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Horrible service

I made an online purchase in January, which I have still not received.
I did not receive an email confirmation of purchase, yet credit was deducted from the gift card I used to make the purchase, and the item was never delivered.

I did contact the help desk 3 times, visited the Northland store, though they were not helpful.

I've emailed numerous times with response to 2 emails only, from 2 different people, both asking for the same details, which I provided in the original email, then again to the second person.
My emails asking for updates are being ignored.

Myers' retail service has always been poor, their online service is even worse.

I'm $100 out of pocket, have no product and no means of getting this sorted.

Online Store - Hit and Miss

Trying to put through click and collect purchase today - website is down.

The wheel keeps spinning and I cannot select my store (attached)
I work in IT so I test another computer and my phone... same problem.

No worries.

Went to reach out to Myer online ... no live chat? Really? They must use Facebook Messenger.
They do but 3 hours later - no reply. I'm going to try calling next but I'm pretty sure that will yield no response.... it's not urgent so I'll try again tomorrow.

Also checked @Myer on twitter. Only found two really sad photos of the retail experience from a customer (they were moaning about the dull look - I've attached here!)

It's such a sad day for Australian Retail.

These department stores never latched on to the internet and eCommerce mastery. Now they are paying so dearly with lackluster sales, angry shareholders, dwindling customer numbers.

We need to make Australian Retail Great Again!
Myer. You need to pick 100 of your top customers and get them in a paid workshop to literally reinvent your business from top to bottom.

Staff in your stores are all tarnished with the same brush. That is, they're lazy and don't care. I know that's not true for all staff. By letting the poor staff get away with such bad behaviour for so long you have a mammoth culture problem now. It's nearly accepted and your staff are not striving to deliver and exceed expectations.

It's truly so sad.

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14 days to deliver to another capital city

I bought a gift online on 31 May. It was to be sent to an address in another capital city. I chose Myer because, as a national business, I thought they would be able to deliver quickly from their local store. It has still not been delivered. When I look online, projected delivery date is 14 June. They are sourcing it from Perth, I.e. the other side of the country (although it is still not clear why it is taking so long). There was no indication that this would be the case, or of the expected delivery date, on the website when I ordered the item. I note you cannot find any contact on their website for providing feedback. Rubbish service. Will be using offshore sites or other local stores in future. Why is it so easy to reliably have things sent from the uk within a week when we can’t seem to manage the same domestically?

Product Quality
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2 years ago I shopped online at Myer. Items were sent from several different store from across the country requiring several trips to the post office. At the same time, I also shopped online at David Jones who were professional, timely and accurate. David Jones was my first choice to shop this week however they didn’t stock the item I wanted. So back to Myer. Yet again, false promises, lack of communication, lost order and a very “cate less” attitude. Very quick though to accept my money. Currently they have over $600 and I have none of what I ordered and no-one cam tell me anything other than they have my order. I am amazed that almost EVERY other retailer (large or small) has their act together yet MYER are impossible. Won’t ever shop online or in person again Myer - not happy Jan!!!

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The SLOWEST online purchase

I have had things from the UK take less time to get her. FREE delivery must be by carrier pigeon, oh that would be quicker. Seriously these guys cant compete, if you have shares get out. I live in country NSW fair enough it always takes an extra bit, BUT this shop has by far the longest delivery time. I would have of paid the $2.95 difference in express post IF THEIR SITE let me but no you have to pay the full. Good job if you live in the 1990's.

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Unreliable website

I purchased 1 top from the online store, but they sent me 2 which was contemplating ordering a few weeks ago, but did not 'remove'. Hopeless website to get around. If they want people to use their online business they really need to improve their site...

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Another reason why I never shop at Myer

I made an online purchase for my partners b'day present. Three weeks later and I am still waiting. I've spoken to three different people who never can tell me what's going on, the last call they told me that Myer is a big store and they have a lot of orders to fill and they are a bit behind. This is no excuse. It's disgusting. I've always been a David Jones shopper, I only went to Myer when I found the product I wanted and was supposedly in stock. 3 weeks later and my partner is still waiting for his gift.
I will never set foot in a Myer store again. No wonder you're going under guys.
Pity you don't give a damn

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What a JOKE but I'm not laughing!!!

I've spent an hour trying to purchase online as the Click and Collect option didn't have all of the items I wanted. Tried to edit an address that was supposed to have been edited previously by a Myer representative 6 months ago and still hadn't been completed, I was cut off at least 6 times while waiting, my MYER 1 card number has been scrambled in with terms and conditions on the back of the card (not legible), so I then had to call to get my MYER 1 number and after entering that several times with a password that I know is correct because I used it to log into my account, I was blocked for too many attempts at logging in. No wonder they are going broke - MYER - get you online ordering and service centre sorted out!!!!!

Product Quality
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Click and collect, What The!

Went online to purchase an item of clothing, all was fine until i clicked on the click and collect button which told me the item was available to collect at other stores but not the closest to where i live. I thought click and collect was to pay for an item and collect it at your nearest store. If the Myer online buying system tells me to collect at another store too far for me then whats the point! I could just go to that store and buy without needing to go through the online sale. Very Disappointed with Myer online.

Product Quality
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Worst customer service ever

Ordered from Myer Ebay store. Lost parcel! They did not contact me back.Infact I had to call Aupost and Myer frequently to ask what happened to the order. When I asked I am happy to click and collect the order.They cancelled my order and the guy reordered for click and collect at different price.Terrible service.Not buying from them anymore.

Terrible service

Top arrived inside out without a tag and when I call to complain, they said oh well send it back!! No apology or offer to pay for the return postage or my time :-(

Product Quality
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Item arrived with security tag - Told to take it to a store.

I purchased a quilt cover from Myer on-line store and it arrived with an electronic tag installed. I phoned them and they suggested I take it to a Myer store and have it detagged and receive a gift card for $10.00. The other option was to post it back to them whereby they would remove the tag and post it back. Neither was acceptable to me and I was told those two options or nothing. To suggest you take the item to a store after buying online is disgraceful. I am making a complaint to the Department of Fair Trading at the first instance.

Product Quality
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Cancelled my order at the last minute

Ordered a Dyson v11 online at Myer. I selected click and collect option with it showing they had it in stock at my stote.They debited my account and I receive an email the day before it's due to be collected saying it was cancelled . I called and they stumbled to answer. It's clear to see why this business is going bankrupt what horrible service. never again .

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Cancelled my order for no reason!

Ordered a pair of $400 headphones online. Everything was fine until it was time for delivery. Got an email saying it has been cancelled on the day it was being delivered. Called Myer to ask why it was cancelled - nobody could give me a reason, only that I did not pass their 'internal tests'. So do you expect me to buy from your store again, if I don't even know what was wrong? If you don't want my money, I will take it to somewhere else. Very pathetic.

Awful, lousy service

Placed an order which was time specific (i.e. a gift). Order summary said it would be ready to collect within 48 hours. Four days later received a string of incoherent emails, which took two phone calls to their "Customer Service" to decipher. Upshot was that they had cancelled my Order. Went back online to try to redo the order, price had gone up by $50. More wasted phone calls, two requests to have a manager call me, and they did nothing. Took my $200 and spent it elsewhere.

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Bad customer service

I called today to discuss the order that I made last night. When I ordered a blue coat last night the price was $169.00. When I checked today the coat was $101.00. The girl I spoke to on the phone said I could cancel and reorder at the lower price. Then she said that I couldn't because the order has gone through.

I then asked that the order that I made only 30 minutes earlier today be cancelled. I was told this could not be done. I asked if the extra $68 could be credited to my other order. This could not be done either.
Clearly Myer has no regard for the wishes of their customers. a customer should be able to cancel an order if they wish, especially within 30 minutes. The girl said that orders must be changed or cancelled within 10 minutes (although first I was told to reorder at the lower price). Hardly enough time. I think this is disgraceful customer service. Clearly they just want to take customers money and run. I have been a long term customer of Myer and often order online. I will not be ordering again through Myer.

Ex customer

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myer online is getting better

Bought from here a while ago when first launched and was pretty ordinary. Just bought again and now I think it's great - well done guys, up'd your game finally! thanks

Myer Market online

I purchased a pair of headphones for $170 dollars the transaction took place then the following day I received an email stating they couldn't fulfil my order. 8 days post purchase I still haven't received my refund. Why was I even charged if they couldn't fulfil my order then waiting for a refund is unacceptable!!

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Slow delivery

Myer need to look at companies like Iconic who deliver within 2 days - Australia wide. There is no reason they can't improve in this area, and will see an increase in repeat customers quickly if they do.

Product Quality
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great quick delivery

A quick delivery of my 60th anniversary barbie doll,was happy she made it ,all in perfect packageing safe from any damage as my delivery takes 3 places to get too me rural.

Product Quality
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Questions & Answers

I just received clothing from MYER online only to find the electronic tag has been left on. I tried to call but there is a message stating "they are experiences technical difficulties with their phone lines and cannot take calls". I live in a rural area so the nearest MYER is hours away. So my question: does anyone have an email address i can contact MYER on? That way i can upload photos as proof in an email. If you click "contact us" on the website it directs you to FAQ and no contact details.
2 answers
Yes. Check FacebookI just did a very simple google search & found an email address for myer

One item(valued $100) was missing in the package. I called them two times, and sent them 3 emails. After 5 days, this still does not get resolved. No email, no message, no updates. Worst online shopping experience ever.
2 answers
My valued $78 didn’t come as well.So not a question :(

I ordered items on Sunday 19 and was told delivery between 3-5 working days. I am now informed the delivery will not be until Tuesday 28th May that is 10 days. I will have left for overseas on the 27 and will be away for seven weeks so I will be unable to return the good. Why is it taking 10 days for delivery please. I have ordered from you many many times and good have always arrived within 3 days
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