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Fake profiles.Fake profiles. If you want photos of tits & slits, visit a free porn site. If you women want willy, go to fling.com or ok cupid. real people here. Maybe a cupla profiles are real on secret fling, but I doubt it. I put in my profile include a certain word & was blocked from the site for a 1/2 hour. Some photos were pretty good, but I still cannot bring myself to give them even a half star. & yes, i was gullible. I paid, but not as much as others! Ps I cannot leave this site w/o a rating. 1 is as low as it goes, & msf doesn't even deserve that!

The women are duds, they are using stolen pictures, of women, and some crew overseas are sending fak

Site is very easy to use, its just that the singles are fake, and it can be easily proved. Just read there sentences, a lot are not correct English.

Mydescretefling Buyer Beware!!!

This site is just a rip off, they put up dummy posts and then target the unwary with messages of desperate sexual relationships. They remove any city location, limit your response to 6 lines for 1 credit (2.50) delete any mention of phone or email contacts. They are criminals and must be stopped. You will not find a partner no matter how much money you spend!

Total Deception

This site is Fake, False and Misleading I spent over $200.00 on credits and no results in finding a friend. all the women on this site are scammers and the owners of the site should be charge with Fraud for taking money under false pretence and misleading information. the site is taking money from people by miss deception and the federal police need to close it down. I was receiving around 40 messages a day from all over Australia when I was honest and put in the area I was in my profile. So WARNING to all of you out there if you get involved in this site you will get no result and LOSE your money

No good cost too much

Always say one thing then do another. Don't want to meet after they say yes cost too much money always buying credits.

Don't waste your time or your money

This site is just a scam 95% fake women, paid actors. If you chat for a while to one person and then suggest a meeting or correspondence by other means they all just say they wish to carry on corresponding on this site and I got the same scripted response from all that I received messages from and getting messages back half in English and the rest in Dutch, and if you read the same message the following day it would be all translated int English so can say just overseas paid actors. Also I do find it implausible that one receive 300 messages from different women over a few days, claiming to be in my local when the total population for my local is 2600 people. This Site is a scam

TOTAL SCAM - verified by their own site support people

I wrote to the site support and called them out on their fake profiles. They virtually confirmed that they are fake with this reply:
"our terms & conditions. You can read the following under section 8.4: "This Website or Service is for adult entertainment purposes; it is not our aim to bring physical appointments/contact between members. You are aware and agree that we may use moderated and fictitious profiles for online adult entertainment purposes. We expressly reserve the right to send messages to this site by self-created profiles. Physical contact with these fictive profiles is not possible. We deny ourselves of all liability to the extent that is allowed by the law and we assume no warranty for any kind of damage or inconvenience caused by our Service."

what a lot of crap

this site is a total fraud as others have found out also a sham not true to at all only after money from you so stay away altogether women are fake all got up let site prove us wrong i will bet they can not if they cando that i would be surprised and eat my words

Bogus site. Fake women

Lucky i have not given a dime yet. I was already onto the fact that it was an absolute scam. There are no women on this site. They all say the exact same things with different profiles. It is a load of rubbish. Won't be seeing my money.

I ran an Isp address scan and they are located in an industrial area in California in a nice little

After 5 days I had 800+ responses to my blank profile and then the site kept dropping off line. I spent $75 in credits and i kept getting notified of new messages by email. After 3 weeks I had about 3,000 messages. I was blocked from the site after I emailed and said Seriously mate if I had sent 1 message to say no thanks or hello to each yeah. When you ask questions they shut you out fro the site and send thousands of false emails

Agreed Total Scam

I can't say much more than what is already written above. I've never known so many women so keen to suck my..........money out of my wallet so quickly! With the exception of my ex wife of course!


Yes I agree with you, I had to keep my profile up dated every day, it showed me living in Blaxton, N.S.W when I'm in Dalby, Qld, women kept say I see you live in Blaxton, I gave my email address in every message to save women using their credits, as some women ask for my email which is my online one only not my personal one, not one girl / women responded to me, I spent $125 on credits, I had so many messages about women / girls wanting hard core physical intimacy how women wanted it rammed in their sensitive organ as hard as, I kept a file & still have it of almost all theses women as my decision as to who I wanted to have physical intimacy with, many girls / women just said their bf / husband is no interested in physical with me, how can a man not be interested in physical intimacy?

Kike Scammers

This site is the Most Fake I've ever encountered, I thought I would try it out. Fake profiles would say they are near, like 5000 klms away, I'd give my contact details & the site would remove them.
TOTAL RIPPOFF but fun to see the lengths Jews go to steal a dollar. Use Midgets, say a lady is deaf, or husband doesn't satisfy her, every trick in the book to, steal your dollar, even to send a fling is charged as a message. This site is now cursed to fail.

Got proof they are scamming

The people I contacted on this site I kept all records .... They made a huge mistake by sending a woman saying "I know you are on line so I thought I would try contacting you again " .... How does she know I'm online? I didn't talk to her?? Told her that this is just the proof I need to go to the Australian Federal Police .....They then tried to send a tracking email but I copied the emails and deleted their site ..... Has anyone else on this site kept records of their false people ??? Definitely FRAUD.

Scam site

Site is a complete scam to get your money.
All women and profiles are fake, this is fact.
Fake photos, fake locations fake women.

a total scam

This site is a total scam i never got a meet with over 100 credits "the ladies " would not come out of the site everyone on here is a fake they make mistakes claiming they live near when they come from perth 1800km away
i put up a good photo with a good profile and my place in caps
the site removed this and i got replies form every corner of ozz save your money i got a date through contactor for free save your money

This site has fake profiles who are there as bait, those profiles are usually on line virtually 24 h

This site is a scam site. It has fake profiles as bait to scam you for your money. The only girls who I spoke to were fake profiles who wanted to keep me on the site and scam money out of me. I even contacted the site and asked for my money back and told them about the fake profiles that they use as bait to scam customers. They sent me an email back saying that their site contains genuine profiles and entertainment profiles. The entertainment profiles are fictitious profiles and physical meetings are not possible. The purpose of creating those profiles is to provide our Registered users with entertainment, to allow our Registered users to explore our service and and to create greater participation of our service. What a scam. I am sure that no guys sign up to talk to fake profiles and to be charged money for each message that they send.

total was of time and money

i was on a reliable chat line where i had lots of sucess and one woman told me of this crap site i may add i never saw her again it was a total loss i never gained a thing every time i asked a question i was asked a question right back makeing me spend more money no woman wouild use email or good old skype as t hey didnt make any money from that i put on my profile i only reply from email or skype but none would they all said they have read my profile even said they where desperate but still you got to pay to get their details come on realy i only got the odd one from my state all where from interstate half looked from overseas nearly all rode motor bikes or scooters like over seas typical answer please remind me tomorrow as if you would forget this would have cost me 3000 dollars a month if you answered all the ladies questions i couldnt put a figure on it if i answered every measage that was sent to me i believe its a scam its up to you but i adivse stay away

Don't Bother

10 responses per hour with no age and photo on my part. 2 possible real ones , rest made up and all over the place

Scum, fake

It is a total scum. 100 responses in 40 minutes saying how hot I look. No photo was ever uploaded.

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Are u able to chat & send pics free to other ppl
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This site is a complete scam at the highest level. You get 250 messages saying they are from your area. None of them are willing to meet up always some sort of excuses and they want to stay on the site to waste more credits and your time. Don’t waste your money on credit it is a complete scam to the highest degree.
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I paid fourty dollars for premium package last Friday and still can't use it it still keeps telling me that I need to buy credits when I shouldn't need to so can you fix the problem soon as possible please
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just to take your money and give you nothing most girls are just put there by them they dont really exist

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