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Thank you Connie!

I just want to thank Connie again for her help earlier today (from the Fragrance section at Myer Doncaster). My skin tolerates anything but I had a bad allergic reaction (red dots all over the face) to a serum (Antipode brand) that I purchased to try for the first time. I had bought 2 bottles last Wednesday as it was on sale. After experiencing the allergic reaction I took 2 bottle back to Myer (along with photos of my inflamed skin) for a refund of the unopened bottle and I was helped by Connie, who understood my issues. I didn’t expect the opened bottle to be refunded too but since the serum gave me a bad allergic reaction, Connie gladly offered refund on both bottles. She was not on lovely and friendly but also extremely empathetic and courteous. Thank you so much again Connie. I still feel very grateful for your hospitality xxx

Myer Doncaster

If I could give ZERO stars, I would. Three visits to Myer Doncaster over 6 weeks, and the lift was out of order EVERY TIME. As I have a pram, there was no way to get to the lower ground level. Your, oh so helpful sign, telling customers to use the escalator is useless. What a joke! There's no point in me staying, kidswear is on LG, inaccessible via the main entrances with no lift. Your department store is an absolute DISGRACE, and guess what? I spent my money elsewhere each time. One of my visits was a click and collect, and with your lift out of order, I asked a sales girl how Myer expected me to collect. She was sweet, but had to take me through the stock room and down the staff/stock lift to LG, then back up again. Now, whilst I appreciate her help, I doubt your OH&S manager would be happy about this. Funny thing is, it's the 2nd time in 12 months I've been escorted via the stock room. Obviously you have an issue with your lift, and I'm done trying to access your store. With so many other retail options available, I'll be walking past Myer from now on, assuming your lift is permanently out of order.

Bad experience!

Today we went to Myer Paramatta, its very bad. We went in home area, where all the bed stuff are display. Me and my friend have 2 kids age 3 and 5. We are looking around wanted to buy something but end up not buying anything. The lady who works in Myer ( around 40 -50 years old) shouting at us in front of the other customer who is being serve by her. She said stop, dont sleep in the bed, it makes the bed dirty. My kid and my friend kid dont even step on the bed or jumping on the bed. They just running around and sleep. I already apologise for that but that person keep shouting and telling to other customer about us. Very Bad, Kids just kid, they do what they do. They dont even annoy other customer or making mess or stepping on the bed. It was very quite in there. She can just greet us and tell us nicely, instead of shouting. That Myer staff can finish serving that customer first and tell us later , instead of shouting while serving other customer.


Yesterday I bought a pair of shoes from Myer Sydney store. When I got home to Port Macquarie I realised that the shoes were two different sizes! Not being able to return to the store to fix the issue I tried calling to get it sorted. Wow what a runaround! Rang the Sydney store and wasn't able to get through to shoe department, however a nice sounding man said he would take my number and get someone to call me back. No call back by late next day. So I started the runaround of calling again. Was told by Sydney store to call Myer Online and you guessed it they put me back onto something called the Hub. Their number didn't answer at all. Tried to find complaints number which turned out to be Macquarie re credit cards. Complaints number they gave me didn't work either. I have never experienced such pathetic customer service in my life. I hope someone from Myers reads this.

Not a single staff member in sight

Twice now I had been to Myer at Carindale. I desperately needed help in the men's department both times. Not a staff member in sight, I walked the whole men's section, without finding a single staff member. Not happy Myers!!!! Left and took my shopping elsewhere

Myer Highpoint

Exceptional service - Had to collect something and make a return for something I bought off eBay. Whilst the delivery itself took longer than expected, the customer service I received at this store was exceptional. I couldn't find the order number initially (as eBays was different) and they went above and beyond to help me sort it out.

Excellent service in Melbourne CBD Perfume dept

I usually feel overwhelmed by the perfume and cosmetics departments in Myer stores, especially the large CBD stores. I went into the Melbourne CBD store last week to purchase a perfume. Fortunately for me I happened across a wonderful assistant in the perfume department (I think Salem was his name), who was absolutely helpful and lovely! He helped me to find a wonderful perfume quickly. I couldn't recommend this guy enough!! Thank you!

Click & Collect at Chadstone VIC - poor processes & service

Click & collect service states a 3hr pick-up service. My order took 29hrs. The email that was sent stated that it was available for pick up from the day before (partially adhering to their online promise). Moreover, the retail assistant didn’t apologise for the inconvenience and said that it was busy so what do you expect? (Not like people were rushing around.) I asked why their marketing promises were moot once sales were high but she just stared at me.

horrible experience

I bought a Tafal Iron for $129 last week. When I used it for first time, hot water dripped on my feet.
Went today to return that back at Myer Penrith store, the staff said we can't return it.


Yesterday I went back to Myer centre Brisbane City Centre to get a partial refund for a Calvin Klein's pack of men's underwear as the discount wasn't applied when originally purchased a few days ago.
I admit it was my mistake for not checking. But the process to obtain this refund, with the provision of a receipt and the original box really raises the eyebrow.
First the saleswoman investigated how I purchased the product and tried to convince me that the item I picked never belonged to the clearance, then when I pointed to the exact same box and model, she said, you know what's it like these days, someone picks it up from non sale and drops it off in the clearance box.
Like I was born yesterday! Just because I am younger does not mean I know nothing about the shopping agenda at the big department stores during clearance/sale time. Treats people like they know nothing about shopping and tell them some really lame excuses just to avoid refund is just really annoying. It makes me never want to come back again. Myer really needs to train their staff real customer service not just how to take money and operate a teller.

What is wrong with Myer ?

Hostile staff member greeted me this morning and she should have stayed in bed. It is not my problem if she is alone and if she does not like the job then get out of it. Rack after rack of ugly frocks that add weight and I really now regard it as a place for people with zero idea of what actually flatters them and not a lot of taste. It is not for a woman who wants to look stylish. Stock of country road is never good enough and the same for Calvin Klein. The whole store seems to be stuff nobody wants

Unsafe shopping area

Went to Myer Garden City in WA on Sunday, 17th March 2019. One of the wooden shelf fell on my foot. Fortunately there was no bone fracture but my foot was bruised and swollen.
First aider came to help. The floor manager only cared about filling in the incident report.
No follow up or compensation were offered to me since then.

Good store

Good range of clothing, usually able to find something I need, good returns policy with refund if returned in 30 days, could be better organised with clothing racks at times.

If I could give a higher rating I most definitely would!

If I could give higher I would.
We spent Tuesday morning in Myer Northland in the ladies wear section.
To say Linda in ladies wear and Silvana in lingerie were amazing is not sufficient.
Stunningly polite, capable, patient.
My mum was over the moon.
Thank you Myer.
Brilliant customer service.

Ignoring their only competitibe advantage

What advantage does a brick and mortar have over an online shop? Customer service. Obviosuly.

Went to buy a couple of new suits recently and thought I would start my search at Myers, however that was a pretty misguided idea.

No one on the floor has the faintest idea what goes into making a suit, half canvas? full canvas? They dont know what these words mean. The brands sold are second rate at best, and most are a poly / wool blend. There are no alteration services either, you have to buy the suit and then take it yourself for alterations (they can't even recommend a tailor).

Cut to 20 mins later, I have been, measured and fit for two great suits at MJ Bale and spent over 2 grand that could have been Myers (yes I know they are in some Myers, albiet with less staff, with less experience, and far less selection).

Get it together Myer seriosuly, you wonder why your stock price is tanking.


Myer city of Melbourne the one call Eric from Taiwan, he did a worset service , no greeting no smile, not even say hello. RUSH in service, when I asked how to modify the length of the watch, then he said if you going to purchase it and show me the arrogant face, once I said yes he did modify it, and asked me to paid for it immediately. The whole process took under two minutes, What he rushing for, to chats with other staffs again or finishing his shift.
after I paid, I asked him “am I being difficult, why you acting like this?”He told me I do what do you ask. It sounds like what else do you want, I did served . Hey, Am I being difficult, you not show me any hospitality? And I don’t feel welcome in here. he putted everything in a box and wrap up a plastic bag left it on table and step out.
This kind of shopping experience even worst then supermarket, very bad attitude in service industry, Don’t let one staff Ruining yours band , you a one of the big company in Australia, should show everyone professional service attitude, you are losing customer loyalty and Company reputation.

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