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Purchased so many products/ brushes from Napoleon and pro sponge broke apart the second time I used it JOKE ! Now there asking were I purchased !! I sent pictures of the broken sponge as it’s like brand new why ask were !! Were they should look after long time customers and replace it!!!! As I said Il send it back to them so they can see it’s brand new!! No wonder Napoleon going down !!!!

Product Quality
Customer Service
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Store LocationAdelaide

So very disappointed with Napoleon Perdis.

So disappointed - I found out at MYER yesterday that Napoleon Perdis’s advanced mineral make up is being discontinued with no replacement and they are totally out of stock. I have been using it for well over 10 years and loved it. The consultant at MYER was so rubbish in not being able to recommend another product that I now think that after 15 plus years of being a loyal Napoleon user that it’s time to say goodbye :(

Terrible Return Policy

I bought products for my daughter thinking she would be thrilled with them. She uses a different brand and was not keen to change saying she had all that I had bought for her. I went to return them two days after the purchase and the girl in the store said that she could not give me my money back but could exchange what I bought for something else. She said that their return policy was clearly printed on the receipt. I said to her, "why wasn't this pointed out to me at the point of sale because it is no good to me after I had bought them in this situation". I will never buy anything from Napoleon Perdis again. I was furious with their policy, just because they print it on the receipt doesn't make it right. Has anyone else been caught out by this kind of terrible customer service within Napoleon Perdis.

Foundation stick changed

I was so happy years ago back in like 2004-2006 roughly with the Look 2 stick foundation and bought it a few times but then to buy it agin recently and it’s a completely different colour!!! Now it has pink undertones and I was told it was the Same as it has always been and wasted $70 on it! I compared it to my old one which has a little bit left in the bottom and it’s totally different! So disappointed as I don’t even spend that much on foundation but I remembered how much I loved it and it was my exact skin tone with warm undertones unlike now it is pinkish

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Yes yes yes back years ago look 2 was perfect and I got it a couple more times and wasted money as it changed and now has pink undertones instead of orange or what ever it was originally! Very disappointing g and will not be buying again

If I could give zero stars, I would

I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER purchase from them again. Truly disgusting customer service. I purchased something online and it took them 8 business days to dispatch it. In the meantime, I called (they didn't answer), I sent an email, (they didn't respond). Worst company ever!!

Pro makeup sponge

I have purchased the Pro makeup sponge and broke out in what I could only describe as small bump like hives that are actually really hot. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi BMD84, Thank you for your feedback. We would love for you to contact us directly via the Contact Us Page on our website so we can assist you. Best, NPHQ

Excellent Primer, but only if you can access their website

Excellent primer, nice texture and smell.
My issue with Napolean continues to be their website, every sale so far that they have, I have experienced website issues and it is still ongoing where you cannot place an order, or their website cannot be reached to even place an order. Waste of time and very frustrating. One star because I like the primer.

Thank you for you feedback LP - we can assure you our team was working hard all weekend to get the website up and running, and many customers were able to successfully place their orders. Best, NPHQI still can't place an order since Black Friday last week. https://napoleonperdis.com

Disappointed with make-up artist

I had my make-up applied at one of your retail outlets for my daughters wedding. The appointment was scheduled not walk in so could have been prepared with staff back up. The application was so slap happy I had to remove what little make-up she did apply and then pay another make-up artist to re-do my make-up. So unprofessional. Even after emailing the company to discuss my experience nobody has every contacted me,

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Hi Debram, Thank you for your feedback. We regret to hear that you feel you have not received the dream Napoleon Perdis experience in your recent visit - can you please contact us via the Contact Us Page on our website with details of where this experience occurred? Best, NPHQ

Auto Pilot

I purchased through Qantas points Auto Pilot Radiance Primer and Auto Pilot Pre Foundation Skin Primer and after 3 days my skin broke out in about 8 welts on my cheeks.

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Hi Denise, Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about your experience with our Primers., this is the first time we have had feedback of this kind. We recommend you take the products to your Doctor to determine which ingredient has cause your reaction. Can you please contact us via the Contact Us Page on our Website to advise where the products were purchased? Best, NPHQ

Awful company and products

Every foundation has like 4 shades, the concealers literally one. How could any company this is by any means acceptable. Awful products, greasy, cakey mess and super expensive for less than drugstore quality. The brush set was $500 and the brushes shed like crazy and a super scratchy and poor quality. The eyeshadows have no pigmentation and are patchy. The bronzer is orange. Disgusting brand

Hi Snagt, Thank you for your feedback. We are always eager to hear back from customers on how our products have performed. We regret that our product has not met with your expectations on this occasion and that you are disappointed. As a user of our products, we value all your concerns and feedback We do have a range of concealers to suit many skin tones/types and our foundation range has expanded over the years. Kind regards NPHQRange of concealers where? Looking at your site and from memory "the one" concealer is literally one light shade and one orange corrector. The "total bae-hide it" also one shade. The rest seem to be comprised of about three shades that only somewhat cover up to a medium skin tone, but also skips alot of tones in between. We're left with the palette which requires you to mix shades to suit which the everyday consumer doesn't want to use and again would only cover up to a medium skin tone, if that. What I don't understand is why there are so many formulas with such an inconsistent shade range? It is straight up discrimination. Why do light skinned people of one particular shade have so many options in the range while everyone else has maybe one option that probably doesn't suit them? If you've expanded the foundation shades over the years I would hate to think what they used to be like... Again most formulas only have about 4-6 shades (super inconsistent shades again??) that only cover up to a medium skin tone (if that since it doesn't cover multiple undertones) the personal trainer has 8 shades which doesn't make sense because it's super sheer? Wouldn't it make more sense to have more of a shade range in the fuller coverage foundations where it's more important it matches? But again it's not even a good shade range, only goes up to a medium. Then you are left with the foundation sticks which technically has the best shade range but still not good since the darker colours only have a choice of one undertone and look 3 and 2 has the choice of 2? Alot of people would have to purchase multiple sticks and mix them to get somewhat of a match which no one is gonna do. At the extreme price point it's insane that your shade range is so poor because every cheaper brand has a much better shade range; which is why Napoleon is not doing as well as it used to. There are simply so many better options on the market. Napoleon is an old-fashioned, Incredibly racist, non-inclusive company. Thanks for taking the time to respond

Consistently bad quality through out the entire line!!

I have had my fair share of experimenting with Napoleon cosmetics over the years. From all my purchases, i have never ever had a good experience or was even partially impressed with anything i bought from Napoleon. There was always an issue whether it is pricing, amount of product or just the quality of the makeup.

I have used 2 foundations, the stick foundation, i bought many years back that was super terrible, and so oily that it made your face look as if you were trenched from running a marathon even before you got the chance to step out with it. And the china doll foundation, that came in a tube, before i bought this i waited a few years later and thought maybe they got their act together, so i tried it before i bought it, and even then it didn't really impress me or do anything special to my face that made me fall in love with it. I also had a concealer that i purchased around the same time in 2017, it was full coverage though way too expensive for the amount of product i got and it was really oily that it made my mascara smudge onto it, so overall NOT HAPPY JAN!!!

I once purchased a holiday brush set from a Napoleon stand, I got home and realized the brushes were synthetic, so naturally i changed my mind after feeling the quality of the brushes I tried to refund them and spoke to head office, explaining how i was talked into buying them and wasn't even aware that they were synthetic, they were extremely rude to me and said that they won't under any circumstances refund products even though they were not opened, which made me completely boycott them since that day.
I have also tried multiple eyeshadows, blushes, contour palettes and many lipsticks and glosses, nothing seems to contain enough pigment or do much to my face, hence it was more money down the drain, that i wasted on boring and ridiculously over-priced RUBBISH!

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Hi Nina, Thank you for contacting Napoleon Perdis. We appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback regarding our products - we are always eager to hear back from customers on how our products have performed. We regret that our product has not met with your expectations on this occasion and that you are disappointed. As a user of our products, we value all your concerns and feedback and have therefore already sent through your comments to our Product Development and Quality Assurance teams for their reference and review. Thank you once again for providing this feedback, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us. Best, NPHQ

Pretty good.

I love the liquid foundation foundation in the ways where it gives me full coverage and smooth skin but I would not recommend wearing it out at night if your thinking of getting photos. It causes terrible flashback! I have one of the medium colours in foundation so it’s not that my foundation is extremely fair, but it turns your whole face white when the flash is applied. Other than that it’s great :)

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Hi Paris, Thank you for your feedback on our liquid foundations. Near all our foundations have SPF in them, which can cause flashback when flash photography is used. To prevent this, we recommend setting the liquid foundation with our Camera Finish Powder to counteract the flashback. NPHQ

Biggest waste of money ever - never ever again

DISAPPOINTED. I've used primers before with success. No matter how I apply this primer the end result is a disaster. I watched NP's video explain how to use the product but end up taking off primer and foundation and starting again without primer. Had numerous tries at getting it right. It is now in bin. I will never by NP product again - first and last time.

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Hello, We're sorry to hear you have had some troubles using your new primer. Are you able to let us know which primer it is you purchased, so we can give you some tips and tricks?. Kind regards NPHQ


North Lakes NP and NP in Myer, North lakes are fantastic. I have never had a bad experience, all the products are high quality. I recently purchased Maybeline Foundation and was reminded why I always buy NP products. Beautiful, flawless finishes.

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Hi Jadey, we're glad to hear you love our foundations and our North Lakes Team. thank you for the frequent support. Kind regards NPHQ


I used to use napoleon only.. I love the foundation with a brush built in at the end, unfortunately I find the price to be just too high even though I really enjoyed the product. I now use designer brand cosmetics. I particularly enjoy the stick foundation from them.

First and last purchase I will ever make from Napoleon Perdis

I recently purchased the Madame Curl Curl Mascara and was told by the sales assistant that I would love the product. Couldn't be further from the truth. Firstly, my eyes had a reaction to the product and secondly, it runs and is extremely difficult to remove. My eyelashes stick together. The sales assistant from the store I purchased the product from in Queensland was not helpful at all. I would appreciate a full refund from Napoleon Perdis.

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Hi Annie, Thank you for contacting Napoleon Perdis. We appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback regarding our Give It A Curl Mascara - we are always eager to hear back from customers on how our products have performed. We regret that our product has not met with your expectations on this occasion and that you are disappointed. If you would like to contact us directly via the Contact Us Page on our website, so we can discuss your situation further. Best, NPHQ


First time having makeup done and at my appointment I could see the girls taking about me
One girls didn’t want to do my makeup so the other girls said I’ll do it very upsetting ok I’m 44 years old so I’m no spring chicken so I’m guessing the girls don’t really like doing old people’s makeup
So $200 later I walked away feeling flat an hour later the eyelashes she put on come off so I called her and all I got was oh sorry
Don’t think I’ll ever go back
Very sad

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Hi Nicole, Thank you for contacting Napoleon Perdis. We regret to hear that you have not received the dream Napoleon Perdis experience in your recent visit to one of our Stores. Customer feedback is important to Napoleon Perdis and we would invite you to contact us via the Contact Us Page on our website (or through direct message on Facebook) so we can gather more details and following up directly for training and coaching purposes. What you have shared is not reflective of the experience we wish our customers to have. Best, NPHQ

Makeup & Products

Booked in to get my make-up done for a ball at the Whitfords store easy to locate as its at Westfield shopping centre - all I can say is fantastic! The service was professional and everything was in consultation. While makeup was being applied it was also like a mini tutorial! $95 for full make-up and you redeem the same amount in products so basically had make-up applied for free.
The products were amazing and I didn't need to touch up all night. They have a great variety of products to suit all skin types and colours. It was also a 50% of lipstick on the day so ended up with so much extra products. I will definitely be doing this again!

Products are Wonderful

The products are beautiful, high quality, luxe feel and look great on the boudoir.
If Only there were more foundation colours.

China Doll Foundation - great product

I love the China Doll Foundation! Does not sink into my laugh lines and gives great coverage. I have tried so many different products and this is the best for my dry skin type. Highly recommend.

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Hi Kaylee, We are delighted to hear that you are enjoying the features and benefits of our China Doll Foundation. As a valued Napoleon Perdis customer, we appreciate you taking the time to send us this feedback as we are always eager to hear back from customers on how our products have performed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any further comments or questions Best, NPHQ

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I just used the mascara once and all my eye lashes are stumps, going to sue! Never happened with other brands...
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Has anyone else had a severe eye infection as a result of using NP Set eye shadow? I did not believe it was the shadow and went out and bought a new one, and new sponge brushes, only for the same thing to happen again immediately.
2 answers
Same thing happens to me! At first I had thought it was my sponge brush. Then I bought a new one, just to find out the brush was not the problem. Everytime I try to apply it a little bit on my eyelids, they turn red and flaky skin. Very angry and dissappointed!!!Hi I bought Napoleon liquid eye liner this week. Used it for several days and got a severe reaction - 1/4 of my eye is red and itchy. It is shocking, never happened with any makeup products before.

Why do Napolean recommend that eyelashes be worn for only a day?
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Hygiene reason. Just like the 1 day contact lense.For hygienic reasons, and also that the glue wouldn't hold the lashes in place for any more than a day. It's best to remove all makeup before going to bed anyway, including false lashes. But, you can always re-apply the lashes with a new strip of glue as long as you keep them in good condition.

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