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Scam site using bots.

The website is run from Norway I think and it is for entertainment only. Scam site definitely, and do not waste money on trying to contact any women as they are bots. You are disabled from being able to right click and check the photos with a photo search.
How ever it is funny and to see so many offers and emails is the give away. There are some nice photos and I do wonder if the women even know their photos are being used?

total scam

I have received nearly 1,000 messages in less than a week, and I don't even have a photo on my profile. And most of them say they are from the suburb I nominated. What does that say to you? Most of them also showed photos. Who would do that?

stay away

I may confirm all this scam from this website, read the terms and condition, they confirm that "some" profiles are constructed for entertainment reason,what sort of entertainment that is, to chat with a robot, is not clear to me. I) have received multiple answers from different women exactly the same text, inclusive the same mistakes in grammatics. even it was not possible to convince woman to change to an ordinary e-mail. all had the same concern, we will stay here because all other things are not safe. all woman seems to be trained to encourage man to answer, as there is always a little nice question attached and the game goes on. The text is also limited to about 160 characters, each message is about A$2,50 (depends how many credits are bought the give bulck rabatt. However after A$76 Membership fees, You are not tempted to buy for another $350 a bundle of credits. most woman asking useless questions like "How to you feel after seeing my profile...." these things goes on and on, If some woman agree to meet you (after you have used of 100 of credits) the never turn up at the agreed place with cheap excuses, eg. have overlooked that event in my agenda. I call it a RIP OFF Temptation without any real results. stay away from them, it saves you $$$

BOT's can't read nor understand context

At the top of my profile I stated all message must state REAL PERSON, though after receiving over 200+ message from female members in three days, not a single one was real. Never paid a cent . . .never will it is just a total scam. I have to laugh at the owners of this site from the Netherlands (Advanced Digital Services BV).

Nice try

Total scam

I really feel sorry for lonely, males and females (if there is any real female) who payed to find someone for a hook date or a relationship. This site is the worst scam I have ever checked. No need to repeat what is already said in this review. I didn't need to spend a dollar to find it out. Since the moment I signed up, even without a photo, I have received a lot of messages. Messages kept coming in automated fashion regardless of changes I have been making on my profile. They are fabricated and automated as well as profiles. Photos are stolen from various sources including 80's and 90's porno sites. Dear Aussies do not allow to be ripped off. This is a serious fraud that must be immediately blocked.


Look at the flirts/visits/messages
All of the 'ladies' have nonsense names and are in isolated 'One horse towns' in my state.
A complaint led to a reply of
"We reserve the right to submit fictitious people on the site"

A total scam. I joined thinking it was just another dating site

I joined this site by mistake a few months ago, thinking it was just another dating site. Over 3,000 emails from women later saying how handsome I was and what am I doing on a site like this ? I could get any woman I liked in a nightclub. I thought screw this I am not that handsome, I am getting emails from the same women who suddenly live in different cities 1,000s of km from where they used to live when I first contacted them. When I arrange to meet them for a date they suddenly back out at the last minute saying they cannot make it.

Scam Site Keep Away From This Site

Very cleverly arranged site to deceive you & entice you to debut your card.
There are hundreds if girls contacting you and some follow up if you don’t reply.
None of them want to contact you on your own email as then they will lose income. They will continue to chat to keep you on the site.
There are a few who give you their email contact, but that is another game as they try to lead you to another website where again your credit cards details are required and despite their plea that it’s free, your card will be debited as you enter the next phase and in this phase your card is debited again each time about 50-60 Aus $
At the end of this you still don’t get a date. This company should be stopped as they must be cheating so many people...

My secret fling is a scam same as looking 4 hotties

I got an email to join so i did, to see what it was about secret fling, use the same girls photo as looking 4 hotties they are the same company as looking for hotties all scams should be investigated by the fraud squad also inter pole police should be notified, most of the girls photos are posed ones you just use up credits getting them to write back to you the cost of a credit is about $2.75 but the words they use to get you to write back most Australians wont't use those words English slangs you can see there from Europe the company is based in the Netherlands how do they get away with doing this to people i don't know, i would say out of 10 people you write to 1 would reply, the police know about these sites but are doing nothing, looking for pedophiles, is more important, instead fraud squad want you to fill in a 10 page report it puts you off filling that form in, a load of crap just like these websites are. In one month over 800 girls applied to my profile to con me the photos are all mostly fakes.
I have been coned too. these are all cons save your money i lost average $25.00 per week got nothing back but girls saying to you come and do me hard i want it now don't believe them one girl said I'm a virgin i want intercourse now can you teach me, so pathetic they are praying on men to use there credits up for the company to make more money looking for intercourse. Don't you be the next one coned.

Scam scam I knew it

been monitoring the site for 24hours nd same girls been online since then nd still online now sad it’s legal site just disgusting

Good but

Good but it's really expensive. And most of the girls are clearly bots and will sucker you in. 1 in 10 might be real. So be careful.

This is the perfect site can't live without it I like this site very much I hope to find my true mat

Sign up with good and it's easy I like your site is easy to use hope to find my match and somebody to be with.

Utter crap

The so called message senders all must have a list of answers.
They won’t tell you where they are from,keep asking same questions you have already answered.
It’s all a come on until you have run out of credits

This is a rediculous site , I got sucked in by a misleading site and since you have received payment

Now you tell me I write too many words you are all rogues and thieves How do I get through to you numb skulls

How to Scam Fling!! The Thought

It was an easy site to use, having casual intercourse with like-minded girl. The experience was going well until you try to meet and the contact would from friendly to aggressive like From jeckyl and Hyde like.

Worse than a rip off.

I joined up and got literally hundreds of replies... I strongly suspect that 99.9999999 percent of the replies are either totally fictitious or are replied to by staff of the company. You need to buy credits that work about to be about 2:00 dollars each gives you the "right" to reply. Here is some advice, think of a key word, and ask the so called "date" to respond back with that word, or ask a question requiring a specific non yes no answer and explain you won't respond back unless the respond appropriately. Oh yea..it is easy to use, of course, it's also easy to get disappointed and easy to pay them for contacts. The fact it...look at the other comments, they are mostly negative, and you can bet the only very few positive ones are placed by employees of the company. There are lots of dating (if that's what you want to call it) sites out there, this so called company should be run out of business.

Read the small print on the sign up page! Don’t throw away cash!

I thought I’d give this a go. Got very suspicious when so many women contacted me all at once begging for intercourse. They refused to use email. I checked the small print of signing up- it said— ‘Profiles are partly fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible. We strongly advice you to read our Terms and Conditions before using our Service.’

They can get away with it because in tiny writing at the bottom of the page they tell you- this is all fiction. Disgraceful.

money making racket

was told about this site by a friend and thought I'd gamble fifty bucks ....well guess what???? they won
Site is a total scam and in the words of a famous 60's Rock Star "Nothing Is Real "
The whole site is geared up for you to pay and pay asked a couple of "Nice Ladies "to contact me on an email address to prove they were real first one abused me the other two made excuse and asked another question to make you use a credit
Spend your money at a bar and offer to buy a lady a drink you might have a better chance of meeting someone genuine
And stay away from My Secret Fling

Wow couldn't agree more.....

I have used a couple of dating platforms before and this is easy the most fraudulent I have seen. Straight away I could see issues. I tested it by putting in an isolated test area where there would be a small sample area of compatible companions and bingo I got over 80 people on line in that area and profiles from overseas claiming to be from that area. Its a total scam do not hand over any money.


total scam, so many women from my exact area its not funny lol dont think there are that many women in my suburb !! pretty sure its foreign based, learn from my mistake DONT GO THERE !!!!! deleted account after 2 days and lost my money (small price to pay) .

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Are u able to chat & send pics free to other ppl
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This site is a complete scam at the highest level. You get 250 messages saying they are from your area. None of them are willing to meet up always some sort of excuses and they want to stay on the site to waste more credits and your time. Don’t waste your money on credit it is a complete scam to the highest degree.
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I paid fourty dollars for premium package last Friday and still can't use it it still keeps telling me that I need to buy credits when I shouldn't need to so can you fix the problem soon as possible please
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just to take your money and give you nothing most girls are just put there by them they dont really exist

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