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Topping Up Traveller Card

I have been trying to top up my card thru my eday account however when I try to transfer the money from the eday account the traveller card account does not appear on my list of accounts. Have had to revert to usingle visa.
Not Good.

Not good at all

A transaction of US$830 was declined but the money was deducted from my account. It also takes ages to get the deposits from hotel back (I haven't got mine yet, and according to online comments, it takes 30 days). You need to learn all these things before using the traveler card. Otherwise, you will be ripped off.

Closed all my NAB accounts, not just Traveller Card

I used my card overseas on first occasion with no problem. On the second trip, I preloaded sufficient funds to pay for hotel accommodation. Despite the hotel and I both checking the bill was paid in the same currency as I had put on my travel card, I received a paper bank statement from the NAB 3 months later, showing the hotel charges had been deducted in a different currency.

After several phone calls to the NAB, including one that lasted 45mins, and an email on their secure network, I was finally sent a Dispute Form to submit.

I received a reply the next day saying that as the the dispute had not been submitted within a certain timeframe -75 days of the transaction - the claim was rejected.

Despite my not even being aware of the error until 3 months after I returned home, in rejecting the claim I was told to "check your online transaction listing regularly or you may be liable for the loss of any disputed transaction, due to delays in notifying the NAB".

In total I have paid over $150 in "currency transaction fees", when I should have been charged none. I also had the equivalent of nearly AUD1000 in a foreign currency on my travel card that I will never use, because the NAB took funds from the wrong currency on my card.

So I did the only option then available to me, and closed ALL of my NAB accounts.

Don’t let hotels use for “holding deposits” !!

any holding deposit taken by hotels / car rentals / etc, stays held for 31 DAYS. Even if unheld by the hotel.
My euros were held till well past end of vacation.

Great for travelling abroad

Obtained the NAB travel card as it doesn't have any NAB related ATM fees attached to it and seemed simple enough to use. Travelled to Spain and got money out with ease at both Deutsche Bank and Bankia with 0 local ATM fees, also used it in a few shops no worries.. Will definitely be using the card again in future (as it takes 5 years to expire). The exchange rate I received for buying euros was also the same as purchasing cash.

Total scam, will rip you off with inaccurate loading and offloading rates!!!

Just got a new Nab travellers card, deposited $50 in order to open the account, ok fine. The are two rates when converting currencies. Loading rates (putting money on card) and offloading rates (transferring money off card). There is only a 4% fee if the card is NOT using a supported currency. In my case there are zero fees when converting and transfering EURO to AUD and vice versa. Now here's the shifty crap that nab does to rip you off! They determine they’re own rates and the offloading (selling rate) will always give you less money back then the actual current selling rate! meaning you get less money then what the current value is worth! HMMM…I wonder were the missing money goes, well NAB? The current offloading rate as of writing this review determined by Nab is 1 EUR 0.66396 = 1 AUD and converts to $45.11 AUD determined by NAB! The actual currency conversion is 1 EUR = 1.58177 AUD and convert to $47.37 AUD. THIEVES! just outright stealing!!! Keep in mind I have zero fees for converting and transferring currencies! Spoke with Travel Card Provider, they told me Nabs rates are completely determined by Nab! time to find a better Bank!!

Staff lied. Paid conversion to load and conversion to withdraw cash.

Was told by NAB staff these cards are great, sold! But withdrew cash in Europe from an ATM, as directed by the NAB staff and was slugged another conversion fee from Aus$ to Euro when the account already had only Euro on it. Not happy.

Don't do it.....

I got a travelcard with the Nab and transferred $1,000 from my account onto it and it was rejected due to some issue with their system and they took my money anyway and didn't load it to the travelcard. After contacting the NAB I was told it would take 2-3 working days to refund the money into my bank when i was leaving the country in a day. I was too scared to load anymore onto it and just got generic responses from the NAB. This is exactly why the Government needs to do an enquiry into the banking system. They are just crooks.

Lack of security on NAB travel card

Last year used the card successfully in the UK. When visiting Lisbon my wallet was stolen containing my travel card and driver's licence. By the time I cancelled the card (about 2 hours later) over $1000 had been withdrawn from the account. Thieves obviously had access to my PIN as there were no false starts. Turns out all they had to do was ring Customer Service, punch in the travel card number and my date of birth (which was on my licence) and the PIN was automatically relayed to them! Finally got money back when I went through the Financial Ombudsman. NAB originally rejected my application. Specifically asked NAB that the security be improved on these cards. Just checked again today, and same automated system in place. Security should not be optional. Pickpockets must be rejoicing!!

Still waiting for my online traveller card to be available..and waiting...

Have used this card on and off for the past 2 years. Does always seem to have troubles, never a smooth ride. When I go to topup the card online while travelling the message often comes up as NAB Smart Traveller Card currently not available, please try again later. So am waiting, and waiting to top-up, unbelievable. It's touch and go whether the service is actually going to be available for you - way to go NAB. Can't go out and do the things I planned. And no, its not my internet coverage, it is the NAB internet banking. NAB needs to get smarter and own up to their Smart card title. Also if you go to a NAB bank to check on which banks overseas don't charge fees to withdraw cash, nobody ever seems to know.

Wanted one for my daughter, teller says No

I have happily used one of these before for my daughter. This time I was told no you cannot do that. You cannot authorise someone else to use your travel card. You will not be covered for insurance.
These don't even have a persons name on it. Even when I said I wanted one anyway they refused to take my application.
If you need a travel card for your child, NAB will not give you one.

A Joke Card

I have had one of these cards for a few years - it is fraught with problems. The software is useless, the helpline (in the Phillippines) is useless. My theory is it is a simple way of holding customers funds in foreign currencies, make a swag out of trading, and make the card very difficult to use - what a bonanza. Nab should be shamed of themselves.

Where is the money I transferred?????

I was told that when I transferred money from my NAB everyday account to my traveller card it was instant, however when I transferred money it didn't go onto my card. The money came out of my account and that's it. I've spent an hour on the phone and guess what everyone can see that I transferred the money but no one knows why it isn't on my card or when it will get there. Still waiting for a call back to advise where my money is. I am going to cancel this account asap.

Completely useless

Doesn’t work, claims to be the same as a normal credit card but cannot be used for online transactions (declined, but it charges you anyway!). And no support from NAB. Exchange rates are also terrible.

I was ripped off and no help to rectify.

I paid for the exchange of dollars to euros and when I was overseas withdrawing cash, the ATM’s continued to charge a conversion fee from dollars to Euros, so I paid double conversion fee on everything.

Not the best

I used the NAB Traveller card for my recent backpacking trip around Europe and the UK. It worked well in Europe, didn’t have any issues which machines rejecting it and I could use it to make purchases online (museum tickets, bus tickets etc). However, in the UK the card was never accepted for online payments, it would always say ‘card declined’ which was extremely inconvenient when trying to book accomodation in advance, and meant I had to use my regular debit card and risk fees . My biggest issue with the card though is that the NAB app NEVER let me access my transaction history. Every single time I tried to view it, a message would pop up saying “We can’t receive your transaction history. Give it a minute and have another go”. Which I would, and then the same message would appear. So for 6 months of travelling I had no way of checking the correct money was coming out, if I was getting charged fees etc which is really terrible. I would definitely get a different card through another bank next time I travel.

Don't use NAB Card!

It's actually run by a company completely separate to the NAB!! Not able to verify credit transfers onto the card. We had 2 x transactions that were declined - yes, declined - yet still the charges appeared on the statement as withdrawals which overdrew us on funds which meant we couldn't use it! What's the point? We may as well have just used our normal credit card. And, apparently, the charges that were declined will be reversed - in about a week or so (fingers crossed!!). So bad.

Robbing us blind!

Loaded up card with 7000 Australian dollars worth of New Zealand i was heading overseas Monday so i went to an ATM Sunday forgot my pin no so the machine kept my card.
Unloaded card 5 days later spent nothing i Got $6344 Australian dollars back That is $656 in charges.

Ripped off don't use.

Poor Security poor exchange rate

I am only giving this product 1 star because you can't give minus. I recently got my Nab Traveller card statement and I found out some one in India has skimmed off $2048.00 from my card in multiple transactions all on one day. I rang the bank and the women I spoke to had a very strong Asian accent it was a poor line (probably a call center in Mumbai) and it was very hard to understand her. She told she would email me a 'Disputed Transaction Form' which I never received and to have a nice day. Not easy to have a nice day when you find out you've been ripped off for $2048.00. As I did not get the form I went to the bank to get a form and some assistance and also transfer the funds on the card (how could I trust the card again?). They couldn't do it because the card had been stopped. So I had to fill in another form to get my money back. I had £4991 on my card when I cashed it in I received £4623 so I lost £368 on the transfer. So far using a NAB Traveller Card has cost me $2700 Do not under any circumstances use a NAB Traveller Card. The only upside was the missing funds were returned to my account within a week and I still have the secondary card I can use. I now have two choices risk using the card again when I visit the UK next year or lose money when I transfer the funds back to dollars.
Stick your cash in your bra or your sock it will be safer and cheaper.

Terrible card - and it has no meaningful support

Got it about a year ago and used it in Italy to get Euros. Worked OK, though I thought the fees were at the high end.
However, the ability to access information (e.g. balances and transactions) on the "MyAccount" facility stopped working on more and more of my android devices - wouldn't let me login. About a week before this years trip, I loaded up money onto the card. After loading up money for this years trip, access to information also stopped working on all my windows PCs, so I had no way of accessing information. Telephoned NAB who told me to call the Traveller Card number. Talked to someone who was able to reproduce the problem at their end but couldn't fix it, told me he would refer it to the "technical team" who would get back to me "by the end of the day". That was the last I heard from them.
Went to a NAB Bank Branch who confirmed that support for the NAB Traveller Card had been outsourced. Told me the only way left for me to manage the card was to use NAB internet banking and NAB mobile banking. To do this I would need to open a NAB account which I did not want to do. In desperation I did. Was able to see details on Internet banking and mobile app on android. Now that I am back and trying to reconcile what was spent, Internet banking does not show all of the transactions - incredibly it only shows the ones in Euros - can't see any transactions where it was necessary to use Australian dollars with a conversion in Morocco. The mobile app is little better - it does show the Moroccan transactions, but it tells you there was a conversion fee involved but doesn't tell you what it was and doesn't show you the conversion rate used for transactions - no transparency at all. I guess you are just meant to hand over your money and let them take what they want.
This card is complete and utter rubbish.

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Questions & Answers

I was told when I left Australia it would be immediate transfer to my traveller card using internet bank transfer Two days later, money out of my account and still not on my traveller card You have left us overseas with no money available If it is immediate transfer it should be exactly that. Why do you not immediately link it to the traveller card and make the funds available to use? 24/7 customer service was a joke... told me to ring internet banking services with a time zone delay of 15 plus hours.
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whats the exchange rate at the moment !! in the uk and belgium
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what's the cost of using my traveller card in the Uk and Belgium and cape Town
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the cost of using my card in the UK

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