was told - they are in the warehouse and just has to be brought over from there.This was on 2nd February. Foolishly, I paid in full in advance - bad move! Then I got a text message saying there was a delay - and then another and another.Today, the goods have arrived at Auburn and we have now collected them. It is the 5th May, more than fourteen weeks since we ordered them. Be warned.

Worst online experience yet!

Ordered a TV cabinet online from this company on 17/2/16. Paid in full - exorbitant freight costs. Should have cancelled order then or better yet read reviews before placing order. After 6 weeks of chasing up my order the product arrived with the inadequate packaging torn and the goods badly damaged inside. I refused to take delivery and am now having hassles getting a refund from the company. They won't do this until their dispute with the courier company is settled. I am filing a complaint with the Dept. of Fair Trading as this company needs to be investigated for its shoddy practices. All I can say is BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

Hi Maggie, We are disappointed your TV stand was damaged and requested a photo of the damage. As this was not received we need the product returned in order to refund you which we advised you via email. So your review is inaccurate and unfounded and unfair. Management.Rubbish

Never Never Never will go back !!!!

Hi Folks, I have read few positive reviews and went to this store (used to be at Liverpool and now at Parramatta road) and ordered our master bedroom furniture set. We were promised to receive everything by end of November 2015. We received furniture just a day before Christmas and but not everything. Last piece of the set was received in February.
Also we chose the leather frame and mattress but we were not advised correctly that selected mattress will not go well with bed frame. It did kill the look of leather bed frame.
Anyway, I would prefer to spend bit more and get better quality from somewhere else and on-time delivery.
I am not going to this store again and will not recommend anybody.
If you still decide to go then good luck.

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Sorry about this my friend, You should have complained to us that the mattress selected did not fit to your Bed - We have all sizes of mattress even if wanted it customized. As for the Bed, Prices for Genuine Leather is different from Leatherette/ Copy Leather. It's better to sort it out one on one had it being complained to us that your are Not satisfied with your purchase. In all, we apologize for any inconvenience. We truly valued your patronage and never thought of not satisfying you - We will do our best to serve you and other customers coming in the near future in a more appealing way - There is always a room for improvement as you know. We do serve 100's of customers on weekly basis and we are delighted that vast majority of them are Satisfied even though all cannot express it on this platform. Next time you visit our Store - The story will be 100% opposite of this transaction I promise! Best Regards, Jeremiah - My Furniture Store.

Not reliable and worst customer service

We ordered furniture in Dec and were promised to be delivered in 14 days. However, January passed without any call from them. In feb, we started chasing them for delivery. No one picked phone or replied to our emails. Somehow they agreed to deliver. But on the day of delivery, we were informed the bed supposed to be delivered is broken and delivery cannot happen on that day. We were promised delivery next week. But again there were no calls and no replies to emails for another three weeks. Finally after heated conversation and lot of pushing they delivered the bed after 3 months in March. Just be careful with them. Do not pay the amount in full!!

Absolutely terrible!! Please do not waste your time and money!

Don't usually do this, but had to share to warn everyone. Bought a dining table, was told 2-3 weeks for delivery but got it after 5 weeks - ok. Tried to assemble the table, the connection points (3 in total) on the glasstop did not align to the base (only 2 aligned at any one time) - the spacing between 2 notches on the glasstop was larger than the 2 corresponding ones on the base - ie: faulty product. Sent pictures of said issue - after nearly 2 weeks of chasing, was sent pictures saying they have successfully assembled the same model/brand of table in one of their showrooms in Victoria, so therefore the one delivered to me cannot be faulty! Not sure they understand the concept of a 'faulty product' - after trying to convey that just because they successfully assembled the same model/brand elsewhere in Australia, this does not mean the one i received was not faulty. Was then told they could send someone out to look at the table i was sent - but at a cost, which I needed to pay. Or they could ship a new table (coming from overseas so another 3 weeks minimum). Asked them to remove the faulty product as I could not wait another 3+ weeks, not to mention was sick of dealing with the lies and poor service. The final straw - they offered to refund only 60% of the original price I paid for the table!!! 60% refund for a faulty product?! Luckily I have a few lawyer mates - going to take the legal route here - not for the money they did not refund but on principal alone....deliver a faulty product, try to justify themselves using stupid logic, attempt to charge me more money to send someone to look at it and then only refund 60% of the purchase price!! All the negative reviews you see here are absolutely spot on!

Wrong Product Rating

Bought medium firm but in reality it was an extra firm. Nightmare to return the product. Not a good experience.

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Hello Mark, The Heavenly mattress is a medium firm mattress - you ordered a mattress online without trying it and leaving a negative review when is unfair. - management -

Damn this store

I was paid in full amount, and they said my item will be there about on 6-8 weeks, but 4 months passed, I only received 1 item, make so much calls and they said they will call me back, but never happens.
I will pass my experience too all my friends and let them do not ever go this shop or online business.

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Hi Evan, Sorry for not replying sooner, your experience is not really pleasing, we expect that you send us your invoice to be sure of your claims. Cheers! Management.

Avoid at all costs

Worst experience. Avoid at all costs. You've been warned! They told me the item was in stock when I ordered and to expect it in about a week. It didn't happen.

Wish I could give 0 stars

Should have read the reviews here first. We had our bed 13 months before it inexplicably fell apart. So dangerous! I shudder to think what might have happened if the kids were in the bed at the time.
Customer service is trying to make the manufacturer sort this out. This is illegal.
With such a bad experience and seeing that some people have terrible experiences and some have absolutely wonderful ones, I can't help but wonder if myfurniturestore.com.au employees are writing the good reviews?
There is no way they deserve 5 stars.

Stay away! Go to a reputable store who wont just take your money!

By far the WORST SERVICE, no accountability or updates. Didnt even call or email me to let me know "hey, your furniture will be 2 weeks late, and we still dont know if/when you will receive it." I do not understand how this business has survived so far. Would advise people to STAY AWAY since I STILL have no idea when I will receive my furniture! Quick to take your money but forget about you straight after!

Wish I could give zero stars!!! This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with in my 63 year

How I wish I had found the other reviews before I dealt with this company. I ordered a desk and bookcase from this company in December 2014 and am still waiting for the items. The desk actually turned up today with no warning it was on its way but no bookcase at all. I say the desk has not arrived because the desk was advertised as fully assembled on the website which is why I chose it as I am a disability pensioner with a serious heart complaint so would not be able to assemble it, it actually arrived in three seperate cartons, so most definitely not assembled which is what I ordered and paid for.

I have tried to contact the company by phone many times,all I get is instructions to leave my contact details and they will get back to me, no one ever has. The message system is useless, they never answer your questions honestly in my opinion, just keep fobbing you off with promises that never happen.

I have been trying to cancel the order as it has gone so far past the delivery time frame quoted that I feel I have the right to cancel the order and get my money back! They just kept telling me that I could not cancel as they were with the courier company which is an obvious untruth as I have not got the bookcase that was supposed to be delivered at the same time as the desk.

My experience has been as bad as many others it seems going by the reviews here, more fool me for not looking for reviews.

As I said in the subject line this is the worst company I have dealt with in my 63 years on this planet!!!!


Ordered bedside tables and they turned up broken. The boxes they came in were fine so they must of been packed broken. Will not refund or replace and just blame the freight company. Do not deal with this company they are terrible!!!


Salesman provided wrong dimensions of the furniture to get the sale. Now that only part of the order has been delivered - it does't fit and is absolutely useless. On top of all this they have been lying about the delivery timeframes. Looking at all the other reviews it seems that i am not alone. Please avoid - its not worth the hassle. You will be extremely disappointed!!!!

Wish I could rate this store 0 stars!

I ordered a chest of drawers back in July '14. It is now the 29th of January '15. I still have not received my order.

When I originally placed the order, for pick up, it was when they were located at Blacktown Warehouse. My invoice says that my delivery will arrive within 13 - 25 days. 28 days later I rang to ask about my order. It hadn't come in yet. Quite a bit of time went by and I completely forgot about the drawers because I have a busy schedule, I ended up remembering in November and went on the website and found out that they had moved location, so my friends went all the way to Liverpool with a trailer to pick up these drawers. When they arrived, they were gone and apparently had been "picked up" which was obviously a lie as I am a disabled woman who couldn't possibly pick them up.
So long story short, they reordered my order in again... I've recently again, remembered that I had placed an order with them, which apparently actually arrived in November... Now the fact that a HUGE amount of time has passed in between orders is a very good indicator that they NEVER once emailed me to let me know that my order was ready to be picked up. EVER.

All they do is go on their website and update the little comment box on your order on the website. So if you are going to buy from this site, make sure you 1. Pay for delivery or 2. Check that website EVERYDAY!

This is beyond a joke. They are now trying to charge me a cancellation fee for their poor services, which will NOT be happening.

my.furniturestore.com.au - aka: Craig Mendel Enterprises Pty Ltd

All i wanted was a bed. What a drama... we are still waiting for our order 11 weeks after payment. the bed we ordered and received 5 weeks after order, is really bad quality, faulty and the main frame was broken upon opening of the very badly packed items.

we are still waiting for replacement parts and are not really sure what or if it will be arriving.. probably nothing at this rate.

They do not make sense when you try to contact via email or phone & you are just left feeling like a fool for dealing with them in the first place.. i will never deal with another company that is not listed on google (this prevents them from having online reviews)... i strongly advise anyone remotely thinking of ordering anything from them.. go elsehwere.

Terrible service

Ordered a queen bed from My Furniture Store online on the 5th August 2014, are told 8-10 weeks. Phoned today (9 weeks) and was told by the warehouse that it has only just been loaded on the ship from overseas. The delivery now will be another 4-6 weeks. I have to have the bed by the end of next week, otherwise can't have it.
I wish I had read this before hand.

Do not buy from them

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How long for delivery
3 answers
please contact us on 1300298461 we are happy to assist you Regards RozvitaI have tried calling numerous times on all the website contact numbers - the phone rings out and emailed them. No response!!This number Rozvita has posted also rings out!! Not happy at all!!!

Does anyone have a problem getting an email response?
2 answers
I rang them not emailedYes. No response from emails and all phone numbers ring out! Next stop Fair Trading!

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