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Worst. Service. Ever.

Where do I start?! It all started so well with an easy online order. Clearly that was the peak of the good experience. After being told 15-25 days until delivery, I waited until 30 days had passed to contact 'customer service' (I use the term VERY loosely) to get an update on my order (a lowline bookcase...not too difficult).
I made a total of 5 phone calls over the course of 2 weeks, left 3 messages and received substandard replies.

I think my personal favourite was when I eventually gave up on the phone and sent an email where I questioned their customer service standards, asked where my bookcase was (by now, the 25 days was well over) and advised if i had no response in 48 hours I'd be lodging a dispute with PayPal to return my funds.

The email i received back from who I assume was the owner (Craig Mendle) addressed none of my concerns and simply said that the product I'd ordered normally ships in 4-6 weeks.

Well. I was unimpressed. Having dealt with transport companies and working in logistics myself, I understand how long it should take for a truck to make it from Sydney to Melbourne. I advised that everything I had received indicated 15-25 days and asked for the exact ETD from Sydney.

I was told it left Sydney on the 30th. I would therefore expect delivery early this week - which thankfully did happen - so I called the transport company direct (they were very easy to deal with) and arrange delivery myself.

Props to the makers of the product, it is wonderfully built, nice and sturdy and the stain is just as we chose. Would definitely deal direct with them - will never use My Furniture Store again.

Word to the wise, if you do live interstate, stay on top of the delivery. PayPal give you 45 days to lodge a dispute.
The product itself
Everything else

This business is only interested in getting your money - no integrity.

I'm looking for a water hyacinth 100cm x 100cm coffee table. Sent MFS a msg asking could they get one as they have it in other sizes. Yes, 4 -5 weeks to get it from WA. Msg back I live in WA, could I pay them and pick up or have delivered in WA. Yes, $499 + delivery. Thought this was a bit expensive, but hey I couldn't find one in WA. Paid $100 deposit and asked where in WA it was coming from as I might be able to pick up, and how much was delivery. Wouldn't give me any answer about suburb and delivery was $90. Started feeling uncomfortable that I had given this guy my credit card details as he was so evasive about me getting this product myself.

He said the pick up details would be given on the tax invoice he would send and he couldn't remember the name of the supplier etc, but eventually told me it was IO Furniture in South Fremantle. All this in about 20 minutes. I immediately googled IO Furniture but the place doesn't exist in Sth Freo. Now I'm really worried. Phoned a large furniture store in Sth Freo and asked if there was an IO Furniture store anywhere there - no they were sure there was not. Told them a little about why I'd phoned and they said they had the product I was looking for - price $239. Phoned MFS back and asked again where the supplier was as I was feeling uncomfortable about the whole deal.

He became defensive, further evasive and rude. I said then that I would just cancel the deal and before I could ask for a refund on my deposit which he would not have had time to process he said there would be a cancellation charge. I was happy to pay this and get out of there until he told me it would be $169 !!!! $169 to process a refund of $100. The guy is crazy and I told him I would contact my bank. I did and they said they would take up the dispute if he took any money out of my bank. Next thing - $100 is taken out of my bank - after I had cancelled.

Then the tax invoice comes without my deposit recorded - I owe $499 and can pick up my product from the furniture store I contacted in Sth Freo !!!!! He would pay $239 if he bought retail - sure it would cost him to freight to melbourne but he doesn't need to do that as i would pay delivery or pick up. And he has my $100 deposit. I have this now with small claims and my bank. But i'm not hopeful of getting my deposit back.
Do not give your credit card details to this business. Why is he dealing as an online business and has no secure credit card facility? Unfortunately i have to give this guy a 1 star rating . That's the lowest option.

This is disgusting!

We bought a bed frame and they send us faulty and damaged piece. We trying to change this but they are lengthening the process making no sense and not ready to change but instead offered 30 AUD discount! What a JOKE!!!! We have spent 649 AUD on this queen exquisite bed pacific blue ( model- 198114209). Please spend your money somewhere worth it. Or else, you will regret it. We have already spent 2 months without bed in this cold freezing winter.

Do not buy from "my furniture store"

Ordered a $2700+ bedroom suite in Jan 2014 and was told it would be delivered within 4 weeks. Finally over 3 months later I have received my items, and realised that I was overcharged!! Contact very difficult, the phone constantly rings out. Tracking purchases online is impossible as the site isn't regularly updated. The delivery guys were ok- although I was later told my item sat in a truck for 2 weeks as it had broken down- a phone call or email would have been nice... and then to top it off the bed is a different colour to the tall boy and side tables.
I would not recommend them and certainly will not be purchasing from them again.

Bad service, no assembly instructions included for bed, bed different colour to the rest of the suite

My Furniture Store needs to get their act together if they want to stay in business!

What i purchased: 2 bookcases
ordered on: 11th jan 2014 from blacktown store, told that usually ships in 3-4weeks
[personal details removed]
Issues experienced: close to 4mth delay to receive goods, told that they had changed suppliers twice, no phone calls from store to let me know what was happening, found i was the one who had to constantly chase up the store to find out where things were up to. On two occasions - told i would receive a call back and i didn’t, instead had to call back and another time sent an email. Store contact numbers ring out, hard to reach and some numbers appear to be managed by o/seas call centre. Found i had to constantly ring the main sales number and just keep trying throughout the day until someone answered. Overall, big delays, lack of communication and customer service, hard to contact and get answers & unfilled promises.
Received goods on: 26 april 2014 finally! Delivery guys were quite pleasant & helpful, they rang me and left a voicemail message and also sent me a sms to re-confirm delivery & estimated time the night before, also responded to a reply sms i sent them promptly. On the day of delivery, they turned up as they had stated in the specified time. Can't fault the delivery guys 10/10 for them!
State of goods received: were wrapped in plastic on arrival, ,overall quality & workmanship was ok but i wouldn’t say it was perfect, they had imperfections which you could see, the main one was each bookcase had a 3cm rough crack which had been fixed up and painted over. Normally, i would have complained and had them replaced, but honestly after waiting so long, couldn’t be bothered with going through all the stress to have them returned and replaced. I could only imagine the dramas i would have if i tried.
Unfilled promise: when my goods finally had come in, i was told [name removed] was on holidays and dealt with [name removed] instead. I told him i had been waiting so long for my goods to come in. He promised that he would throw in 3 free pillows and a mattress protector for the long wait i had experienced when my goods got delivered, well guess what, no free stuff was sent.
Other reviews about my furniture store: i believe they are true and a real reflection of customers experiences and have been exactly what i have experienced, if the reviewers were really happy with their purchase, then they must have been extremely lucky, as most reviews speak for themselves. I am sorry that i didn't read the reviews here before purchasing. I can only hope things will improve and others won't experience what i and others have been through.
Would i purchase again from "my furniture store": no, i have no confidence in this store and would never recommend them to family or friends. I am hoping that “my furniture store” will read my review and take away my feedback as well as others here on "product review". They need to get their act together if they want to stay in business. I am an understanding and patient customer and i know that issues do arise and although the staff were never rude to me when i did follow up, they need to invest in customer service, the first thing is, they need to talk to their customers, be proactive, don’t hide behind emails, avoid calling back and not answering their phone lines, be upfront and let your customers know realistic delivery times and communicate with them about what is happening with their goods. Yes some customers, you will never be able to please and will be upset about delays etc but others will understand if they took the time to respect and keep them informed. I appreciate it’s hard to run a business, but remember the way you treat your customers goes a long way in the survival of any business. God, can only hope "my furniture store" gets this concept and does something to change it's ways!

My Furniture store

We are driving home from picking up our couch, which we ordered and PAID IN FULL for on the 4th December last year. After our original delivery date of mid Feb wasn't met, I waited patiently until mid March then asked for a refund. I was then conned into going with a different style of couch, which would apparently be put on the next truck to Victoria. After not hearing anything I called on Thursday (April 17th) and was told it had been in Melbourne for two weeks!!!!! Their so called warehouse is the storage king in thomastown, and they were completely unreliable with organising a time to meet us there. We checked our couch, and the chaise is on the opposite side to what we ordered.
I wish I had read the reviews on here and never got myself into dealings with these people. None of them are honest, trustworthy, or reliable. We paid in full and waited over 5months to now be driving home with a couch that isn't the shape or style that we ordered.
These people are infuriating to communicate with, they have no idea what customer service is or how to run a business and I hope they end up miserable with nothing.

Terrible service; constant lies; avoid all responsibility and blame it on suppliers; ridiculous delays; take full payment upfront with no guarantee; no Melbourne 'warehouse'; Incorrect items sent


After receiving my $2K+ bed, the hardware wasn't included. Took them 4.5 months to send the wrong hardware kit. And now they claim to have sent the correct one and won't take back the bed. I've been sleeping on the floor all that time surrounded by bed pieces. Sent endless amounts of emails and made weekly phone calls. Don't ever buy here!

Avoid at all costs

I ordered some bedding for my kids and I was told 15-20 days. This was 7th January 2014. I'm still waiting!!
The phone numbers do not work. Message bank is overloaded. Try calling their sales line, that's when they answer!
They are telling me mid April for my delivery. I asked for a refund and am now waiting for this to happen. Very unhappy. Avoid!! For an Australian company you would assume they make everything here? The amount of time I've been waiting, you'd think they are arriving from Jupiter!! Terrible. Absolutely disgusted.


Avoid at all costs! I tried to track my order online through the website but it was never updated. The phone number advertised never answers, I only attempted to contact them after my order was not received within the advised time frame. When you do get through they are argumentative and leave you with no confidence in their ability to deliver. To add to the issue the deliver company used were terrible, they didn't deliver the first day they said they were going to and did not communicate with me. I finally received the goods on the second day after 9pm and after I had chased the company throughout the day. The delivery people refused to assist me to get the items up the stairs. To add insult to injury they item delivered was a queen size not the king size I ordered and paid for, A ethical company would have queried the order. They may be cheap but there is no service. Save yourself the stress and buy elsewhere

Service, communication, delivery

Poor customer service

I had to continually ask for an update on the status of my order. The phone numbers on the website to enquire about orders are disconnected. Response time to emails was inadequate and did not answer the questions asked. I was beginning to wonder if this was an actual store or just a [censored word removed]. I finally received my order (which was a Christmas present and ordered within the time frame to get it before Christmas) on 7th January. It arrived with a small tear that was covered by the "fragile" tape on the plastic covering so could not be seen at the time of delivery. I dare not complain, as I know this will only cause more frustration. Think twice before ordering from this "best" online store!

Very disappointed

Although we managed to get a refund due to non-delivery within the generous time-frame allowed, we were deeply disappointed with the lies told and the failure to communicate until threatened. Although we were eventually assured the items were at the warehouse and had been shipped out from NSW to QLD (and had this in writing) upon phoning the delivery people in QLD they confirmed that they did not have the order on the truck. This was the final straw after a host of promises, lies and reasons for delay. I would recommend that if you wish to purchase from this site to do your homework and make sure you can get a refund if anything goes wrong.

bad service, lies

Something fishy with the operations

Delays, lies, online chat help? There isn't anyone to answer your question through live chat no matter what time of the day you try. They take the full amount without sending you items. Beware of t them. Not recommending them. Your customer service call is answered by someone from Philippines which would not have a clue of anything. There is only one person available in Australia which I am still have a doubt about it. Waste of time, money,...... Do not do any business with them unless you have extra money to spend. They say wide range of product but are does product in Australia ?



You will be dissapointed. Customer Care should not be even specified on their website because it doesn't exist. Items are not as described and they won't care about it. They will give you assurance that the situation will be rectified and then retract it. Once you get item, if it's not what you expect or defective, "tough", that's their motto.

Items not as described and defective. They will not address your concern and leave you stuck with it.

Terrible service, constant delays and lies

I've been waiting almost 6 months and still haven't received my entire order. The delivery date keeps getting delayed and because I've taken partial delivery they refuse to refund anything. [name removed] who is the person you deal with is always vague, you can have multiple conversations with him in the same day and he still asks you for your order number if you call back again. It's extremely frustrating having to deal with this company at all so do yourself a massive favour and stay clear of them, they are bad news and I would not wish my experience with them on my worst enemy.
At first their available range which I later discovered was mostly unavailable.
Everything, no decency, no values, no integrity.

Do not purchase

I have never dealt with such poor service. Failure to deliver on time with excuse after excuse and all items arrived faulty! Extremely rude to their customers and do not take any accountability for their faults!

Do not purchase from this Company! They will not deliver a satisfactory product at all.

Poor Service,Faulty

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How long for delivery
3 answers
please contact us on 1300298461 we are happy to assist you Regards RozvitaI have tried calling numerous times on all the website contact numbers - the phone rings out and emailed them. No response!!This number Rozvita has posted also rings out!! Not happy at all!!!

Does anyone have a problem getting an email response?
2 answers
I rang them not emailedYes. No response from emails and all phone numbers ring out! Next stop Fair Trading!

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