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NAB Travel Insurance

NAB Travel Insurance

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Very pleased.

I used my NAB complimentary insurance for the first time after years of paying a lot for travel insurance. I found out it covered just as much as my previous insurer. I was a bit worried when I had to make a claim but it was fine. It took a while to receive payment as there was more paperwork needed that I thought I had sent.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time2-4 weeks

I don't understand the low ratings.

I was unfortunate enough to have had to use the insurance claim once for an illness on holiday in Thailand. I called the toll free number, and they told me to charge everything to my card then submit the claim when I got home. The full claim was paid within a week of submission - no questions.

Insurance claim madeYes

Fantastic product

We had to call upon our complimentary NAB credit card insurance on a recent family holiday to Thailand.
I fell sick on the way to the airport on our way home and we had to return back to our hotel. We had to extend our stay twice as my daughter and wife also fell sick.
To my horror Singapore Airways charged $4500 For the original change and then $900 for the second change. Including doctors fees and additional accommodation we were out of pocket almost $7000.
Thank goodness for our NAB complimentary insurance through QBE. They reimbursed us everything with the exception of one doctors excess of $300.
From my first contact with QBE I had complete satisfaction and help throughout the claim process.
I have nothing but praise for this product but hopefully we won't need to call on it too often.

Insurance claim madeYes

Complimentary Credit Card Insurance Works

Recently travelled overseas, in 7 weeks took 2 cruises with 6 days in Spain. Our travel insurance was complimentary on NAB Visa credit card. Unfortunately had to test it as my wife suffered an acute heart attack in Barcelona. The NAB were contacted, put me through to the Insurer - QBE Travel Assist team. They were calm, polite totally professional. Attention was on my wife's condition on every contact. Advice and actions were all timely and effective, really helping me to get some piece of mind at a difficult emotional time. The claim process was simple and successful. The people involved were fantastic. Highly recommend each company. I also recommend other travellers know to keep a copy of every stage of their itinerary for the entire trip - really helped to get a quick acceptance of the claim - only 4 days over a weekend using emails.

Insurance claim madeYes

Good luck

We had plane to travel to Bali on the 29th Nov 2017, received advise that the flight was cancelled due to Mt Aungu eruption. Had purchased a Scoopon Voucher for the holiday but it had to be redeemed by the 20th Dec 2017. Offered flights on the 20th Dec but as we had booked another holiday we where unable to fly, also if airport open. Gruda offered a refund which we accepted. Made a claim for the holiday portion on the 29th November 2017, checked with NAB travel as Scoopon advise did not state price but hotel advise did all of which were forward to NAB claim. After numerous phone calls and emails response 18th Jan, I was required to obtain a invoice from Scoopon stating price which I obtained and forwarded forward on the 19th January 2018, As at the 5th Feb 2018 no response I again contacted NAB travel to be advised that they require a letter from the airline stating that the flight was cancelled, I advised that advise was received via text then stated that they would require a copy of that text. Apart from supplying no phone number to forward to text too, you have got to be kidding. [name removed] advised that no one in his office know about the volcanic eruption on Bali. NAB no worries travel claim you have to be kidding.

February 8th 2018 Update: 2 1/2 Months down the track no settlement

Claim submitted 29/11/17, no settlement as at 8/2/18, to whom to go to complain NAB not interested just refer back to QBE, Called for the 18th time documentation not correct again they requested Flight cancellation letter, which was actually received via text, from the Airline when I am not even making a claim for flights.

Insurance claim madeYes

Pre existing conditions

In general terms, I think the free insurance (if you qualify) is a good product but watch out for pre existing conditions as there is no cover at all irrespective of how long ago the injury was and even if you no longer have any issues with it. Maybe look at another policy that covers pre existing conditions, it may have a premium loading added, and then rely on the Nab card insurance for everything else.

Insurance claim madeNo

Very hesitant to use it

I am qualified for NAB Platinum Visa card travel insurance but after conversation with (?) QBE Representative who only took my first name and email I am really afraid to use it. I do not know if I have spoken to someone in Australia or elsewhere in the world. Dialled NAB number and have been transfer to "travel insurance section"They are not asking for client details, there is no Insurance documents, seem a lot of things is not covered. They are saying that my Insurance proof is my Platinum Card statement (?). I am travelling to Europe and China, far too risky to use this enigmatic travel insurance. Decided to purchase proper one, like every year in the past through Medibank. At least I know what I am covered for and whom to ring, if I need help. There is my name and details on insurance documents. It is not complimentary but I feel secure.

Insurance claim madeNo

Never choosing anyone else!

Hi went to NAB when I was going traveling to Europe and the USA for 3 months. They were cheaper than some of the others that I saw and had really good limits with a NIL excess. I so payed NAB and took the insurance out. On my trip I got really sick. I made of 20 insurance claims and all of them were sorted out for me within 7 business days with no issues. As I didnt have access to an Ambulance at one point, I used a taxi to transport myself to and from hospital. They only took cash and no proof of purchase was given. Allianz Global Assistance covered me for it anyway. They even offered to move me to Austria where I can get better treatment as treatment was awful in the medical facilities of where I was. I am so happy NAB chose to go with Allianz Global Assistance as a partner. To make it even better, two months later my parents went to the USA. Iinsicted that they get the same insurance. Both of my parents suddenly fell ill, but that is no issue because the 24 hour nurses helped them and in the end all expenses were sorted out. I recommend this insurance fully to anyone that needs to travel. Go into NAB and buy yourself travel insurance! You wont regret it, its like having your own guardian angel.

Insurance claim madeYes

NAB Travel Insurance

Holiday travelling from Perth to Melbourne by car and returning by air was pre booked and paid for using NAB Qantas Platinum Amex Card. Believed this qualified for complimentary travel insurance. Had to cancel due to wife's illness. Tried submitting claim for lost flight but was told did not meet eligibility criteria as was not a return flight!
What kind of insurance is that?! Ridiculous!

Insurance claim madeNo

Great no cost travel insurance

Travelled to Cambodia and Vietnam in Feb/Mar 2017. Picked up an infection which required treatment at a private clinic in Hanoi. Claiming was easy. Just make sure to send all of the documents that are required. Customer support very helpful.

Insurance claim madeYes

Treated like a fraudster

My husband's camera dropped and broke on the 2nd day of our 5 week tour of Africa. We bought a used camera and on arrival home made a claim with QBE. They said they didn't pay for replacements. As we moved house 2 years back I wasn't able to locate the receipt for the Panasonic camera. I sent a quote for repairs $249, filled out 7 forms, attached flights etc. copy of credit card payment, and photos of the camera. A week later they asked for more receipts and full itinerary which went to another 6 pages. Next they requested him to make a statutory declaration about the price paid which was around $425, so off to find a JP. Finally after all that work and running around we received a payment for $4.80. How disgusting. They depreciated the camera down to $200 after 3 years, which was the excess payable and would have known from the beginning what the payout amount would be, but still made us jump through all the hoops.

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent Product

I am extremely happy with NAB platinum card travel insurance. We were scheduled to take a cruise in January. I cancelled the cruise on the morning we were due to set sail as my sister was terminally ill and consequently passed away. After furnishing QBE with all the relevant documentation required we were given a full refund minus $200.00.

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent product

I had to make a claim after loosing a backpack with contents ie camera cosmetics iPad reading glasses sunglasses etc in Paris I reported my claim on the day and made my claim with all the necessary paperwork that any insurance company requires on my return some weeks later and was paid out without no problem at all will be travelling again this year and using the same facility available with my credit card complimentary travel imsurance

Insurance claim madeYes

Completely worthless

The travel insurance through NAB platinum card is completely worthless. I had a flight cancelled by Jetstar for 'mechanical reasons' and made other arrangements. QBE said they did not provide cover for this reason. Really? What do they cover then?? Nowhere is this written in the product disclosure. NAB washes their hands of this but really it is false advertising to say there is attached insurance - because there isn't! Both QBE and NAB are completely useless.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Paul, sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had - if you meet the eligibility criteria you will have complimentary travel insurance on your card, I've included the link to the NAB Card Insurance for more details of what is covered by QBE - hope it helps http://www.nab.com.au/personal/banking/credit-cards/manage-your-credit-card/travelling-with-a-credit-card?S_KWCID=SEANJ ^TC

Beware NAB uses Chubb insrance - always reject your claim

The NAB travel policy attached to your credit card is not one you want to rely on.
We had a laceration that required sutures whilst travelling on cruise. CHUBB initially rejected the claim as they do not cover medical costs incurred within Australia. The cruise boat travelled into international waters and I was required to obtain several letters from P&O to confirm.
After many emails and letters I was reimbursed less the hefty excess!
Beware - last resort insurance!!!

Poor cover, excess to high and claims rejected in first instance

Insurance claim madeYes

What a great product! Essentially paid for by your fare purchase using the card. That's all you do

Recently, while hiking in Nepal, I had to be rescued half way up the Himalayas by an expensive jet copter due to altatude sickness I developed at 13,000 feet. Thankfully I had paid for this trip with my NAB Mastercard. All I had to do was prove I had made the purchase using the card and the rest, as they say, was history. All claims paid for, including the two days in hospital in Kathmandu. Can't speak more highly of the product or the service. Both first class.
Cost (nothing really), efficient and comforting to know someone is on your side even in a remote country.
I should have taken the evidence of Mastercard purchase with me instead of leaving it at home. Luckily, my wife, who was still at home, was able to source all required info.

Insurance claim madeYes


My advice is that don’t rely on this so called free credit card travel insurance. I have been paying my overseas trips by my NAB premium Visa which is attached to CHUBB travel insurance for many years. I never made a minor claim until 2 month ago when I canceled a family holiday due to the health reason. The claim has been circling in CHUBB through different staffs for almost 2 months and rejected by different officers for different reasons. You should check details of the policy brochure before you use it. Beware that the simplest policy with a few lines description is the trickiest one because these simple grey definitions can extend millions reasons to knock you back. The worst thing is that you feel under protection but actually not.
Free and simple
Not reliable

Insurance claim madeYes


Provided by chartis group I had no problems when I had to make a claim after my laptop and camera where destroyed. Simply faxed a form and money was in my account couple weeks later. Impressed as I am used to insurance claims being a massive headache.
-Automatic when you have a nab gold credit card and purchase 50% of your travel cost with your card.-Claim process is fairly easy.-Once you place a claim you get reimbursed fairly quickly.
-Not cheap if purchasing on its own however if you have a gold nab credit card and purchase at least 50% of your travel costs on credit card you will get nab gold travel insurance complimentary.

Insurance claim madeYes
NAB has made changes so beware ?? NAB has been doing it tough lately haha, so they have cut it out without much notice , oh yeh you can get it if you get the more expensive travel card now ???I actually just got off the phone with NAB & it is still automatic if you purchase a percentage of your Travel on your card. They emailed me through the policy straight away. I'm very very happy


Couldn't recommend this insurance more highly - it's essentially free, and is brilliant. We will always buy all of our travel and appliances on this card. Easily pays for the $90 a year or whatever it is in annual fees.
Insurance for travel is free if you purchase 50% of your expenses or more on the card.I bought 4 plane tickets to the US for our family for June 2009, and a week before we left my son was admitted to the hospital for 2 days. Even though he was out of hospital a week before our trip started, the paediatrician said he shouldn't go. So we cancelled our whole trip - none of it was refundable - plane tickets, acommodation, $12,000 in all. We submitted a claim, and paid a $200 excess and got the rest of they trip completely refunded. We had to supply a lot of paperwork - receipts, statements from a couple of the accommodation places saying it was non-refundable, but we got every cent back.We also made a claim under their warranty section - our portable DVD player stopped working 13 months after we bought it on the credit card. They replaced it with a new one with just minimal paperwork required.

Insurance claim madeNo

Questions & Answers

What do I have to do to be covered by the NAB insurance for international travel?
1 answer
Margaret you need to have one of their eligible credit cards. I have a Platinum Visa. NAB can tell you if you are eligible. I wish I had used mine earlier. I just claimed and they accepted my claim.

I am the holder of a nab platinum credit card. My wife is an additional card holder. Is she covered for travel insurance with this card
No answers

I used my NAB visa debit card to book a flight from Sri Lanka to Vietnam with Air Asia. We can no longer take this trip and Air Asia are refusing to refund. Can I get a refund through NAB?
No answers


Travel Insurance
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