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Can these meals be frozen for use at a later date?
1 answer
Hi there, Absolutely! You can definitely freeze the meals upon receiving to extend the shelf life for up to 8-12 weeks. With the vacuum sealing, it also helps limit any negative effects of freezing like frost burn as well. Hope that helps, if you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch with our Support crew via email us team@mymusclechef.com or call 1300 364 993.

is the product designed for weight loss
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Do you heat food with what you packed vaccum Seal? Or put food on the plate and heat them?? What's the best option???
1 answer
Great question Sarah! Our recommendation for best results is to heat your meals in the container they arrive in with the vacuum sealed film - just be sure to remove the paper sleeve first! Otherwise you can remove the film before heating, or take the meal out of the container altogether and heat it on a microwave safe plate. We suggest heating meals for 1min to begin with, then heating for an additional 20-30s until it reaches the desired temperature. Hope that helps, if you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch with our Support crew via email us team@mymusclechef.com or call 1300 364 993 thanks!

Is the meat fresh or frozen?
1 answer
Hi Locky, Our meals are prepped fresh to order and frozen upon delivery :)

How much are they gonna be?
1 answer
That depends completely on your meal plan, and if you are getting it delivered. All the prices can be found on the website, but If you’re getting the big boxes it come out to roughly $8-9 per meal.

Hi can you please send me a list of the meals that dont contain alcohol and are halal certified?
1 answer
Hi Mutlu, Thanks for your query. Please email team@mymusclechef.com and our support team will be able to assist.

Is the meat fried ?
1 answer
Not usually, depends which menu item.

Can you deliver to a australia post parcel locker? I can only receive from there
1 answer
No, they are not delivered by AusPost and come in a white esky box with ice packs.

Do you deliver to Regency Downs area 4341?
1 answer
Thanks for your question! It looks like we don't currently deliver to that area I'm afraid :( you can check your postcode at this link for updates: https://www.mymusclechef.com/delivery

Hello, are you meals halal?
1 answer
Hi Fatima, thanks for your question! The meat we use is halal except for the kangaroo, but there are meals that are cooked with alcohol which you would also want to avoid - please email team@mymusclechef.com for an up to date list of suitable meals :) thank you!

Hi I would like to see reviews on results for losing weight. thank u
4 answers
I'm not sure what the question is. I'm following 1200 cal plan and have been for 4-5 weeks. Lost 3.8 kgbso far. Obviously exercising as well.Im not on the weight loss plan as im doing bulking but ive lost fat and gained weight , my house mate is on weight loss plan and has lost a lot of weight nearly 10 k with 2 meals a day with his own breakfast and just light walkingI have lost about 6kgs in 6 weeks on these meals. I do minimal exercise, but I think switching away from takeaways to clean eating has really helped.

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