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Phony profiles

More than 99 percent of the profiles were made up...Waste a lot of money on duds.. Never ever meet, Always an excuse...Don't waste your money... total crap.

Total Scam!! Stay away!!

Created a profile and before I could finish it I had over 50 messages from women saying I looked hot!! Not sure how that was possible without attaching a photo!! So you have to buy credits to chat to anyone. The prices of these credits rival overseas phone calls...per message!! I read as many as I could and found people in other states sending me messages as though I were living around the corner. Have no doubt that many if not all of these profiles were fake. Stay away, don't waste your time or money!!!

A waste of time and money

It's a dating site, I signed up and made a basic profile. Within 1 week I had over 200 messages without even uploading a picture or writing anything about myself or what I wanted in my profile. So the site makes money as you need to pay per message. So the scam is pretty simple if you reply to half the messages you receive in a week it will cost $100 and I'm 99% confident that all the profiles that sent me messages were fake. If there was a real profile it was difficult to spot, I tried to read as many as I could but it was very time consuming so I gave up. I opened the page a week later with over 500 messages in my inbox. Waste of time only as I figured it was a scam before I punched in my credit card #s.

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Are u able to chat & send pics free to other ppl
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This site is a complete scam at the highest level. You get 250 messages saying they are from your area. None of them are willing to meet up always some sort of excuses and they want to stay on the site to waste more credits and your time. Don’t waste your money on credit it is a complete scam to the highest degree.
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I paid fourty dollars for premium package last Friday and still can't use it it still keeps telling me that I need to buy credits when I shouldn't need to so can you fix the problem soon as possible please
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just to take your money and give you nothing most girls are just put there by them they dont really exist

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