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246 reviews
BarbaraMetropolitan Adelaide, SA2 posts

Holding orders for weeks and no way to communicate

MyUs has had my parcel (a throw rug purchased on on hold for 3 weeks. Although I have provided all the information requested about the order, they continue to hold the parcel and are not responding to any attempts to email them, even though they claim they respond to communications within 24 hours. Their "Chat now" does not work and attempts at communicating via "Contact Us" go unanswered and unaddressed. As I am on the other side of the world, I have really no way to address this, especially since MyUs is uncontactable. I no longer trust or recommend this forwarding service for my purchases.
missk96Canberra 2600, ACT3 posts

Do not use

I do not suggest using this company. They do not reply to customer service emails ever, did not consolidate any of my packages and sent 7 small packages separately costing me hundreds of dollars in shipping costs. Took ages to register packages and now have 2 still stuck in a queue to ship with no action. I am furious with them and so annoyed to have wasted so much money.
Alan S
Alan S

Very poor service, uncontactable if you have a problem

This used to be a good service but it's deteriorated this year. They are slow to process packages and seem to have lost 2 of mine. They don't respond to their "contact us" form and if you call them there is a recorded message saying they can't respond to voice messages!
Seb5 posts

Void at all costs

I though that I would this company a try. The service provided by the company is so poor, that in fact they shouldn't be in business. I have had a package waiting to be shipped out since the 24th August which still hasn't been shipped. They never respond to any emails that you send, and with there live chat, it is always "All agents busy" I have used hopshopgo several times and they have been great and ship out prompt. If you are after a business that couldn't give a crap about it's clients, then MyUS is the business for you.
suganthicmohanSydney, NSW3 posts
  Verified - Not Great - Not GreatSouth East Queensland, QLD

Was excellent service - now very bad service

I have been a customer of for over 20 years - up until about 3 months ago they provided excellent service but since May they have lost 2 of my packages that were delivered and lost 3 items out of another package (I did get 2 of the items out of that package though), shipment I received last week had 2 broken items - I did pay for extra packing, I was charged for it but it was not provided. It is extremely hard to get any communication out of this company.
Denise B.
Denise B.Perth, WA4 posts


No communication. No response to customer queries. No one answers the phone. No chat facility available. Package arrived and signed for at their facility. 13 days later not logged into my suite for me to pay shipping and get it sent on to me. DO NOT USE THEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!
Robyn R
Robyn RSouth East Queensland, QLD14 posts

Run far run fast from this freight black hole

My beautiful 18k estate charm bracelet disappeared into this scam forwarding company on July 13 and disappeared. I received a couple of unhelpful cut and paste replies to my queries then yesterday, September 3rd they said they can’t find it.
I could just scream with frustration.
OzBuyer2 posts

Shocking support did have great service, however they have now become belligerent in handling requests.

We have had an item stuck "In Review" for weeks because they do not read what you send them and continually ask the same questions. This leads me to presume that all responses are computer driven.

After sending multiple supporting documents, we believe that we will have to count that $150 item as a complete write off, as we do not believe that it will ever be sent to us.

We will be shipping all of our remaining packages out of their facility ASAP and never use them again.
I am not sure they will remain in business much longer

Rachel M.
Rachel M.Perth, WA3 posts

Long time customer

I have been having US shipments delivered for about 10 years and have never had an issue, except the occasional gripe that they would box my stuff up in boxes too big. I have found since Covid thought they are struggling, so I don't think the reviews of late are really correct. I am having issues now, getting my parcels sent and a lost package I can't talk to anyone about, this in all my time is a first. So my suggestion would be, don't sign up now, when things go back to normal, I am sure their service will go back to normal.
Naomi S.
Naomi S.Sydney, NSW

Felt Like Total Scam/Rip Off

Shipping cost was about 3 times what was quoted in the app....from $66USD to over $200USD! And that was before the service fees. When I asked them how they calculated that and why the weight was recorded much higher than what the vendor said it was, they said it would cost me another $7 to get it checked. Took over a month to get my items, though they had it within days. Once they have your goods, they can then charge you whatever shipping they want as you don't have the option of sending the goods back to seller. Customer service non-existent.....when you get through on chat they are rude, all have fake names, and all give you different answers. Total rip off....avoid!
Victor V.
Victor V.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts


Company will pretend that seller has used wrong address and charge extra money when clearly address was correct,. Next the staff will losing your packages and not returns calls or emails. Will not reply to list packages.
SCOT C.Sydney, NSW2 posts

Liars, thieves, no service or communication

Processed 3 parcels through them - the third one has still not arrived after 2 months. The first 2 took about 2 months. Not the 1 -2 weeks as quoted.
The fees they charge are also about twice as high as they quote you
It is impossible to actually communicate with anyone
The automated chat robot is always "too busy, try again later"
No email or phone number can be reached
They are absolute crooks - dont go near them
Chris Lee
Chris LeeGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

items from the US arrived within 3 weeks

This was my first order with, and after I placed the order with Amazon and set up a mailing address in the US, I stumbled across a lot of negative reviews for which concerned me, I can honestly say I have had a great experience and my items arrived in a fair time period and in good condition. Will order again in the future.
AshaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts


Eastbay will not allow returns for faulty or missing orders if a freight forwarding company like is used.

My order arrived with only 1 shoe in box, Eastbay would not take the order back. I lost $280AUD


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DanielSydney Surrounds, NSW9 posts

Tried to scam me out of $7 membership years later making a free account

Randomly received an email saying I owed $7, never using the account after signing up for a free one YEARS ago. Guess they decided to change their ToS and retroactively charge me for premium membership? Luckily my card was so old it had expired, otherwise the charge may have gone through. Found a link to cancel my account, you should do the same
SallyAnn Benson
SallyAnn Benson

MyUS is potentially a scam

I have 2 packages that have been receipted into myUS by Fedex and UPS over 2 weeks ago.They are not logged into my suite.I have sent 7 emails and had no response.I have called and can neither leave a message or get through to anyone.I would definitely not recommend to anyone looking to send to Australia
TomokoSydney, NSW3 posts

Run away from this company

Total scammer. There are a lot of hidden fees. Once they got your credit card details. you are done. oh and customer service is Rude! I have wasted hundreds of dollar.
kim h.
kim h.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA2 posts

If you wanna lose your money, then use this ugly worst service

In short, I lost my 500 usd for nothing. my parcel must be died of covid19.
Dont expect any customer service, dont expect refund. Don't even think start e-business with this forwarder.
You will lose all of your reputation, all of your money.
Please please, don't try it at any case.
Robby I.
Robby I.
WKESouth East Queensland, QLD11 posts
PaulCanberra 2600, ACT21 posts
Gabriel J.
Gabriel J.

Why did I sign up for this!?

I live in Guam and thought a shipping service like this will be so much cheaper. I was introduced by a lovely youtube add. Upfront they promised %30 off shipping cost and that they'll send pictures of the items when received and if you have any questions to simply call. Now they want 3 times the original shipping cost if I would have had it shipped directly to Guam from the company I bought it from. When I sign in the online chat earlier... 95th place in line. What the heck! Seriously!? Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me.
Ozg80Sydney6 posts

MyUS lost my parcel without compensate, Bad Customer Service!!

MyUS lost one of my parcel and rejected to claim for compensation from USPS for me stating insurance was omitted, how irresponsible to treat any parcel lost.
Their customer service is unsatisfactory and not helpful per all other customers here stated.
Utterly disappointed !! Think twice before you use their service!

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Maryanne5 posts


My first package had a "hazardous product" surcharge, for natural mascara. It's as hazardous as peanut butter.

On my second package, they guessed at the price of the book being shipped despite my supplying the invoice details. As a result I was overcharged for GST and insurance. (Paying about 20% of the value of the book for "insurance" seems completely unnecessary.)

That will be my last package. They can't provide their service for a reasonable cost.



I have always found their service to be really good and fast to Australia, however the prices are SO expensive. I paid over $60 AUD for a dress which was super light and packed a small box. The dress was on sale so the shipping ended up being more than the dress! Wouldnt use again which is a shame because there is so much the US has offer that does not ship to Aussie!
Dany Victoria

Damaged Items. Insurance means Nothing. Told me too bad. !!

To my horror 75percentwasdamaged. No protection. Room for everything to fly around. Insurance means nothing as I openeditWithout ThinkingToTakePhotos BeingCovid19cautiousSoOpenedOutside RemovingItemsInDisbelief.Hundreds ofdollarsLost.ItemsOriginallyHad CardboardProtectiveSortersAnd WereReplacedWithNothing instead. I’m Appalled.Insurance is a SCAM.
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I paid over $120 AUD to have three small items of clothing shipped to Australia. I haven't yet received my items (only 3 weeks so not too worried) and the process wasn't too difficult - so if you want to spend an insane amount on shipping this might be okay for you. I will never use this service again!

USERS BEWARE Hidden charges DOUBLED the postage cost!

Hidden charges by MyUS (insurance and "import tax") user beware!

I was quoted ~US$28 be MyUS to post three bikinis from USA to Australia. Invoiced US$59 for 1.58lbs. Almost half of this was for "import tax" but after a decade of online shopping, I have NEVER been charged import tax on clothing under A$1,000. It would have been cheaper ($45) for the bikini company to send them to me, also via FedEx. When discussed on Live Chat, they refused to accept what I said about not being charged import tax was true. I even chatted to one of their agents about costs to Australia prior to using the service and they never declared they take tax charges.

[I have sent a copy of my invoice to as proof for this review.]


Really terrible and lots of hidden fees

I made an account with because it seemed like a genuine and convenient way to send package to Australia, as the shop that I wanted to buy from didn't ship to Australia. At first, it looked very economical, as it had said they had 80% off on shipping, little did I know they charge tons and tons of fees, costing sooo much more than the actual goods that I had bought. I wouldn't recommend MyUS to anyone... it will rip you off and the service is really slow and terrible as well.
Meenu Pratap
Meenu Pratap2 posts

They tack on tons of hidden fees

I chose MyUs because it seemed to have the best reputation for consolidating packages and shipping 'cost' as estimated by the shipping calculator. I got a Premium account and shipped my packages to them. Only when I got ready to send they added tons of 'fees' which was more than the shipping cost itself. They added a dangerous goods handling fee TWICE for a cosmetic powder! And then another just general handling fees. Unless they're handling my item in hazmat suits in a fortified lab, they shouldn't be charging hundreds of dollars in fees! Moral of the story. Never use MyUs or avoid forwarding services all together. I still haven't received my package so let's see how, when and if it arrives.
Daniel S.
Daniel S.2 posts

These people are terrible

1. Bought a package from amazon usa (can't ship directly to australia)
2. Medical experiment kit for kids
3. Customs wanted more information-ODIN(the amazon site I bought the product from) was lazy in providing this.
4. Refused by Customs
5. My US charges a return fee of more than $200 Australian (for a 1.8kg product) to have it delivered back to ODIN
6. I am out of pocket more than $500.
7. My US response is to keep threatening. Don't return calls and using the call centre its like communicating with Robots
8. Do not use these people. They are at best incompetent , at worst crooked.
WormSydney, NSW2 posts

Over priced and non responsive

I ordered 1 shipment of under pants for my daughter and they are trying to charge me $18 for excessive number of items in my package. This package came as one and should be sent quite simply as 1 package.

Overall this MyUS has not been a good experience and they try and rip you off all the time. Avoid is my advice.


Money Drain Service

Crazy Parcel Service. If your luck is good you will get stuff else all will be stuck in customs and Neither Carrier Will do anything nor MyUS. If Stuck, you will keep waiting for Response, you will keep following up on Chat ......and nothing will happen. They will say they do not know anything. Carrier they use will also not listen to you or even to My us. Carrier got money , My USA got money both are happy. But your money will go in Drain.

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UnsatisfiedSydney, NSW

Inconsistent action to promises

Signed up to premium that was meant to be 2 months free with 30% off shipping, which did not eventuate and I was beholden to them having shipped hundreds of dollars of shopping to them. When I finally shut down account online and received confirmation of this, account was kept open under the guise they wanted to collect feedback before shutting down account. Have used other shippers with none of these problems but thought I’d try these guys as their upfront seemed cheaper. Ended up being a lot more expensive.
AdamSydney, NSW6 posts


They use to be good not any more, they try to add charges to you at any cost. as what they refer our Compliance Team. they asked me to get data safety sheet for face cream as they consider it flammable other wise they charging me US18.50. Facial Cream is flammable!!!!what the heck.
ElenaSydney, NSW7 posts

Very bad!

I closed my account because shipping was way to expensive! And 8 months later I find my account was on hold and they have been charging me from paypal US$7/ month
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