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Got angry when asked if they were a real person

I responded to 3 of the hundreds of woman that "liked" me.
Fortunately I read these reviews and put it to the ladies I was chatting with. Each one got quite abusive that I would even dare to think they may not be real people.
I also noted that even when I sent a chat in the middle of the night or quite early in the morning, they would always respond straight away.
Always made up excused why not to meet even for coffee.

Fraud and totally misleading

It's designed to bleed you dry of your hard earned money, I've received over 1300 messages and I haven't replied to all because it's impossible but the ones I have I get the same replies, there is no interest from any of these people to meet for real but talk and talk and talk, which equals spending more money, stay clear of this site it's a total rip off, it's another way to steal your money, it's call fraud, police should look at this for real and close it down.

This is a perfect site

It is easy to use and many of the woman you have to meet that comes from different countries for they are looking forward to seeing you


There are more women saying that they are from my area than actually live in my area,i live in a very small town and they talk like it is a City,don't waste your time and money on this site

I Was Ripped Off

I have been addicted to this site for the last couple of days and was on it part-time for a week or so before that and I have spent about $150 on this site and I have just this moment found this review.. I am so thankful that I did. i was falling in love!! How stupid am I?? And I am a mature age student and I should have been working on my major assignments and I was distracted and ripped off at the same time. How are they getting away with this?? Unbelievable!!

Not great !!!

This site has to be the biggest load of crap. I have been on total rubbish don't waste your time and cash the girls are fictional and you just get screw over. Forget it prove to me one bloke that has had success.

Total rip off beware women will not meet paid to keep you hangin

$900+ down the drain only to be told that needed money to pay rent. Would not meet agreed to. Story changed many times so be prepared to be conned. Finally said that deliberately encourage to make you buy credits.
It should be shut down.

Be prepared to be ripped off.

Total Scam. You are enticed to send a message (at $2.00 per time) replying to a message from a would be female telling you how they desperately want to meet you NOW, or TONIGHT begging you to respond. When you do respond the reply is normally that they wish to talk more on the site until they can feel safe and get to know you, all at $2.00 per message. Total fraud.

Avoid like the plague!!

If you want to get bombarded by junk mail from imaginary women and girls then create a profile here! Thete are no real women on this site, it's a sad joke. And the imaginary ones will tell you they all live in your street!! How this can be legal is beyond me.

Only A credit making racket

I love that you're looking at my profile right now. Like that you are looking at it reading the message reach me on / XXX at yah oo dot com dot au (no spaces) reach me now if you want it so bad is this just a crap website to just make money on credits.

I could not agree more with the people that have already voted on this site. This is not entertainme

A friend suggested i should maybe give it a try. Expectations what expectations there were none as i was just fooled by all the guff and the false PROFILES. The sign up process was quick and nasty i should have woken up then.

Try two accounts same mails come through.

The site is easy to use but it is definetly not worth paying any money for. Terrible site that lacks any concern for their client base.

No ladies real all are fabrications Don't Waste Money

Lost $100 s here I fully agree with others reviews of this site
A) Ladies are not real and fabricated profiles
B) Photos are stolen and one woman who said she was a 30 years old her husband died the photo was of a 1980s porn star.
C) You will start chatting in the morning and say tell them your a banker in the afternoon they will ask you what you do and where do you live
D) In there profile they make out they are eager to meet but when you attempt to meet they come up with excuses like
Got to check diary
Boss has transferred me
I have an urgent appointment
And so on
E), They only answer some of the questions you ask and always want to know more about you.
In summary

Total dating scam, also used to execute blackmail scam

They totally prey on the lonely. They manufacture profiles to entice you to buy these expensive "credits". So often the enitial messages come from someone who writes beautifully but, eventually, often mid afternoon AEST, probably when the shifts changeover, messages are written by some semi-literate buffoon who probably speaks English as a second language. My guess is Belgium by the shift change times and the construction of the sentences.

The site T&Cs reveal they are providing "entertainment", not a dating service so they probably can't be prosecuted for fraud but they should be closed down.

Further warning. Black mailers use the profile mechanism to entice people into an awful trap. They invite you to open an account into private, saucy webcams where they actuall capture the images coming from your pc. After capturing mailing lists from your Facebook pages etc, they threaten to post saucy clips to everyone unless you pay. No, didn't get caught here but watch out

Don't even bother, complete scam..

Yes as the others here a saying, complete scam..
The profiles are manufactured and the wording often doesn't even match the photos.
Messages seem to be answered by different members of a team being played to do so, most likely in Asia as you can read it between the words.

This site is fake

I have been ripped off as well a lot of messages and not one meet up even had one message about she was a virgin a fake site and another one said she was handicapped and was home every day sent a message and said she was working

Totally BS

Signed up not sure what I was expecting but after signing up and not filling out any information I'm getting messages left and right.
Between 2 and 5 per hour.

Total Scam Save your $$$.

When i first signed up i received over 1000 replies in a week with women all of different ages promising NSA intercourse. At first i didn't spend any money or use the 1 free credit and after a month the amount of messages per day dropped right off. As soon as i decided to spend some money to chat with a couple women that supposed liked me i began getting tones of messages again from women offering themselves to me. But when you go to chat they lead you on and on, nothing but a total scam guys. As they say if it seems too good to be true it usual is.

It's easy to see the fake presentations because the standard of English and spelling is appalling.

This site is totally false. They can't use or spell proper English. The messages sent and the requests made are totally false. They never give their right towns or addresses. They made false claims that l was visiting certain profiles...l've never looked at one yet l've gotten over 780 requests.
They should be prosecuted and jailed.

Scam scam

This is a scam. I have spent hundreds $ for nothing, talk and more talk, no action. We just want intercourse lots of coitus what a joke. I had 2 women they said coitus now along those lines email me on this email which i did they wanted bank details so they were double scamming, do you guys know about them. This is all about lies, instant intercourse. I live near you more lies, thing called [name removed] man she knew how to drag the $ out of a person for a week.

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Are u able to chat & send pics free to other ppl
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This site is a complete scam at the highest level. You get 250 messages saying they are from your area. None of them are willing to meet up always some sort of excuses and they want to stay on the site to waste more credits and your time. Don’t waste your money on credit it is a complete scam to the highest degree.
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I paid fourty dollars for premium package last Friday and still can't use it it still keeps telling me that I need to buy credits when I shouldn't need to so can you fix the problem soon as possible please
1 answer
just to take your money and give you nothing most girls are just put there by them they dont really exist

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