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NAB Visa

NAB Visa

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Horrible service when you need them

In general, when all goes well, a credit card is a credit card. A bit more or less interest, a few or less days to pay it, but in general the difference between credit cards is quite insignificant ... when everything goes well. The quality of a credit card is tested when something goes wrong. That is, when you do not recognize a transaction, when your card is lost or stolen or just stopped working. And this is where this NAB Visa fails.

I have had this card for over 20 years now. It was my main card and I have been using it happily. The service was good. But in the last couple of years I have had a few incidents, like a couple of unrecognized transactions, one day it has stopped working etc. In each and every time, dealing with NAB was like pulling teeth without anaesthesia. In a world that fraud are a major concern and financial security is of utmost urgency, NAB team has been dealing with my issues as if I was telling them that the my dog's collar was of the wrong colour. No urgency, no clear process of resolution, no resolution for months.
So I have given up on dealing with them, given up on the money at stake (luckily the amounts involved were not too big) and moved to another card. Just to make it clearer, this is not a one time event, but happened 3 times in the past couple of years.

Another problem with this card is that if you have an additional card, say for another family member, it has the same number. This creates two problems:

1. You can't separate the expenses when you get the statement
2. When one card is lost or damaged, they cancel all family cards and then for 5-7 days nobody has access to this account.

Other banks issue separate number to each family member so these problems do not happen.
I have been using many cards throughout my life, and this, by far is the worse service.

So why did I give it ** and not *? This is because when there are no problems, it works. After all a credit card is a credit card is a credit card

The worst card ever

I wouldn't recommend getting this card otherwise you will get tempted to spend money Online from your Account so I would recommend getting an EFTPOS Card so you can't shop online.

Don't bother

Application process is tortuous and took around 4 weeks with multiple calls and emails with financial data mostly duplicated. Additional card not activated as branch did not process ID check although offered by new card holder and did not advise card was available.When calls are finally received from NAB, no direct numbers are given and the format/amount of the required financial data is total overkill for the credit limit involved. There are at least 4 different contact numbers and no one in separate departments including my local branch are connected. The local branch is powerless to assist in getting final approval.( even though my financials were scanned by the branch day 2 of the 30 day exercise)
Delays in receiving feedback when financials are submitted are around 3 days and NAB's IT system seems cumbersome and slow/outdated when bringing up information sent by email.
Waiting on hold for more than 10 minutes is common and each service person takes minutes to collect data on file without any real resolution.
Overall I would rate NAB -5 if possible.
The most efficient part of the process is NAB debiting one years fees within the first statement.
The number of Qantas FF's offered as an incentive to secure this card is outweighed by the absolute incompetence of the NAB system to provide a user friendly experience. I won't be staying long term.
After 3 months of transactions, points have not been transferred to Qantas without someone from NAB phoning to advise they had stuffed up. Apparently my SURNAME was not being sent to Qantas who then ignored the process even though my FF number was correct. NAB admitted by phone when I rang them that it was a NAB IT systems problem and a complaints procedure was necessary to back date the points (15,000 plus over 3 months).
No time frame could be given on how long to fix nor if the SURNAME problem was now fixed. UNBELIEVABLE BUT TYPICALLY NAB CUSTOMER SERVICE.
I missed the Qantas 25% Award FF deal last week because of the NAB stuff up or 40,000 points savings on 160,000 outlay.
Given Qantas fees and taxes on award flights are so high ( almost 50% of Jetstar Business fare to Bali), the whole FF exercise is a waste of time especially when the annual card charge is $395 ( efficiently charged by NAB in the first statement so no cancelling possible after sign on bonus points received 3 months after application finally approved.0


NAB's Visa Debit offering is an extremely flexible and widely accepted card. Customers have the ability to select the colour of their card (4 colours available) and the card can be linked to a wide range of NAB accounts (some institutions limit the account options considerably). The card does lack the security of 'chip' technology, however this can be reasonably expected to change in the future. By selecting the 'credit' account for purchases, customers enjoy the additional security of NABdefence which aims to identify any suspicious transactions. Overall, this is a standout card for conservatives and spenders alike.
Wide range of account options, widely accepted, highly flexible, choice of card colour
Lacks chip security


For those who don't mind banking with NAB, this is a great option. You can get a NAB Visa Debit card at no extra cost if you already have an account with them or you can also sign up for a new account and get this card with no fees whatsoever. I find it quite convenient to use especially I shop online a lot. The only drawback is I have to deal with bad service and supports. If you are looking for alternative I suggest you look at Heritage Building Society's Visa Debit card which you also don't have to pay any fees and can get good services.
No fees.
Poor service and supports.

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NAB Visa
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