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Loving my morning Latte!

My chino is my morning bestie! Coffee machine is easy to use and maintain, just what I need on early morning start. My cafe latte is always smooth and silky just the way I like it with the perfect coffee strength. Definitely a great buy and recommended. Thumbs up for me!

Date PurchasedJun 2018


I have had 3 coffee machines that had life time warranty and each time i was conned into buying more coffee to get a replacement coffee maker very bad customer services, how can a company operate like that. Don't care. Disgusting. If they treat customers like that don't deal with them.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Half Decent

Everyone keeps banging on about how they're a fraud, scammers ect & do not buy for this reason. That is not true. They were probably just too hard to understand over the phone with poor English for you to understand that the $49 payments are ongoing for 13 fortnights. You pay the $49 for 13 fortnights which covers the cost of the coffee pods which works out cheaper than buying the same amount of capsules at Aldi (I did the maths) & in return you get the coffee machine & milk frother free plus free 12 months warranty for the coffee machine & frother. Simple really but they are hard to understand, agreeable. I did sign up over the phone & after reading all of these reviews, I don't think I was "one of the lucky 50 people who've won a free coffee machine".

The taste of the coffee is a 5/10, even the flavoured ones like caramel latte. The hot chocolates are pretty pathetic, even Aldi's hot chocolates taste better. Honestly will not be re-purchasing any coffee. Glad I only have a couple payments left. I'm just going to pretend some of the money I paid went towards the coffee machine & milk frother as the coffee is shithouse.

Customer service I'd rate 8/10, quite good. My milk frother stopped working at the fault of my partner & I received a new one (frother) within about a week, I kept my partner.

All in all, I'd say don't buy. Not because they're frauds, but because the coffee is crap. Hoping I win a $250 holiday reward as they've offered for leaving a review to help make me feel better about sacrificing $49 of my Centrelink money every fortnight for ages. It's an honest review, I should be entitled.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Don’t do it!

Received a phone call that I had ‘won’ a coffee machine, valued at $299, had to pay for 7 boxes of pods however. Later on in the phone call, they tell me it’s $49 a fortnight for 13 payments. The lady also wouldn’t let up after telling her I was not interested and she kept interrupting me. ‘Scam alert’.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Doesn't work waist of money wouldn't recommend to any body

No to strong and not very tasty would think other products are better the sales team are very pushy and no help when told coffee machine no good please stay away from mycino I'm better of buying a real coffee machine I've waisted a lot of money for nothing and think I'm over chargeed for this machine that does not work

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Very happy with the quality of the coffee, my machine works great

I was buying Nespresso capsules and they are not only expensive but they are also aluminium. Which turns out to be not so good. The MyCino range of pods are BPA free plastic so I feel much better when I make my 4 or 5 cups of coffee each day.

Not sure why others are complaining about the cost... big savings to be made on both the capsules when compared to Nespresso and they give you a free machine worth $299. And might I add, its a very stylish, and sleek machine. I guess you can't please everyone. I actually liked the fact that they split up the payment into fortnightly instalments, so I wasn't having to fork out the cost all at once.

I'm thinking of buying another one for the office.

I give MyCino a big thumbs up, but, not so sure about their customer service as I have not had to deal with them.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

My Mum always said if it seems to good to be true !!!

It took a while to come, I don't drink coffee but thought hay for $49 I will give it to a lady I know who cannot afford one, so having given it away, then finding out I had to make payments for months, and thinking I can't ask for it back, I had to carry on paying, then she told me it was leaking water all over the place. So I boxed it up and sent it back, in all fairness they sent me another machine which to date is OK. But it has caused me some grief, and they should lay it out cleary, that it is not one payment, as a pensioner it hit me where it hurts, and I am still paying.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Leaks everywhere, poor customer service and slow.

I was conned into 'buying' this free machine, It has been returned twice in 6 months for replacement as it didn't work. Third machine still leaks everywhere and is very slow. My credit card was scammed whilst overseas and Mycino payments were delayed and although Mycino had my email address they tried to ring my mobile phone which was out of range. Rather than email me with the problem they sent the missed payment directly to a debt collector- appalling customer service and very embarrassing. Do not deal with this company. The coffee might be good but the service and equipment leaves a lot to be desired.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

This company are scammers! Stay away from them, and their fake named call center liars!!!

I got a phone call saying I won a $300 machine. I asked what the catch was and the scammer replied "hahaha there is no catch, all you have to do is buy YOUR OWN capsules". So later on in the call, she said "you will be receiving a free machine and 7 boxes of capsules, you will also be receiving 7 packets of complimentary capsules, all for just a $49 payment, and if you don't like it, you get a full refund and get to KEEP the machine as it's a free gift from us to you"
Got 7 boxes (700 capsules) delivered, terrible coffee, faulty machine leaking everywhere... so I cancelled.
I emailed the company and got some arrogant guy refusing to believe anything I was saying, telling me I have to pay $700 to get a free machine, that I was not told that the machine was mine to keep, and that I am not entitled to a full refund because I signed up to some crap that I was never told about. He refused to even accept what I was saying that I had been told, and as soon as I asked if their calls are recorded... well that was the last time I ever heard from them.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Mycino - terrible client relations & customer service

I too fell into the "too good to be true" giveaway of a "free" Mycino coffee machine if I paid a fortune for 7 boxes of coffee pods, billed at $49 per month until paid. We have now been billed twice (per fortnight) but no sign of the actual product - either coffee or coffee machine. I sent an email to Mycino yesterday and was told there was a delay due to the unexpected demand for product. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! As I have said to them, if they knew there was a delay then why did they wait until contacted by their customers? I sent an email titled "Have I fallen for a scam?". I am thoroughly disgusted with the lack of customer service and will be cancelling my contact with them.....if they argue the point, next stop is the ACCC!!!

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Fraud written all over it

The machine does not work. It is slow and leaks everywhere. Not worth 299 in my opinion.
We were told it was free, that we won it. All they were to take was a one off payment of 49 to deliver that along with pods. It has been 6 payments later. We disputed it and threatened to report them, and they took nothing that week. But a fn later they started up again. And emailed us back that we need to send machine back if we want transactions to stop.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Tastes good and i got a free machine

I had to buy 7 boxes of coffee but no other company offers me a free machine. Ive had no issues with the machine and surley they will fix it if i do. Isnt there a 12 month warranty? i need coffee everyday and this helps me with that fix.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

paying for goods unrecieved

I wasn't told there were ongoing costs. I was led to believe $49 was a one off payment basically for postage and I was to trial and submit review of product . I've received nothing but have made the payment am I the only person paying for nothing. I would now like to cancel the order I believe they were misleading with prices they plan on billing me nearly $700. I would have never agreed to that and don't wish to pay that money for nothing

Date PurchasedApr 2018

not about the pruduct

They told me of the $49 payment but i don't recall anything about an ongoing payments. it's not just a scam, Huh it's flat out fraud and if there's any way to cancel it before it starts i'm going to make sure i do so as soon as posible. any sugestions

Date PurchasedMar 2018

It's a scam they send faulty machine

It's crap, a free coffee machine worth nearly 300 dollars, but they send you a broke faulty machine, wasting over priced coffee pods, that needs too be watered down just to make half a cup. This is my second purchase after harassing calls over months, telling them I lost my job, I don't want a more expensive product with less coffee pods, and for the second time received a faulty machine on first delivery.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

An okay product, not worth the upfront cost.

Had to buy 2 years worth of pods upfront ($700) to get a $299 coffee machine for free. Was not really what I expected, I was told it was a Nespresso brand and wasn't The pods can be used in a Nespresso machine but was advised not to. Cleaning was easy but our old Aldi one was easier.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

This is good product. A bit expensive though

Bought the machine when I received promo call. Well, the machine was free when I bought seven coffee capsule boxes.
Though it’s a bit expensive. :)
I liked the machine though, it’s multipurpose.

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Questions & Answers

I'd like to know if other pods are compatible with this machine? And f so what ones and where do you purchase them?
1 answer
Yes, you can use any pod that is Nesspresso compatible. But don't forget to check if the pod is eco friendly like the MyCino pods.

are the pods combatable with any other brands of pods?
1 answer
Yes, you can use any Nesspresso compatible pod

water pouring out when making coffe how can i fix this problem?
3 answers
Simple send the rubbish back I have the same problem there a waist of money and rubbishNo I will keep it there must be a way to fix itI haven't a problem with mine I LOVE it!


Mycino Espresso
CategoryCapsule / Coffee Pod Machines
Price (RRP) $299.00
Colour / Finish Black
Dimensions 165 x 155 x 540 mm
Weight5.8 kg
Capsule CompatabilityNespresso
Milk FrotherSeparate

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