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My Police Check

My Police Check

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Staff were extremely helpful from the beginning. I got a prompt email telling me exactly what I needed to do. Cant say anything better. A good experience. Thank you Michael and Lexi great job. Thank you.

This is easy and fast.

Excellent service and it is clear to fill the application and quick response, save the time by doing it on line. Very easy to understand. I would recommend to friends.

Great and fast service

Very practical and easy way of obtaining a police check online. It took less than half an hour. I receive my results the next day.
Thorough and secure check of identity documents.


Excellent service and fast service to the clients. Properly look into crime records and provide clear information about the background by analysing two to address. Fast email of certificate which is helpful who need fast result for their job requirements

This is perfect service.

I would like to say thank you so much for helping and supporting. I’ve got the document in a few days. How is great service!
Thank you so much.

police check

I did have a question and emailed to the address that I was at bottom but FOUR times my email bounced back ummmm why?? For any enquiries, email us at info@mypolicecheck.com.au.

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Hi Marie, Thank you so much for your feedback, and for bringing to our attention that the email address quoted in the email you have received from us is incorrect. Our apologies that this was not updated recently when we changed our contact email address. We have had this updated to ensure future communication is sent quoting the correct email which is enquiries@mypolicecheck.com.au. If you have any questions at all, please email us and we can certainly assist you! Many thanks, the My Police Check Team.

Very easy

My Police Check has been very helpful and is very easy to use. It was not a hard website to use when making my police check.
There was no difficulty or issues throughout the process.

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Thank you for the feedback, Jessie!

Fantastic customer Service

I did my police check back last year in September online using my Police Check, submitting all documents was easy.

I contacted admin after I could not find where I saved my police check they contacted me straight away and sent an attachment of my certificate to me, their service was very professional.

I do have to say....my husband did his online with another online company ( National Crime Check ) the same time I did mine and he has to reapply here was their response....

"Thank you for your email. (Response)

Once an application has been lodged and results returned by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission we cannot refund in this instance.

All police history information is kept for 3 months as per our ACIC accreditation requirements. All police history information is destroyed after 3 months.

You are able to obtain a copy of your police check within 3 months. After this, a new police check application will be required. "

I'm very glad I went with my Police Check

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Thank you for the amazing feedback, Renee! We are so pleased to have been able to help you; and that you found the process so simple.

This is super fast and good in providing assistance too.

Easy to apply and get the result within 30 min. Very good services and assistance if any documents missed out. It's cheaper than other organizations. I had a very good experience with cited.

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Thank you for the feedback, Rita! We appreciate you taking the time to let us know of your great experience!

Great work

Excellent service great work really appreciate the work and it was done in few hours thank for for excellent feedbacks and corrections that made the work better and faster. Thank you

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Thank you for the great feedback, Diva! We are so pleased that we could assist you with your Police Check.

Communication was efficient and I a timely manner

Waiting time was very reasonable
Cost was effective
Abit of time spent on gathering my visa that I never knew I had but obviously got to the objective in the end

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Thank you for the feedback! We are pleased that you had positive experience!

read all info before paying

service was okay but if you need or require police check in the time listed or suggested , read it again , i used this site due to speed of return info but still had to wait over a week, it would of been quicker to lodge at post office for less , however report came through so no issue

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Hi Harry, although we do have 70% of our Police Check requests returned within an hour, sometimes they can take up to 14 business days to return. We commit to submitting all Police Check requests we receive to the National Police Checking Service (NPCS) as soon as we receive them, to ensure they can begin processing the requests right away for a fast return. We have no control over when the check will return, however thank you for the feedback. We will certainly continue to work with the National Police Checking Service to ensure checks are returning as soon as possible.

Highly effective and really friendly

Thank you for the help, and much-deeper thoughts have been triggered when I am also trying to get a police check from China.
In front of law-abiding residents, there are two completely different public administration philosophies in Australian and China. In Australia, the police are more like public servants for the neighbourhood and communities, while in China, most police staff are highly self-esteemed as governors or officials of people, and every residents in front of them are a potential violators or breakers of rules/laws and regulations.

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Thank you for the feedback, Ben! We are so pleased that you found this process highly effective and the team friendly!

Fantastic Site, Quick & Eay

This is an excellent website, the turnaround time is fantastic. Any queries are relayed back promptly for us to correct.
Wonderful, I would recommend to anyone. We use this website all the time for our staff, overseas people as well as local. Highly recommended

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Thank you for the wonderful feedback!

Police Check for John L Ross

Pretty happy with the process and a great and helpful response from operator with particular reference to Taylor.

A very BIG thank you for your support.

The Finance & Insurance providers we work with are equally happy

Happy New Year to the team at My Police Check.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review, and for referencing our team member Taylor! We are always here to help, and so pleased that you had a great experience. Happy 2019 to you too!Pleased to hear that.

Not what was expected

I was under the presumption that the check would be done via Queensland Police and not the national data base. Waste of money for me, I now have to pay for a Queensland only check via someone else.

Fast ... maybe too fast.

I started the process and entered my credit card details and before I had even completed the process, the money was taken out of my account. I didn't have all the information required to complete the process; however it was easy to resume it some days after. I received the Police Check in very good time.

Its a good platform to run your police check

The turn around time is excellent. Also impressed with your human relations. I recommend this site for anyone who may need to carry out a police record check for job placement or any related issues.

Excellent and swift service.

The police check website interface is very user friendly, easy to navigate and the instructions are comprehensible. The result also came out swiftly in 48 hours. Very convenient for job applications.


I was very happy with the results of my police check. The process was simple and it was processed very quickly. Now I can proceed with my job applications. Thank you to all involved.

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Thank you for the great feedback Katie! We are very happy to assist, and so glad that you can now proceed with your job application!

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Questions & Answers

Do you get a Victorian police check certificate or do your receive a certificate only from your company? I need an actual police certificate with Victorian police water mark etc.
No answers

i have done my police check on line, paid got receipt but i did not get a certificate can you please tell me how i get one?
No answers

does it take long to upload a photo as it has not moved so is it okay to cancel and start again?
1 answer
Hi, I did mine all through my phone. It was quick and their system responsive.