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Delivered items not as described or ordered

I ordered a dark stained wardrobe with three doors, centre one with mirror and specifically asked for no drawers - so the order stated 'All Hanging' wardrobe....specifically requested for my needs.
I actually got delivered a three door one with half mirror and four drawers at the bottom and a light honey colour stain.
I have emailed Craig a photo of the one I wanted and a photo of the one I got from their website to be sure, as Craig stated that he would send me a 'sketch' to make sure I get the right one next time....that was weeks ago and I still have not seen it...Craig stated he did not mind taking back the wrong items as he 'can resell' to someone who wants that colour and style.
Wrong cupboard delivered 14th Feb.
Still waiting for refund as requested ...
Still waiting for wrong items to be removed....
I have been in contact with Consumer Affairs SA for ongoing info and support.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance As advertised
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Funny how all the 'bad' reviews are on these pages but dont show up on their main page....only the good ones show there... :( ...not right.... :(

Worst retail experience I've ever had.

Initial order (2 beds); one was delivered damaged the other (as it was later explained) lost. Multiple calls (unanswered, their system cuts out after a few rings) and emails without response. When I finally get a call it's vague and unhelpful; staff clearly have no idea what's going on and have no real power to get things to happen. Finally get told of a replacement delivery day last Tuesday (it's now far too late for original purpose; over 3 months after ordered, but we take day off work to wait all day at home to receive anyway). Didn't arrive. Preparing to open a dispute with VISA to get money back. These guys are truly the worst I have ever had to deal with.

Product Quality

2 months of waiting

I made a purchase almost 2mths ago and yet still havent received it. I call them every week they keep saying next week but still nothing. I spoke to them 2 weeks ago and they said it will be shipped in 2days but yet still nothing. Rang them 2day and they acted surprised that I havent received it yet.... you and me both. I wouldnt waste my time or money with these guys. It would of been quicker if I made it myself.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Terrible Customer Service

We ordered a new bed, to receive it a month later, i wasnt too worried as it was over the Christmas period. When we then finally received the bed, there was a fault and it did not fit together correctly. After a month of contacting them to resolve this issue it is still not resolved. Not happy with the service atall.

Don’t buy here...... you won’t see the furniture

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Don’t give them your money you won’t see the product. I can’t stress how dodgy they are. I never saw any furniture and the correspondence was terrible. Incompetence at all levels.

The sold me something they no longer stocked then tried to get me to accept something else.
Which I reluctantly agreed to
Then they forgot to ship the new item
Then when I ask for a refund, they said the manager would have to call me first..............

Still waiting................

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance Not as advertised
I have now made a refund request and they won’t answer my callsHello, according to our records the goods which were ordered in for you have been ready for delivery to you , however you requested rather to be refunded (approved by manager) which has already been refunded - if you have not received the funds for whatever reason , please call us on 1300 298 461 and rectify immediately - thanking you manager (Craig).11/2/19 - Refunded - A full refund was sent to [Reviewers Name Removed as this was not disclosed by Reviewer] on Monday, 11 February 2019 - marked as refunded - CM If you check you Paypal account you will see your refund made on the 11/2/19 in your PayPay account (which I am sure you have overlooked) - once again we ask you to call us as we do not have any unanswered calls for you - so just call the 1300 298 461 and ask for me - so I can show you the refund made to you via PayPal - instead of these messages on this platform -

Do not spent a cent here!!

High prices, low quality furniture.. they are not helpful when it comes to warranty and is non existent.. furniture never arriving on time and damaged!! Run run run!!


I have been waiting the outcome of an investigation with the office of fair trading, preventing me from warning other consumers about the perils you face if you dare consider purchasing anything from this business.
I ordered and paid in full for several thousands of dollars worth of furniture in October 2018, needing delivery by Christmas to accommodate guests arriving. Several weeks went by with no contact, so I attempted to call to find out the progress of my order. It took over 10 attempts to speak to a person who dismissed my concerns and told me the order was on its way. A week later I receive an email telling me that several items can not be delivered as they are no longer in production and asking me to choose something else (keeping in mind that I had ordered specific pieces of furniture to match the rooms etc in my home) I went online and spent hours agonizing over new selections that would "work" with the previous order of goods that they could supply and submitted my request. Again a couple of weeks went by, in frustration I called and again getting through was exhausting and unhelpful. That afternoon I get another email, advising me that the new selected goods can not be supplied as they are no longer in production and to make yet another selection, and then the email signed off with "I hope you are happy and blessful day". No I was NOT happy. It took days of phone calls, an email trail a mile long to finally get to speak the the "manager", yes he agreed I could cancel my order however smugly reported he'd charge 50% cancellation fee of the entire order - this is including the items they could not supply - equaling over $2,500 in cancellation fees!!!! The "other furniture" arrived the following week, in torn boxes, two stools were supplied in different colours and the manager refused any further communication with me. I reported to fair trading, yes they said I have a solid case - they attempted to negotiate with this guy who just simply refused to communicate with them, and as such they only keep investigations open for 30days. My next avenue is QCAT however their site states that for some appeals they can charge thousands of dollars in application fees! Seriously the WORST decision I ever made!

Furniture arrived damaged and not coming together well after assembling

Seller informed about my issue and dissatisfaction. I have provided pictures of the damage as requested and asked for 10% refund due to the damage, which would have been much better for the seller than the hassle of disassembling and sending it back. I was advised that someone would get back to me. After a month of waiting I have sent another email inquiring about my case and was told that they are waiting for the supplier response and will contact me after that. That was 2 months ago, still no response.

Australian Worst Furniture Store on line

Not Australian's best store but the worst store on line. Not sure how they got all those 5 star rating from to post on their website. We ordered king size bed and PAID IN FULL AMOUNT (AS DEMAND) in Sep 18 and still waiting. During the time we followed it up a number of time and were constantly told it was on the way. The promise was the delivery before Xmas. But it never happened. When we followed it up again on Dec 27th, we were told by one staff that they were somewhere in Sydney and then on Dec 28th Craig (claimed to be the store manager) called that they couldn't deliver it, blaming their overseas supplier. What a lie. Not just because of the conflicting message from them, but they could have told us a lot earlier if there were genuine problems with overseas supplier. And yet Craig denied all responsibilities. Note they demanded full payment of ~$1,000 from us 3 months ago so that they could have cash flow to make money somewhere else, while we had to wait for over 3 month and all for nothing. To us this conduct was misleading and deceptive. Craig also said he would refund us the money but until today Jan 2nd 2019, nothing happened. We have been fooled by them all the way. We are going to take them to the Consumer Affair.

Sorry we strongly disagree - your bed is ready and has been ready for the delivery but you threatened legal action and did not understand that freight companies also are entitle to time off off the festive season - also we offered your a full refund + interest which you refuse to accept - so we will advise consumer affairs all this and let them try intervene - have never has a case like this in 28 year in retail but I guess there is a first for everything -I am really surprised by your comment that 1). you had the bed ready for delivery but we threatened legal action; and 2). you offered us full refund + interest but we refused to accept. I don't think either of you comment makes any sense. 1).We have been waiting > 3 months and if you had our bed and ready for delivery, why we wanted to threaten you with legal action? And going through such stress to report you on line and to consumer affair? We would be more than happy to take the delivery. 2). If you had offered us full refund + interest, why we would refuse to accept? This doesn't make sense. Or have you got anything to back up your claim? The truth is that we actually demanded full refund + interest after finding out that you didn't have our bed and prepared to cancel our order. Although you were reluctant to agree on the refund, you refused to offer any interest. So I don't know how you got the story that we refused to accept your offer of refund + interest? In fact we received nothing from your store since our call on Dec 27th, 2018. No writing, no email and no payment. 3). You were saying you never had a case like this in 28 years in retail. I am surprised. Let me make reference to https://www.productreview.com.au/p/my-furniture-store.html?rating=1#reviews. There is a list of complaints about your terrible service and all with similar story. For example, report by Marzan on Nov 10th, 2018, by Peter on Oct 30, 2018, by Ysyd on Aug 24, 2018, by Kergs22 on Jun 7, 2018, and by Karen on Apr 20, 2018. I can go on and on. So sorry I strongly disagree with your comment. Are you telling the truth (or lie)?

Terrible service, still haven’t received product or refund

I’ve ordered a large display cabinet on 18th September, expected delivery was 2-3 weeks. 3 weeks later I email them but unfortunately didn’t receive any reply. Few days afterwards I called and they started making ridiculous excuses (supplier hasn’t provided them the product yet blah blah) and said they’ll get back to me - no one did! So I called back again to follow up, again excuses. After back and forth calls, this lady told me they’ll receive the product following week Tuesday so I can expect it in 2 weeks. Fine, so I did; 2 weeks later - no news still. I called back and they’re telling me the same story as they did 2 weeks ago! I’m still waiting for the display cabinet to come almost 2 months later. Pathetic company, considering to take legal actions if they don’t provide a refund ASAP.

Poor Service and Lack of Communication

After speaking to the manager, Craig, I purchased a Console Hall table online on 13th Sept. Craig promised me that 3 were on order and due to arrive in a container within a couple of week. One of the 3 would be allocated to me. On 28th Sept I was told it would be another 2 weeks. On 17 Oct I emailed asking when I could expect delivery. I did not receive a reply. On 22nd Oct I telephoned. I was told that the 3 on order were dispatched to other clients. I asked for full refund. On 24th Oct I received an SMS from Nadine suggesting I choose a different model and I was emailed a summary for an Item I did not want. I replied via email and telephone saying that I wanted a full refund. On 29th Oct I emailed Craig asking for a full refund. My email was received and read as I requested send and read receipts. I again tried telephoning Craig but have been unable to contact him. I have not received my refund.
Following a telephone call with Craig on 30th Oct a refund is in progress.

Avoid this company - zero customer service and zero support. Plenty of other online furniture compa

I paid for my furniture four weeks ago and I still haven`t received all my items. The first delivery was a fiasco. I was given a delivery time but did not receive a confirmation text the night before as promised. The furniture finally turned up at 1:30pm when I was told it was locked in for a 7am delivery. This company has no staff available for Customer Support on Saturdays so I had no idea if my furniture was actually coming. A total joke! I had paid the extra money for a two man delivery but it was just one guy on his own who turned up. I had to chase this company to find out about my furniture 16 days after placing my order ...they provided no follow-up at all. It seemed like they were very disorganised ...one department not knowing what the others were doing. This company only makes deliveries two days each week which makes it a very slow process when you factor in their 10 - 20 day delivery window. Never again!

Poor service. Delivery delayed by 3 months! Charge Ridiculous Fees

I hesitated for months but decided to write a review of this store. In April, I ordered a set of living and dining furnitures from this store, delivery was to be in June per their website, however the delivery was delayed for far too long!! - a few pieces were delayed by 2 months, delivered in Aug - of which two were faulty; the rest they told me will be delivered in September - that's 3 months delay, yet, I asked many times, till this day they still wouldn't tell me exactly when my furniture will be delivered.

Even worse, I called many times to enquire about my furniture delivery, no one answered my calls; left 5 messages, no one ever call back. It was when I emailed and said I would write a review about their business, someone finally called me back.

One piece of the furniture was delayed by 2 months, when I said I wanted to cancel the order of this item, they told me to ship it back to their warehouse, and that a 50% fee will be charged!!! Yet on their website, there is such fees stated anywhere!!! No refund policy stated anywhere either.

I realised they only stock limited furnitures, all my furnitures were shipped from overseas after we order them, which is why taking so long, yet they falsely state the delivery date was to be earlier on their website.


p.s. Aug 25 update: I can't believe it. Yesterday a week after my email enquiry about my furniture delivery, the rep at the store replied saying my orders will arrive by end of Sep - that means the delivery will be October!? I ordered their products in Apr 2018. What a joke!!! I am so disappointed and frustrated with such poor service!!

Do NOT buy anything from this store

We ordered a bedroom suite including wardrobes to be built in solid timber. Paid the $5000 price and when the order arrived it was made in cheap chip board and MDF. The quality of the workmanship was the worst I have ever seen. Received part refund but had to go to Fair Trading and NCAT to get my deposit of $2000 back. The owner of this store is not to be trusted as he will blame everyone else for his cheap ripoffs.

Hi Sandra, both ourselves and the Australian made manufacturer were more than prepared to remake your custom made furniture in solid timber for you and bent over backwards to try help - but you refused to accept any possible solution - we went to the tribunal to try to find a solution and in the end refunded you as there was just no reasoning and we preferred you to go to another store and let them have your business.Seriously that is your response, might have been better for you if you had said nothing. You offered to remake only after you tried to rip me off and you wanted me to trust you and the manufacturer.

Disappointing customer service

Purchased an entertainment unit online, called after 5 days just for update, was advised that product is on it's way and to try again in a week. Second week called again to be told its out of stock with the supplier. Nobody had alerted this to us and it was not until our second call that we were advised of this. Explained we would need to buy a new entertainment unit over the weekend and she said she's send the refund to her manager to process, with no sense of apology or urgency. Would not recommend.

Do Not Order From My Furniture Store

I purchased a bed online from My Furniture Store and it was one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a company. I am not one to write a review but with the experience I have had (similar to others on this page) I felt the need to. I ordered a bed on 03/05/2018 and it said 10 - 20 days for delivery. By the 23/05/2018 I had not heard from anyone. Mind you it is next to impossible to get in contact with anyone at this store. When you ring, most of the time no one answers and it just rings out with no option to leave a voicemail. When I spoke to someone in the existing sales team, they informed me that the order didn't get picked up by the courier because the courier 'didn't show up'. They said it would leave the warehouse the following Monday the 28th of May and would be received later that week. I called on 30/05/2018 because I hadn't heard anything and they said there has been a delay and it won't go until 04/06/2018 and to expect the bed later in the week. I then asked if I could pick it up from the warehouse in Melbourne, they told me that wasn't an option as I chose delivery. Turns out the bed was still in NSW as I spoke to the courier company on 04/06/2018. The courier company sent me a text saying are you home between 11am - 2pm on 12/06/2018 so apparently it won't get to me by the end of this week. I requested a refund because I have waited over a month, been lied to and stuffed around which 'management' are now refusing to provide a refund. I have had to request my bank to follow this up because I cannot speak to anyone that can actually do anything for me in this company. I will never purchase anything again from them and will tell my friends and family the same!

Purchased a bed paid for it was told to come pick it up get there and was told that they don't have

Purchased a bed get it home the bed is badly damaged no one will return my calls left messages asked to speak to a manager apparently they don't have a manager

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It is unlikely a bed is not available then in the second line you mention it is damaged - and yes I am the manager so please call if any issues - all our products come with min 12 month warranty - and always happy to assist - thanking you - manager -

Taken My Money, Are Unable To Deliver the Product But Still No Refund

I have never had any issues with online purchases until I made a purchase with My Furniture Store. It also seems from reading other reviews that my experience is not an isolated case. I made a purchase at the end of January over the phone. After checking with the manufacturer that the items were available payment was taken for the goods. Time went by and I heard nothing about delivery. I rang the numbers I had from the sales order and left messages. I also emailed to find out the status of my order. Eventually I received a phone call saying the items were no longer available and would l like to choose something else. No thanks I will have a refund. Well that was over two months ago and despite numerous phone calls which weren't returned and a number of emails which also went unanswered I eventually got through to someone who said that she wasn't authorised to give me a refund but would pass it on for approval. I think by this stage my comment was that you can't take someone's money and not provide the goods therefore I was entitled to a refund and looked forward to receiving it. Well no refund was forthcoming. I was now at a complete loss as to what to do. They don't answer emails nor any of the phone numbers on the sales order. If I can't communicate with them how do I get my money back. I ended up driving out to the Auburn Store thinking that I could solve this face to face even though Auburn was a considerable distance from my home. Well that did me no good as the saleswomen in the store advised me she was not authorised to give refunds. Only the owner was able to do this. She confirmed that I was entitled to a refund and said that the manager would ring me on Saturday to process the refund. That was one month ago. I am now taking the matter to Fair Trading as I feel I have exhausted all other avenues and I am owed over $1200. Please think twice before purchasing through this company. If you read the reviews there are common recurrent themes relating to lack of customer service, inability to contact anyone for assistance, and difficulties getting your money back even though no goods have been delivered. It's a very consistent pattern of behaviour. Give your business to someone that values you as a customer.

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It is unlikely that we would not give you a refund should we not be able to supply - so please call me (Craig - manager) if this is still an issue and will solve for you instantly - thanking you.

Don't Bother!!

This company doesn't deserve any stars at all!! They take your money and then completely ignore you. They don't answer any of the 3 phone numbers they have provided on their website. Your phone call gets directed to an answering service that passes on the message that won't get answered. They don't respond to emails either. Honestly I don't understand how these people are still in business. They should have been shut down by now. The savings are really not worth the headache and frustration. I ended up cancelling my order through a case on PayPal and getting a full refund and these people CANNOT BE TRUSTED AT ALL!!!! Absolutely appalling non-existant service. Anyone giving them a positive review is either a relative or friend so you can't believe that either!!!

We do not not agree that we take any customers money and ignore them - we have over 5 lines and do our best to answer calls as timely as possible - calling our valuable and appreciative customers liers also will not get you anywhere - so your review above seems made up to us so as to discredit our business! Thanking you - management.Oh now you’re responding!! Too late. If you respond to your customers like a company that respects and appreciates their customers should, you wouldn’t receive so many negative comments and I wouldn’t have cancelled my order. Don’t bother trying to justify yourselves, your actions prove everything and words absolutely nothing...

Worst customer service. I'm traumatised.

We purchased a bed in November 2017. They said it will be ordered in and will take 6 weeks.
15 weeks later still hasn't arrived. We ask them for money back. And then they insist it will be delivered the same weekend.
So we put our trust in them once again only to have delivered the wrong bed!!!
Are you guys joking!

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How long for delivery
3 answers
please contact us on 1300298461 we are happy to assist you Regards RozvitaI have tried calling numerous times on all the website contact numbers - the phone rings out and emailed them. No response!!This number Rozvita has posted also rings out!! Not happy at all!!!

Does anyone have a problem getting an email response?
2 answers
I rang them not emailedYes. No response from emails and all phone numbers ring out! Next stop Fair Trading!

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